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  1. lowe

    Zakk Wylde Farewell Ballad cover

    He had an invite on his facebook asking people to cover the farewell ballad solo. I hurried to record it, and got some shitty tone. It was in one take, but hell he ended up liking it, so i felt damn cool. Til i realized he liked every video that was posted as a reply Farewell Ballad - Zakk...
  2. lowe

    Scholarship song, done with GarageBand

    Its the first out of three, I have a blues and a straight metal song with more guitar. It was supposed to be a rhythm groove track that vocals could be added to. The solo is at 3:38, the part I'm most proud of...
  3. lowe

    Anyone remember me?

    I see a few familiar users around here, not too many though. I used to frequently the forum quite often, just stopped for a while i guess. I'm 18 years old and attending Musicians Institute is Hollywood next fall, recording some songs for some scholarship opportunities I'd love to share once...
  4. lowe

    Anyone have a zoom g9.2tt

    It sounds like ass. Any help? Did yours come with USB or MIDI cords?
  5. lowe

    In search for a semi cheap MIM strat for christmas time

    Im looking most for a black with maple fingerboard, arctic white maple or rosewood neck. I could settle for others besides bursts, or blues and reds. Can't find much on the bay..let me know. :thumb:
  6. lowe

    My craigslist account just went nuts

    I keep getting emails saying my ad was flagged and removed, i havent made any adds. i figure out my account keeps posting a male for male looking for sexual exploration in l.a. california. it says word for word: 'm4m handsome,no drugs,great chemistry,sense of humor,hung 9' WHAT THE HELLLLLL...
  7. lowe

    Wtb dd-6

    Yup. Let me know. Ill be going fleabay in a few days
  8. lowe

    Pedals FT

    I have: Boss Hyper Fuzz Boss DD-3 Boss CE-20 Boss SD-1 Boss NS-2 MXR Dyna Comp Just stock pics of course, if you're interested I have actual pics. Looking more for trades than sales. I could combine trades or trade and cash, whatever. Im looking for: Fuzz Phaser DD-6 Tuner EQ...
  9. lowe

    Even the Maya are getting sick of 2012 hype

    Even the Maya are getting sick of 2012 hype - Science- MEXICO CITY - Apolinario Chile Pixtun is tired of being bombarded with frantic questions about the Mayan calendar supposedly "running out" on Dec. 21, 2012. After all, it's not the end of the world. Or is it? Definitely not...
  10. lowe

    WTB - Boss TU-2

    Bought one from RobLop, USPS lost it, and he refunded me. Pretty crappy, another reason not to use p.o. Pm me. Or email if you dont have pms stefanlowe (at) msn (dot) com I dont care about the cosmetic condish as long as it works fine
  11. lowe

    Guitar tab books. Nirvana, Greenday, ACDC, Hendrix at Isle of Wight, guitar soloing

    Kind of tight for cash, work isnt treating me good. Green Day American Idiot new 22.95 asking 10 Hendrix: Live at the Isle of Wight new 24.95 asking 12 Nirvana compilation new 22.95 asking 10 ACDC compilation 21.95 asking 9 Guitar Soloing, lots of theory from MI people 17.95 asking 5 (no cd...
  12. lowe


    These are NO WHERE used. PedalsPlus Effects Warehouse – Retro-Sonic Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal
  13. lowe

    Favorite movies

    I know with all this drama, this probably wont get much, it also could've been done a million times before, so no need to tell me dennis. It's hard for me to pick any, but I would say either the Boondock Saints, Shooter, or 40 year old virgin. Boondock saints is pretty rare, its about...
  14. lowe

    Paralyzed guitarist Jason Becker with ALS plays on

    DailyGood: The Rock Star Who Wouldn't Give Up I thought it was a good story.. RICHMOND, CA (KGO) -- It's been 12 years since ABC7 first introduced you to Jason Becker, a former rock star who has continued a brilliant music career against all odds. Doctors were ready to give up on him many...
  15. lowe

    Slash's Solo Record 'Should Be Done Next Month'

    Slash's Solo Record 'Should Be Done Next Month' | News @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com But wait. Fergie?...on the album?
  16. lowe

    Mystery Wire...Where does it go?

    the black wire. that pot is the neck tone. is it just a bridge ground? no?
  17. lowe

    This forum is getting depressing. Come on! Listen to dj, bling, and raggae!! Why cant a thread like these blow up and get pages like the negative ones do. I come here to talk about guitars and have fun, not to get in a...
  18. lowe

    Looking for Ipod preferably 6th gen classic 80 gig

    Looking to spend around 110. Got mine stolen in Arkansas last week, im looking on ebay too. I doubt anyone has one, but i thought id me.
  19. lowe

    Guitar Mags

    I get guitar world, and i like a lot of it. But once in a while it gets a little too metal for me. i mean stupid metal, like this thing: hes real popular in that magazine, but then you get some real cool stuff on slash, wylde, and even hendrix and page, and a lot of better stuff. But im...
  20. lowe

    Band names anyones ever thought of......1 day deadline

    Well be opening for this band not until October, but the flyers are being made tomorrow :wow:and we dont have a name. Any ideas? :naughty: when you come dennis, you dont have to post the other threads that this is similar to. thanks though :thumb:

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