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  1. SneakySnakeLady

    New chickens day

    yesterday my husband and I went to a local farm swap and was given this beautiful black rooster free (I named him Vader) and these lovely cross breed hens that are supposed to be super producers and lay 380 eggs a year ( we are calling them the troops) I have wanted to add chickens to the farm...
  2. SneakySnakeLady

    Home security systems?

    Do you have one? Was it a one time installation or is there a monthly fee? What kind? What do you like and hate about it? Right now our baby sleeps in the same room as my husband and I in her pack n play, and will until she's at least a year old (that's the AAP recommendation) She has a room...
  3. SneakySnakeLady

    Tell me about your vans / large SUVs

    I work as a home health nurse case manager so my vehicle is my office. Early 2018 I bought a new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek (the orange one) and I still love it , but.... It's too small... my car seat takes up the middle of the back seat. My work supplies take up the entire trunk and with COVID19...
  4. SneakySnakeLady

    Rough Day Yesterday

    Had to say goodbye to the best kitty I've ever had. Caesar was almost 16yrs old. I rescued him as a tiny 6oz kitten that I didn't think would make it. I bottle fed him and raised him and he was the most loving thing. Over the past year or so he was declining as old cats do. Yesterday it...
  5. SneakySnakeLady


    Not guitars....goats!! I've wanted goats for years and my husband's aunt had these to rehome so I brought them home today Meet Romeo and Valentine
  6. SneakySnakeLady

    Slow Down Time

    How do you slow down time so they can't grow up so fast? My little bean turned 5 months old yesterday and just started crawling at the same time. Stop growing up so fast!!!
  7. SneakySnakeLady

    Gallbladders are RUDE!

    Just popping in with a story time and a question attached for my own research ... I had my beautiful baby girl back in September via C-section (In labor for 2 looooong days with no progress) and when I came home, about 3 days later I woke up in the middle of the night with generalized...
  8. SneakySnakeLady

    Sharing Joy

    Howdy folks, I don't post much anymore, but for anybody that still knows me, I just wanted to share some happy with you guys. One of my biggest dreams in life was always to be a mother, and I reached a point in life at one point where I didn't know if that would happen. But God puts you where...
  9. SneakySnakeLady

    Portugal. The Man

    Any fans? I didn't know they existed until Feel It Still and that became one of my favorite songs, so I went back and listened to everything they've ever made and I can't find anything I don't like which is huge. They quickly became one of my favorites. I purchased tickets for me and Bling to go...
  10. SneakySnakeLady

    Act Like It

    One of my favorite things I have ever heard
  11. SneakySnakeLady

    Ankle Fusion Journey

    Hi guys! Alligatorblings wife here for anyone who doesn't know me. I wanted to share this wild journey I've been on the past 5 months and see if anyone here has ever had this same experience. Grab a snack, it's a long read... I was born with mild Cerebral Palsy and had a drop foot from it...
  12. SneakySnakeLady

    The Haunted Portrait - A Family Story

    Years ago my aunt lived in an old Victorian manor home in WV that had a rich history and had been many things (including an asylum at one point) She found this portrait under a cubby hole under the stairs years ago, and hung it up. After that the family started seeing the woman from the...
  13. SneakySnakeLady


    New mini horse day for me - Caballo Valley King Tut's Dakarai , double registered 30 inch mini stallion joined the family today! He is full of beans and personality but is very sweet and gorgeous! Very relaxed and well mannered for a stud.
  14. SneakySnakeLady

    Hey Jeff Farkas - NBD For Me!!!!!

    I have wanted one for a long time, because I have never had one before. I researched and talked to people who had them and tonight I finally got one. Meet Penny :) She is my new little black bunny :D We have a pet store in town that is actually pretty decent as far as...
  15. SneakySnakeLady

    Yummy Treats!!

    I made my horses home made treats today, with chopped carrots, peppermints, apples, oats, honey and peanut butter. I think they were a hit. Moar?
  16. SneakySnakeLady


    This coming Saturday is my birthday, and this is the present I got from Bling!!! :D :D :D It's a baby male Woma Python. They are a unique looking mid sized Australian python that I have wanted for a long time! This little guy came yesterday and he is gorgeous and super friendly. The...
  17. SneakySnakeLady

    New Donkey Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A few weeks ago Bling and I took a trip a couple hours from home to meet Chocolate Chip, a donkey who was for sale. I was interested in him to train for driving to eventually pair up with my other large driving donkey. I loved him and made arrangements to pick him up today. We got there and...
  18. SneakySnakeLady

    Happy Birthday Alligatorbling!

    Love you :)
  19. SneakySnakeLady

    Horses Be Trollin'

    Fun story about how intelligent animals are, and how they like to troll us... Today I went out to feed my Thoroughbred, Scooter, who is my favorite horse. He knows the routine and normally comes in the barn and stands and waits patiently while I get his food fixed up. He is a retired race...
  20. SneakySnakeLady

    New Computer Woes- Can Anyone Help?

    I apologize in advance, this is gonna be a long post, so grab a snack! A while back, Bling posted a thread asking you guys to help me pick out a new pc, and we found one and posted the link and so on. Here is the original thread...

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