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  1. Burty459

    2008 R9 checking

    Good morning fine folk, quick question. I’ve not really had much exposure to vintage guitars with checking or modern guitars with relic finishes or otherwise. Over the years I have read forum threads about reissues laquer having a formula that doesn’t allow checking like the older formula did...
  2. Burty459

    2017 Tokai ULS130F

    Hi all, after some clarity of you don’t mind offering opinions. I've seen a 2017 tokai ULS130F for sale and enquires about a trade for a 2017 R8 with cash my way, does anyone know much about these guitars and their worth? Not too much in my knowledge bank about tokai but it looks like a sweet...
  3. Burty459

    2004 ES335 Dot

    Evening all, been offered a nice es335 dot in flamed cherry as part ex for my 2008 R9. However I don’t know much about them, any thoughts on that era? Seems like the model is rather varied with differing iterations over the years, are they custom shop instruments? Thanks.
  4. Burty459

    UK couriers

    Hi all, just wondering who you use to ship your guitars? Is there someone who couriers with insurance etc? thanks!
  5. Burty459

    Fretboard Marks

    Good evening, I was hoping someone / some many, may be able to offer me some advice. I have just got a 2017 Custom standard plain top, love the guitar, plays great, sounds great. But, There are some marks on the fretboard and I would like to potentially remove them. Can anyone offer a...
  6. Burty459

    NGD 2017 Custom Shop Les Paul Standard Plain top (58 HR)

    Evening all, I just received this 2017 Custom Standard. Interesting guitar and sounds great, but bit of an enigma from what I have read on here. I heard that a lot of 2017’s were repurposed from previous years and various other models. From what I can find out it’s certainly not a CC because...
  7. Burty459

    What’s a reasonable price?

    Hi all, just wondering, what is a reasonable price for used R9 these days? I know by year it will vary but the price bracket isn’t still that large. I am after a plain top R8 and want to move on or potentially trade down my R9 with cash my way. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this? I am on the UK...
  8. Burty459

    Shin-ei Fy-2

    Good afternoon team, This is my first foray into this sub forum but it seemed like the best place to start. Ditching a load of stuff for my boss at work today and came across this fuzz pedal with some family photos I salvaged for him, I asked and he said I could I have it to save it from the...
  9. Burty459

    2003 Les Paul Standard Plus

    Well, after deciding to sell on my R9 (which is for sale still), I have settled on this gem. Probably payed the higher end of the spectrum for it but it really is in nice condition. I chose to go for one of the early 2000’s because they generally got a good rep on here from owners. Must say...
  10. Burty459

    2017 R8

    Hi all, Just a quick question for you. I have seen a 2017 R8 that I quite like and I am thinking of a straight trade for my 2008 R9. Only thing is that the R8 is priced at £3499, I would probably not want to put any money down with my guitar and would expect at least a straight trade. What’s...
  11. Burty459

    2018 Faber professional 1959 reissue case

    Hello all, I trust you had a great new year! Apologies if this is the wrong place but as this is a reissue case, for a reissue, it made sense to come here. Just literally received one of the Faber lifton cases from Germany and I was hoping to get some thoughts! Must admit I was initially...
  12. Burty459

    R6 purchase, your thoughts?

    hi all, I’m off to look at 1998 custom shop 1956 gold top reissue later. It’s a very fair price at just under £2000. The gent says it has a slim 59 - 60’s style neck, is this common? There is no COA as he mentions they weren’t around then. I have an R9 from 2008 so on the later models mean I’m...
  13. Burty459

    NGD - Burny RLC 85 JP

    Hi all Doesn’t seem to be too much info on the newer Chinese Burnys out there so just thought I’d share. This is my brand new Burny RLC 85 JP. Guitar shop was en route (well...not quite) when traveling home today so thought I’d stop in. Really impressed with the finish on this one, exceeds...
  14. Burty459

    Is this a fake Les Paul??

    Hi all, Apologies if this is the wrong forum but I thought this was a good place to start. I just saw this Les Paul on eBay. 192284172011 (item number) I think it may be fake, if it is then it's a notch up from many I have seen. There seems to be nibs on the neck binding and the truss cover...
  15. Burty459

    Double Cream PAF's by Monty's

    This is my 2008 R9 VOS, love everything about this guitar but just had a deep desire to get some double creams in there and to try some new tone, in the past this has only ever been ventured with amps and a random pedal occasionally. I looked online at everything in my budget and decided to go...
  16. Burty459

    59 Reissues

    Well, after much trading and searching I finally bagged my first R9 and I really could not be happier. Nice full neck and a stunning top, but most of all she sounds fantastic. 2008 VOS with lifton style case and all candy, strap and lead. Pick guard never fitted and pup covers in the case...

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