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  1. NeubyWanKaneuby

    FS Charvel San Dimas Pro Mod

    2016 MIM Charvel San Dimas Pro Mod Seymour Duncan JB/59 pickups with 3 way switch, and split coil (tone knob) Comes with gig bag Let me know if you have any questions/need more or different pics $650 shipped PayPal in lower 48 states
  2. NeubyWanKaneuby

    Ibanez AEWC400

    I just got one and swapped the strings out, and now it's buzzing out on the D-G-B-E strings from the 3rd to 5th frets. I went from 12s to 11s, so I know there needs to be an adjustment, but the neck looks pretty straight, so I'm not sure if it's possibly a fret issue, or a nut issue, or maybe...
  3. NeubyWanKaneuby

    Hughes and Kettner Black Spirit 200

    In case anyone wanted to move some air, H&K has a new combo out.
  4. NeubyWanKaneuby

    Custom Rack Cables

    Anyone in here use custom XLRs for their rack gear? I'm looking at making some cables, but would like to go the DIY route to save some money.
  5. NeubyWanKaneuby

    keeping it

    keeping it
  6. NeubyWanKaneuby

    FS - PRS 2-Channel Custom 50 Amp

    Original owner, lightly used. Amp is a 2015, and in excellent condition. Original tubes, and comes with 3-button footswitch to change channels, turn boost on/off, and turn reverb on/off. Looking for $1,200 obo, shipped and paypal'd in the CONUS (Lower 48) Let me know if you have any...
  7. NeubyWanKaneuby

    Superior Drummer 3

    Just announced today. I have SD2, but ditched it for EZDrummer 2. I'm thinking I might actually pony up for SD3, but I want to see some good demos and such first.
  8. NeubyWanKaneuby

    YouTube Copyright Claim

    Any file a copyright claim against a person who filed one against you? So, here's the deal. I did the April Backing Track of the Month in the Guitar Lessons sub forum. The track came from this channel: MyDarnJamTracks The person whose song I'm supposedly "copying" used the same exact...
  9. NeubyWanKaneuby

    The future of digital

    This is a pretty good article.
  10. NeubyWanKaneuby

    All Your Firmware... (Fractal Content)

    So, this is an awesome vid of every version of the Axe FX firmware. Best part is, there are two free cabs you can grab as a result of this demonstration. ( Here's 26 firmware releases in 1 vid:
  11. NeubyWanKaneuby

    PRS SE Kingfisher Bass

    Anyone have/play one of these? I'm looking at getting a new bass, and was thinking this might fit the bill. Mainly looking for a report on the neck profile. My other option is a Fender Elite Precision bass, as I like the compound neck radius, but don't necessarily want to spend $1900 to...
  12. NeubyWanKaneuby

    EVH Wolfgang Custom

    I'm the second owner of this guitar, and she really is beautiful. She does have a couple of blemishes, but nothing major. - Has a ding between the volume knobs. I wasn't able to get it in the pic, but that pic of the knobs is where it is. - There's like a scuff or something on the nut...
  13. NeubyWanKaneuby

    FS: Rivera Rockcrusher Recording

    Selling my Rivera Rockcrusher Recording. It is in excellent condition, and has only been used at my home. This is the attenuator that also allows you to create cab emulations using the 11-band EQ. You can record direct into your sound card via an XLR cable, or 1/4" line out. You can also...
  14. NeubyWanKaneuby

    Ownhammer IRs

    Anyone using Ownhammers with their Axe FX II? I was thinking about getting either the studio mix or the heavy hitters collection.
  15. NeubyWanKaneuby

    Quick jam - Two Notes Torpedo Studio

    So, I put this together tonight using my Two Notes Torpedo Studio and a PRS Archon 100. (I really want an Archon sim for the Axe FX, but don't want to pay $60+ for the only one that I've see so far). Anyway, I'm pretty sure the Two Notes stuff is like a gateway into modeling for folks that...
  16. NeubyWanKaneuby


    Anyone use this? Does it really make life easier? :hmm:
  17. NeubyWanKaneuby

    Two Notes Torpedo Studio

    I'm thinking about picking one of these up. Anyone have/use one? I've watched a couple of videos, and they seem like they're worth the coin, but wanted to get a couple more opinions before I pulled the trigger.
  18. NeubyWanKaneuby

    Win a Kemper

    Chappers is giving a Kemper away. Just need to write a Christmas song.
  19. NeubyWanKaneuby

    FS: Ibanez AS103

    Beautiful hollowbody guitar. Comes with HSC. I'll try and take more pics, but I don't believe there's anything more than normal play wear on this one. Let me know if you have any questions. $550 shipped/paypal'd to the lower 48.
  20. NeubyWanKaneuby

    Zoom Q8

    Anyone have a Zoom Q8? I'm thinking of picking one up. I have a Q3HD, and it's ok, but really want to upgrade. I'm debating between the Q8 and just getting a regular HD camcorder with an external mic input. What do most of you guys use?

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