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  1. UKPortista

    New Explorer Day: Custom Shop 2017 Ebony

    I was going to try and hang on for the new Lzzy Hale 'Explorer Dark' but I just couldn't help myself... Happy days!
  2. UKPortista

    Lzzy Hale - Explorer Dark (Signature Model)

    Lovely... ...guitar's quite nice too. :cool2:
  3. UKPortista

    Gibson USA 2018 RD Artist 40th Anniversary

    Really fancy one of these...
  4. UKPortista

    NGD: PRS Custom 24 2016 Experience 10-Top Black Gold

    Initially I went with a very nice 2017 McCarty 594 (in Violet) but I just couldn't quite fully gel with it the way one should gel with a £3,000+ instrument. So, I ended up with this 2016 Custom 24 Experience 10 Top in Black Gold with Honduran Rosewood Neck & Ebony Fretboard. Although a little...
  5. UKPortista

    NGD - Les Paul Standard 2017 Blueberry Burst 'T'

    After months of twiddling my thumbs waiting for another Blueberry HP to become available (last one was sent back due to a few niggles), this little lady 'T' popped up out of nowhere and stole my heart... Within minutes of getting my hands on her I knew she was 'the one' and that we'd be...
  6. UKPortista

    NGD - Gibson Explorer HP 2017 Heritage Cherry

    Landed today... And with her 2016 big sister... This should satisfy my Explorer needs...for the time being.
  7. UKPortista

    NGD - Gibson Les Paul Standard 2017 Blueberry Burst HP

    Delivered today, my 10th Wedding Anniversary present from my somewhat incredible wife... would be fair to say I'm rather happy with said gift. :)
  8. UKPortista

    Your 'Other Gibson' beside your Christmas tree

    Inspired by the 'Your Lester beside your Xmas tree...' thread in the Les Paul section, I thought it might be fun for 'Other Gibson' owners to play along too. I'll kick-off with my festive Explorers...
  9. UKPortista

    Gibson Explorer 2016 HP CH (Belated NGD)

    Some photos of the replacement 2016 HP I received last week...
  10. UKPortista

    NGD - Gibson Explorer HP CH (with potential issue)

    Hey all, today I took delivery of a 2016 Cherry Explorer HP and overall I adore it. It's a and absolute joy to play and aesthetically it's a looker (imo :naughty: ). However, there are some marks along the neck (near the fingerboard) that are of slight concern. Just along the join area there's...

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