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    1969 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

    I bought this 4ish years ago from Vintage Correct Parts in Chicago. I have so little play time since I bought it (We've had 3 kids in those 4 years), I'll just use the photos from that listing. Nothing has changed. Listing prices for these seem to be all over the place and I'm so far out...
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    2001 McInturff Polaris Pro

    2001 McInturff Polaris Pro. $1650 PP and Shipped I don't need to sell you on this. If you are looking and know who Terry McInturff is, you know this is an exceptional guitar. Here are the specs: Body: Double cutaway, one-piece Honduras mahogany body Neck: Set Mahogany w/ Indian Rosewood...
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    1980 tokai LS120

    For sale: Tokai 1980 LS120 - $2250 Shipped and paypalled 8 lbs 8 oz. Definitely a player - with some dings and dents. No breaks or damage though. All original except the pots and caps have been upgraded, the original circuit board is included in the case. Beautifully figured 3D vintage...
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    Pair of Fender Stratocaster Squiers e-series Japan

    Trying to clear up some space. I have a pair of 80s e-series Japanese made Fender Stratocaster Squiers. One in Olympic white with a maple neck/fingerboard - $400 PP/shipped One in Lake Placid Blue with a maple neck/fingerboard - $400 PP/ Shipped Both in good shape (not mint by any means, but...
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    WTB: 1968 or 1969 Gibson Les Paul goldtop

    As the title says, I'm looking to buy a 1968 or 1969 Gibson Les Paul goldtop. Player condition is fine - because I'm going to play it. :-)
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    1991 Gibson Les Paul Classic

    If you're looking, you know all about these. The early classics are amazing and collectible. This one has an ABR bridge, thin cutaway binding, deep dished 2 piece top and small headstock. The peg head says 'model' (not 'classic'), the inlays are white (not the green). .8325" at the first...
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    help needed - shiny splotches after stripping

    I used some "safe" citrus stripper to strip a couple nitro-finished project guitars. On one, along the sides, mostly in the curves, there are shiny splotches. I guess residue from one of the nitro finish, the previous grain filler, or the stripper? I don't know. How do I get rid of it...
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    FT - prs 305

    I took this in a trade and I'm not really bonding with it. PRS 305 white V12 finish Alder body Set Neck maple neck/fingerboard 3 proprietary singlecoil pickups (513s) 22 medium frets Bird Inlays 25-1/2" scale length 1 Volume and 1 Tone Control 5-way switch Neck Profile is fuller than the PRS...
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    A Driver who ran some cyclists off the road got arrested?!?

    Tyler Wren Journal: A first-hand account of the Jamis hit-and-run "A driver, who police later identified as Rodney Kinkade Jr. of Tucson, came up from behind on our large group, took aim, and used his car as a battering ram. The short story is that Tucson man drove up behind a group of law...
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    someone wants a trade back?

    I traded a Custom Shop Strat for a Les Paul. I had my Strat for sale on craigslist and he responded. Both had all paperwork. Neither of us were the original owner. He came over and completely took apart my Fender, neck and pickguard off. He said it looked good and we traded. He...
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    WTB: Callaham Nashville Conversion Studs

    Anyone have a set of Callaham Nashville Conversion Studs?
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    can someone build me a talman like guitar?

    Where would be the appropriate place to ask this? here? Probably not, because I don't see any other questions like this. basically, I love my first guitar, early 90s talman. I love the look and the p90 sound. I dont play it much anymore because the neck is too thin. I could never sell it...
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    Orville by Gibson reissue

    Orville by Gibson Les Paul '59 reissue in a tobacco burst. It has an absolutely stunning maple flametop, nitro finish, fret edge binding, long neck tennon. The guitar is all original. The stock pickups are Gibson '57s, which sound great. 60s style neck. Not nearly as thin as my Ibanez, but not...
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    Why does my explorer go out of tune more often than les paul

    I've been playing les pauls for a while. The thing that impressed me most was that they never seem to go out of tune. I'll play a 3 or 4 hour set and barely have to touch the tuning. Some other guitars are really good too. BUT my explorer (and the other guitarist's V) need to be tuned...
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    Burny LP / Super Grade

    I have a situation. I bought this guitar off ebay because the listing said it was a late 70s or early 80s Burny LP. Looking at the pictures, it had all the features of those models, no super grade on the headstock, covered pickups, beautiful flame top. In fact, if you look at the catalogue...
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    I NEED advice on a very important purchase

    I want a keytar. Why? Because no one is impressed with guitar solos anymore. But I don't have a clue about what I should be looking for in a keytar... Does gibson make a keytar? Or should I be looking at a Japanese manufactured keytar, because, arguably, they are better crafted and...
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    need advice on where to have amp reparied in NYC

    This is probably not the right place to ask... But I need advice on where to bring a Marshall JTM60 amp to get looked at and fixed. I was gigging it, it was loud, and then there was nothing. :( I've read that these amps have this problem. I need a place that does this sort of...
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    been here for awhile, but havent introduced myself yet

    I've been poking around here for a couple months. I found MLP while looking for a used les paul, but I've found the lessons, theory, and general information so much more beneficial than another guitar would ever be. :-) This place has made me a better player. Thanks!
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    early 70s gibson les paul custom

    1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom all original - eBay (item 330328360147 end time May-13-09 16:54:00 PDT) is this legit?
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    serial number doesnt jive

    hey, check out this auction. Gibson Les Paul Standard - Vintage 1976 WineRed - eBay (item 160330222359 end time May-22-09 09:07:41 PDT) He says its a '76, and if it is, its in really good shape. The serial number says a '06. Plus why is the '00' at the beginning so much brighter than...

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