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  1. Nickzephead92

    FS: Historic Makeovers Deluxe Package R9 - big big top

    The flame and the burst on that one made me burst.
  2. Nickzephead92

    Needed: Agile AL-3000 or higher

    Wow I didn’t think it would take this long to find one!
  3. Nickzephead92

    Needed: Agile AL-3000 or higher

    Hey all, I am in search of a used Agile AL-3000, AL-3100 or AL-3200. Top preference would be an AL-3200 MCC in Oceanburst. I’m sure someone here could help! Please reach out to me with what you have. Thanks!
  4. Nickzephead92

    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    Come on, cut Stinky Kitty some slack. He came on, posted his thoughts on the matter (what we all do and why we are here) and he gets beaten down in a response like this? Especially by a moderator? He is simply putting in his two cents like everyone else. Not everyone has the same mindset or...
  5. Nickzephead92

    Georgia man sentenced to 1,000 years in prison for child porn gets parole

    I think we should ship all child sex offenders to a remote island. They will all become insanely sexually frustrated because they cannot act on their compulsions and can’t get their jollies from one another as they aren’t into other adults, and let them all kill each other. Easy as that.
  6. Nickzephead92

    Sold. 2019 Gibson Les Paul Special 50’s.

    Do these have opaque yellow finishes or are they true TV Yellow where the grain is visible?
  7. Nickzephead92

    Heritage H-150’s... Show them off!

    Oh man! I’d give you my left nut for that!
  8. Nickzephead92

    Heritage H-150’s... Show them off!

    Hey guys! I’ll start with mine... I recently was able to re-acquire a Heritage H-150. I have owned a few of them over the years but this one is something else! This one was built in 1995 in Dirty Lemon Burst. From what I can see, this color is rare for the time it was built. The top is very...
  9. Nickzephead92

    WTB Heritage

    And for good reason. They are incredible.
  10. Nickzephead92

    WTB Heritage

    Hey all, I’m in the market to get a Heritage for $1200 or less. I have seen some in that range in the past on here. I realize with inflation over the years it might be more difficult to find something in that price point. Never hurts to check though! I’d be interested in H-150’s, H-140’s...
  11. Nickzephead92

    1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom Tobacco Player w/ some issues $1400

    Sorry for disappearing! My girlfriend and I had a baby! Things have been hectic here... I’ll be in touch soon, man!
  12. Nickzephead92

    1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard Candy Apple Red! $1475.00

    Looking at this thread title, reading through the description, then noticing the date is akin to thinking the cool guys on the playground want to play with you, then realizing their intention is hanging you on the fence post by your tighty whities.
  13. Nickzephead92

    Les Paul goldtop build

    Nice! What does the headstock look like? Is it what we’d expect?
  14. Nickzephead92

    Monster Top Heritage H-150. Job loss sale. Must see!

    Last call folks! I’m pulling the listing at midnight and listing something else.
  15. Nickzephead92

    Monster Top Heritage H-150. Job loss sale. Must see!

    This is one amazing machine. I mean look at that top... Sadly and due to unforeseen circumstances my 2008 monster top H-150 is up for grabs. Due to the loss of my job within the next couple of weeks, and with a baby due in a couple months, I just can’t afford to keep this beauty. On to the...
  16. Nickzephead92

    Any Heritage H-150’s out there?

    Still looking bump!
  17. Nickzephead92

    Any Heritage H-150’s out there?

    Thanks but I’m looking for one used for $1500 or under.
  18. Nickzephead92

    Any Heritage H-150’s out there?

    Hey all, Does anyone have a nice Heritage H-150 for sale out there? I already have one, but I want more. Cherryburst or lighter colored bursts preferred! Somebody help cure my GAS! Thanks!

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