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  1. stephenwz968

    FS: Big Tex Esquire/Telecaster Whiteguard with extra pickups and guards

    Big Tex is a wonderful guitar company from Texas, making new guitars with vintage tone! This one started out as a custom ordered Esquire, with a Rio Grande Tallboy pickup. It currently has a Manlius Guitar Pickups Rodeo neck Telecaster pickup, which compliments the Tallboy perfectly. The...
  2. stephenwz968

    FS: Pair of WGS Retro 30 12" Speakers 8 ohm, 75 watts

    I have a pair of Warehouse Guitar Speakers 12" Retro 30s I'm looking to sell. Great sounding speakers, these are broken in and ready to go! These are 8 ohms and handle 75 watts each. I'll sell the pair for $100 shipped/pp.
  3. stephenwz968

    FSOT: Gibson 1965 ES345 Iced Tea Burst

    This is an amazing example of a mid 1960's Gibson Semi Hollow - the patina and checking is beautiful! It has a nut width of over 1 9/16, but less than 1 11/16, and feels great. The guitar weighs in at 7 lbs 15 oz. There is checking throughout the guitar, and the gold hardware is in great...
  4. stephenwz968

    WTB: Single 50's Amber Bell Knob

    Before I pick one up off eBay - does anyone have a single 50's Bell Knob they could sell me? The tone knob on my '55 junior cracked and fell apart while being removed. Please feel free to PM or email me. Thanks! Steve
  5. stephenwz968

    Gibson Historic CR7 '57 Chambered Reissue

    It pains me to do this, but I just made a vintage purchase and I need to move some killer guitars. Along with listing my Danocaster Strat and Tele, I'm putting up this incredible Gibson. This is a 2006 Gibson Custom Shop Historic 1957 Chambered Reissue. This guitar is incredibly light...
  6. stephenwz968

    Danocaster Whiteguard Tele

    I just made a vintage purchase, so I'm listing some choice guitars - I already listed my Danocaster Strat, next up is my Danocaster Whiteguard Tele. This guitar has the V neck profile, which feels amazing. There are a few changes that have been made to make this guitar ultimately gig friendly...
  7. stephenwz968

    FS: Danocaster Double Cut (Strat) with Ron Ellis Pups

    I just made a pretty major vintage purchase, so I'm going to be moving some choice guitars along. First up is a great Danocaster - his take on a Stratocaster with amazing Ron Ellis pickups - they sound amazing and the bridge pickup is the best strat tone I've ever heard. This one features the...
  8. stephenwz968

    1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior Burst Single Cut

    I am trying to free up some space and cash, so I am listing my 1958 SC Junior. I bought it from Dan, who runs It had been poorly refinished on the body and neck, but not the front or back of the headstock. It's had a diagonal headstock repair that is very old and solid...
  9. stephenwz968

    BC Audio No. 8 2x10 Combo with headshell

    This is an amazing amp built by San Franciso based Bruce Clement of BC Audio. BC Audio | hand-made all-tube non-clone guitar amps This is his Amplifier No. 8 - a 25w Master Volume beast that does clean to mean, and sounds incredible! This one has a bass reduction switch on the back panel...
  10. stephenwz968

    FS: Rosser Guitars '62 SG Replica in Aged Cherry with Manlius PAFs

    I need to create some space for some new gear, and create some cash flow for a business opportunity I am investing in. I commissioned this guitar in 2013, and Michael knocked it out of the park! It's a '62 SG replica, the neck is based on my '58 Junior (he was refinishing that guitar so he...
  11. stephenwz968

    F/S: Rosser T1 Esquire in TV Black with Manlius Stumpgrinder and HS Case

    This is an amazing guitar built by Rosser Guitars in North Carolina. Michael is finishing up another Tele for me, and I need to free up room and cash. This is his T1, which is a take on a Tele/Esquire. Here are the specs from Rosser: T I Prototype Specs: Two Piece Mahogany Body...
  12. stephenwz968

    Gave the '58 Junior a workout at my gig last night

    Played it all 3 sets! Place was packed, people dancing all night, and I'm sure some people thinking - he should really get a new guitar, that one's all beat up, LOL!
  13. stephenwz968

    Manlius NY Deluxe MiniHumbuckers with hardware

    Up for grabs is a great set of MiniHumbuckers by Manlius pickups - the bridge is a NY Hot, and the neck is a standard wind. The chrome covers are slightly aged. Includes all mounting hardware to put them in a P90 guitar. $150 shipped/pp CONUS
  14. stephenwz968

    Gibson ES333 in Tobacco Sunburst with Manlius Fat Diane PAFs

    Up for grabs is a really sweet Gibson ES333 in Tobacco Sunburst. It has upgraded CTS 500k pots, PIO caps and a great set of Manlius Fat Diane PAFs with aged nickel covers to match the rest of the hardware. Comes with the original case AND the original pickups. The guitar has playwear, and...
  15. stephenwz968

    Rosser Guitars T1 Esquire in TV Black with Manlius Stumpgrinder

    For pics please see my Reverb ad. This is an amazing guitar built by Rosser Guitars in North Carolina. It's his T1, which is a take on a Tele/Esquire. Here are the specs from Rosser: T I Prototype Specs: Two Piece Mahogany Body Hard Maple Neck C Shape Profile with Rosewood Fretboard...
  16. stephenwz968

    PRS Custom 22 20th Anniversary 10 top w/ Birds, Trans Black, Upgrades

    For pics, please see my Reverb listing. This is an amazing 2005 Paul Reed Smith 20th Anniversary model Custom 22 with an amazing 10 top in Trans Black finish and birds in flight inlays. It is a stoptail model, and features McCarty 3 way switching with the push/pull tone pot to split the...
  17. stephenwz968

    Marshall JMP 2150 100w Superlead 1x12" Combo

    Up for grabs is an amazing 1979 Marshall 2150 Superlead - it's a 100w combo with a Factory Master Volume! These originally shipped with a Celestion PowerCell Speaker, which will be included, but the voice coil is damaged, and it's currently sporting an Eminence Tonker. My tech just went...
  18. stephenwz968

    Rosser '54 Singlecut Goldtop/Darkback Wraptail - Spanish Cedar and Brazilian Rosewood

    This is an amazing guitar - it's modeled after a Gibson 1954 Les Paul, and was hand crafted by Rosser Guitars in North Carolina. The guitar is made from Spanish Cedar for the body, top and neck and has a Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard! The finish is Goldtop/Dark Back, done in old school Nitro...
  19. stephenwz968

    Gibson 1956 Reissue Goldtop - RS Guitarworks Refin/Aging, Manlius, TonePros

    This is an amazing 2006 R6 - it's been refinished and aged by RS Guitarworks (the pinup sticker is under the clearcoat). It comes outfitted with Manlius Pickups Minihumbuckers, as well as the original Gibson P90s. The guitar has a TonePros locking Tail Piece and ABR-1 bridge. It has CTS 500k...
  20. stephenwz968

    Seymour Duncan Vintage/Hot P90 Set

    Great sounding set of Duncans - Vintage in the neck slot and Hot in the bridge. Cream covers are in very good shape, and the leads are perfect lengths for a Les Paul. $105 shipped/pp.

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