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  1. guitarputt83

    Fs/Ft: Jhs Superbolt v2, boss ce5 chorus, dual fuzz clone

    I have the following pedals for trade: 1. Jhs Superbolt v2 -traded 2. Boss ce5 chorus ensemble in great shape. 3. A dual fuzz CLONE of the artic white and pink purple fuzzes from bjfe Looking to try other types of overdrives,distortions, or fuzzes. Might also consider reverb or delay
  2. guitarputt83

    Ft/fs- Strymon Deco

    I have a strymon Deco in excellent condition with box for trade. Great pedal ,but I just don't use it as much as I used to now that I dont run two amps and my board is full. Looking for a Keeley Supermod Workstation, Keeley Verb O Trem workstation, Strymon Flint, etc.... looking to upgrade my...
  3. guitarputt83

    Fs: Friedman BE-OD

    Friedman BE-OD in excellent condition with box for sale. 135.00 shipped. ( I just spent too much in the Lovepedal sale lol)
  4. guitarputt83

    Fs/ft: ehx mel9

    Recently got this in a trade and just didn't bond with it. Trade for amp in a box style pedals or mid to heavy ods or distortions. Sell for 150
  5. guitarputt83


    I have a jetter gs103 for trade. In great shape, just have limited board space and won't use it enough to justify keeping it. Looking for Tweed,Plexi, or other amp style drives, maybe a good distortion, a modulation I don't have.....etc.. Sell for 150 shipped
  6. guitarputt83

    Fs/ft: fender deluxe reverb

    I have a Fender Deluxe Reverb in excellent condition that is for sale or trade. It was gigged with maybe twice and spent the rest of the time in my home office. Asking 650 cash (located in ne ohio for pickup) ,shipping we would have to discuss.
  7. guitarputt83

    Ft: Keeley Aria

    Keeley Aria in excellent condition for trade. Looking for amp in a box style drives.... tweed or plexi especially . (Wampler 57, Plexi Drive, Dirty Shirley, etc...) Would also trade for an EQD Gray channel. Anything else? Interesting dirt pedal? Cool modulation? Who knows....doesn't hurt to ask.
  8. guitarputt83

    Fs/ft: walrus audio defcon 4

    Brand new walrus audio defcon 4 preamp/boost/eq for trade or sale. Comes with box, pic, sticker, etc... Won this in a giveaway and just don't need it with everything else i already have. Trades: keeley supermod workstation, good amp in a box type pedals, something cool I dont have...make me an...
  9. guitarputt83

    Ft/fs: Rimrock Mythical Overdrive

    Have a Rimrock Mythical Overdrive up for trade. Great take on the klon sound, but I just dont need / wouldnt use it enough to justify putting it on my board... Looking for more specific amp flavored OD... Marshall, Tweed, Vox, etc.... or possibly a good chorus or unique delay/reverb Prefer...
  10. guitarputt83

    FT/FS Keeley super phat mod

    Up for trade is a Keeley Super Phat Mod. In great shape, does have Velcro on the back. Looking for more " amp flavored" pedals or something with more gain. Open to trying quit a few different pedals so make an offer. Would also trade for a modulation, reverb, etc... that would give me...
  11. guitarputt83

    NPD Strymon Sunset

    I got a great deal on a used Sunset that I just couldn't pass up. Never played anything by Strymon before but I heard so much praise I thought why not try it. Haven't had that much time with it to really explore all the different stacking options, but I absolutely love the tones from this. The...
  12. guitarputt83

    FS/FT: Mojo Hand Odessa Dual OD

    Selling an amazing dual OD from Mojo Hand FX. It has been my main drive for awhile but I recently got a great deal on a Strymon Sunset and keep a pretty small board so the Odessa has to go. Pedal is in EXCELLENT condition. No velcro, no marks or scratches, etc.... Asking 140.00 shipped. (...
  13. guitarputt83

    FS: Diamond 902 Overdrive

    Selling a Diamond 902 overdrive in excellent shape. From their website " The Nine Zero Two is a versatile yet simple overdrive / distortion based on multiple discrete transistor gain stages placed in series. Each stage in the uses a different type of gain circuit, resulting in a complex...
  14. guitarputt83


    Brand new PRS SE Kestrel Bass in black and nice gig bag that I just won in a giveaway . Great guitar, but I don't have a bass amp nor do I really play bass lol. This is brand new and goes for like 760 online. Selling it, the gig bag, and guitar cable for 475 shipped if anyone is interested...
  15. guitarputt83

    FT/FS: Fender Deluxe Reverb

    Up for trade / sale is Fender Deluxe Reverb. It is in EXCELLENT shape. It was gigged maybe three times and spends most of its time in a carpeted music room. Cover with footswitch. Looking for a head and 1x12 cab or a combo that is lighter . ( Getting older sucks ). Play mostly classic rock /...
  16. guitarputt83

    FT/FS: Rockett Flex Drive

    Rockett Flex Drive up for trade or sale. Excellent condition, box, no Velcro. It's a great versatile pedal but I just don't use it much with my current set up so I thought why not try something else for fun. Looking for other flavors of dirt... Wampler, Supro, Jetter, other J Rockett , Keeley...
  17. guitarputt83

    NPD Keeley Dark Side

    Got this with the 20% off Keeley sale. Haven't had much time to really get to know it yet, but after an hour of playing last night I'm going to say that this thing will never leave my board. Modulations, the delay, and fuzz are all great. The Dark Side even stacks really well with my MojoHand...
  18. guitarputt83

    FT/FS: Fret King Jerry Donahue T Style

    Up for trade is a Fret King Jerry Donahue telecaster. Pics are in the post below. Very versatile 5 way switching in this model. Really good guitar, just never quite bonded with the neck. Really looking for another Reverend in trade to add my collection. Been a big fan of those since I got my...
  19. guitarputt83

    NPD Mojo Hand FX Odessa

    I was looking at dual overdrives and decided to give the Odessa a shot after glowing reviews of the two pedals that make it up. ( The Rook and The Magpie). Magpie Side- This has a variety of great low to med gain settings. The 3 way toggle to select different clipping options is great. I've...
  20. guitarputt83

    fs/ft: Zoom g3x

    Thinking of trading / selling my Zoom G3X. It is in excellent condition and has never left my studio. Still have the box and paperwork. It's a great unit, but I just don't use many effects. I'm more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy....overdrive, delay, and reverb. ( Looking for a...

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