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    1969 routed deluxe

    What do you guys think this is worth? Story goes; 1969 Les Paul deluxe routed with ‘72 embossed humbuckers, stripped paint, replaced tuners. Anybody have a guess of the market value? Sorry for the pics, not mine.
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    What Is This Goldtop?

    Forgive me if this is not in the correct forum, Local metro detroit craigslist ad for an old goldtop. What do you guys think? It old and looks like moisture has gotten to it. No binding... kinda looks like the binding came off. Nylon saddles...’68...
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    Norlin I.D. and appraisal help

    Here’s one that has me stumped. The knowns: No Made in USA stamp Non-pancake body Mahogany neck Has headstock repair Closed o and b logo 6 digit serial number starting with 8 The assumptions: Refinish Plugged switch hole between volume and ton knob Routed for humbuckers? I’ll let the pics...
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    Unique Norlin Craigslist Alert

    Perusing the local metro Detroit Craigslist tonight I came across this. Thought it was a unique color and somebody here possibly might be interested. No affiliation with seller.
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    2003 Gibson Les Paul Standard-SOLD

    2003 Standard with Seth Lovers with nickel covers. Frets have been leveled, crowned and polished, this guitar plays and sounds excellent. Fret wear is minimal. This has a ONE PIECE BACK. Slim taper 60s neck. 9.7lbs Pickguard was never installed and is included. I am the second owner of this...
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    1978 Les Paul Standard

    For sale locally. Described as mint condition. If true, or close to it, What’s it worth?
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    A pair of Gibson 496R and 500T uncovered pickups pulled from a 2000 Les Paul classic with little play time. They are in excellent+ condition. The photo shows them still in the guitar but have been removed since then. The original leads are as installed. $100 + actual shipping to lower 48
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    Seymour Duncan 59 and JB $100 shipped

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    Early 80s les paul headstock and horns (updated with photos)

    I have been shopping norlin les pauls this week and have noticed a lot of variation within similar models in regards to the headstock size and shape of the cutaway horn. I realize this variation is common and possibly the hallmark of the norlin era but is there any pattern or relevance to...
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    1975 Les paul standard value

    I am considering a 1975 LP Standard for sale locally. I would like opinions on its value. It is a deluxe with factory humbucker routes. One hole from a coil tap switch. Tobacco burst in good condition. This guitar sold for $2700 on reverb three years ago which I think is high for what it is...
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    1985 les Paul custom Randy Rhoads?

    Does anyone have information on a Randy Rhoads model Les Paul custom from 1985? Here’s a pic of the pickguard:
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    Price check 1981 deluxe

    can anyone give me a rough idea what the market value of a 1981 Les paul deluxe goldtop in excellent + condition would be?
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    Epiphone les paul custom identification

    I'm hoping someone can give me insight on what model and country of origin this les paul was made. It has an open book headstock and non metric bridge. Also has a chainsaw case. I haven't seen one like this before. Any help would be appreciated.
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    old les paul special

    An old looking les paul special popped -up on Craigslist with the only description being it was from the fifties and to make a real offer I know very little about les paul specials. Does anyone have any insight on what this may be?
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    2004 USA 50th anniversary fender stratocaster

    Selling my 2004 50th anniversary stratocaster. Guitar is in excellent condition, a solid 9/10. I am the second owner, purchased a year and a half ago in unplayed condition. Selling to mitigate the cost of a recent les paul purchase, who can blame me? It is absolutely gorgeous with...
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    neck pickup cavity nomenclature

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I removed the neck pickup from my 2003 LP standard and found hand written identifying nomenclature I am not sure what it means. The large LB, I know stands for lightburst. There is a RO or possibly R0 in the pickup foot pocket on the right...
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    NGD 2003 LP Standard

    Been a long journey back. Sold my last les paul in 2004. Been out of the hobby for nearly 10yrs. Joined this great forum about a year ago and have been on the hunt for an LP ever since. Finally settled on this 2003 standard in, I think, lightburst. Its in fantastic condition, a case...
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    2014 les paul question

    Hi guys, I am considering looking at a used les paul advertized as a 2104 trad pro II The photos of the fretboard look a shade lighter than average for rosewood. Im concerned it may be a signature t and not a trad pro II. Both models have very similar specs Are there any obvious tells...
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    If you had to choose...

    Looking for input on a used guitar purchase. If you were presented a choice between a 1995 les paul classic in 8.5 out of 10 condition and a 2013 les paul traditional in 9.5 out of 10 condition, What choice would you make and why? The 1995 classic is a plus or might be a premium plus...
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    1973 Les Paul deluxe price check

    Looking for advice on the estimate value of this 1973 Les Paul. It appears to be a deluxe routed for humbuckers. The gold hardware looks like it was added at somepoint. The waffle-back tuners are definately not stock and there is evidence of grovers being on this guitar at somepoint. Finish...

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