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  1. scooter500

    Your oldest pedal?

    I hesitate before posting this as there are some really entertaining threads going, but what's the oldest pedal you have, working or not? I'll set the bar low by starting with my custom DoD 270 A-B switch pedal from the 70's... someone added led lights, which is great except for the huge...
  2. scooter500

    NPD: ehx parallel mixer

    I really wanted one but the ratings on Sweet water were especially bad, some luckless dude got one only to return 3 times and it wasn't reliable. I asked. Ehx replied to my email, said some retailers may not have received word to send in their new stock for a software update. Ehx assured me I'd...
  3. scooter500

    Please delete

    Sorry, somehow created a duplicate post.
  4. scooter500

    Donner flat patch cables

    I bought some Donner flat patch cables on eBay. They were a good price, sounded good to my ears, but flexibility was just okay when compared to other flat cables. Flexibility was good when compared to traditional cables, and they saved pedal board space.
  5. scooter500

    EHX 5mm pedal amp

    Announced today a 2.5 watt amp in a pedal. Is it cool? Does it have competition? Did you get one yet? :jam:
  6. scooter500

    Where is your OCD?

    So, I have the EHX Glove clone, it's close though. Where is yours placed on the board, do you have favorite pedals used with your OCD, or maybe you have go to settings for different styles?
  7. scooter500

    What causes pedal microphonics? Solved!

    Well, probably a 1,000 things, but what some of the most common culprits & solutions?
  8. scooter500

    What's more versatile than a Proco RAT?

    I mean a traditional pedal, not a digital pedal...
  9. scooter500

    I don't get it: tc Electronics Forcefield

    I stopped by the Guitar Center to try a used one... it had Velcro on the back, always a big plus for me! We found some cables, used the volume pots, pickups and tone pots to attempt several quicker picker styles but, there was just nothing there? On the positive side, dead quiet, real solid...
  10. scooter500

    Who does it? partial top wrap

    No, no, not the amazing Who, just checking if anyone plays heavier gauge strings, 11s or 12s standard tuning, and partially top wraps just the B and E or G, B and E strings to allow for bending notes and has tips on set up? Or anything similar?
  11. scooter500

    Can't log in using my phone

    It's runs Android 7.0 & is made by htc model A-9. I can log in at home though. Any suggestions for logging in from my phone? Thx
  12. scooter500

    Has this hum happened to your LP?

    A lousy grounding hum noise when my Les Paul volume controls are between 2 and 8, but the noise disappears when volume knobs are off or wide open. What is probably going on to cause the hum? :hmm:
  13. scooter500

    NPD Big Muff Pi

    There it was in the used case at a Guitar Center... tested "nice"... grabbed it for just $39.99! After reading up from other MLP posts, it's 2000s reissue. Bwa haha ha!
  14. scooter500

    NPD - Trio

    Picked it up for $50 new and I know, by now MLP has had a ton of great reviews on this pedal, but just gotta say this thing just made practicing scales really FUN! This is the first time in a long while that I actually stopped playing because my fingers were tired.
  15. scooter500

    18 to 9 volt power converter cables

    I ordered a power supply and it comes with a couple dedicated 18v feeds, but I just use 9v pedals. I wanted to convert them to 9v and searched for premade cables. Not sure if there are others, but the ones I found are ~18" long and made by TrueTone, aka 1Spot, part number V189.
  16. scooter500

    ISO-Brick Power Supply... how good is it anyway?

    Guess these sale for about $150 and are supposed to be dead quiet, but what's your experience with this power supply? Thanks, I really dislike hum.
  17. scooter500

    Klon tone enough... finally!

    Stoked, just tried this recipe to get a reasonable klon tone: My ehx Metal Muff to a Mooer Yellow Compressor. Set the MM to distortion to 7 o'clock, bass to 11, mid to 10, treble to 3, top boost to 10, and volume to 12 o'clock. Set YC eq 10, comp to 10, and volume to 8 o'clock. Adding a little...
  18. scooter500

    Can the Tube Amp Doctor quiet my amp?

    Premier Guitar posted an article "Tube Amp Doctor Releases the Class A Converter" a couple days ago. I bought a TAD tube and liked it. This classes A converter is something else though. What do ya'll think?
  19. scooter500

    Are these pickup enhancers (strings) any good?

    OK, please bear with me, I ordered a whole bunch of Chromacast Max Sustain strings on clearance from Walmart. Something like ten bucks for 8 packs. Anyone use 'em?
  20. scooter500

    $7.06 pedal on order!

    I wanted a clean transparent boost and ad popped up for a clearance sale from Walmart. So I bit. It's a monoprice eq booster pedal from China... aluminum case, base treble, level, low distortion, bypass... only one review that I could find, said worked as described. There are more for sale on...

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