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  1. fett

    The key to life in the fast lane. Car related.

    It's a nice sunny day. I figured I would kinda test my new car. The play in the brake pedal seemed way too long. My son assured me it would stop. I moved my van. I was just going to drive the car back and forth a few yards just to feel the brakes. I slithered into the driver's seat. The key was...
  2. fett

    Hey, Kramer owners. I found a gem.

    It looks just like this with one exception. Mine has no serial number!!! It wasn't ground off. It was never stamped. I did a little research and some custom orders came with unstamped plates. Mine fits the '86 Pacer Series neck I have. I'm rich? :cool2:
  3. fett

    I fell off the wagon a bit. Corona content.

    My neighbors just came back from a brief vacation. He was draining his cooler and there were a few beers left. He offered me two. My last beer was in Jan. 2018. It's ice-cold and tastes really good. I'm celebrating. :beer:
  4. fett

    New Car Day!!!!!!!!

    My son kept bugging me to get rid of my Aerostar to make room for a vehicle. He likes to buy cars and I figured he just wanted space. I was in no hurry. He finally had to tell me why. He bought a car for me as a birthday present. It's a 1979 Fiat 124 Spider. It's an automatic and it's red. This...
  5. fett

    They're only asking how much?

    We all know I own two single-wide mobile homes that are right next to each other. The one on the other side is on the market. I could have 3 in a row. :laugh2: I finally got a call back from the agent. I finally asked how much. Because she's a smooth operator, all she said was; "55". I don't...
  6. fett

    Today is my birthday. I'm 70 years old.

    It's been an interesting 7 decades. What is really interesting is I don't feel old. However, I do well up sometimes watching movies. :dude:
  7. fett

    HO Slot cars. I gots a few.

    I decided to wade through a box of cars I have and I found a few that are worth selling. I don't have the track set up to test them. I did find this. :dude:
  8. fett

    Turning 70 sucks. I can't get out of my La-z-Boy.

    You guys saw how tall I am. I only have one arm. It's a one-two-three and out. I am going to ask my son to build a base for the chair. I already have a plastic riser seat for the toilet. No shit. It really helps. :dude:
  9. fett

    Damn, FB!!! A high school bud posted about a party

    I attended that I don't even remember. Has this happened to you? He even has proof. 1975. :run: :hippie:
  10. fett

    Fun with tube testers. Always have a spare.

    I have a TV-7 and a 6000a that I haven't used in years. I'm now getting back to testing a bunch of tubes. I found a pair of vintage 6ca7 tubes that could be very valuable if they tested well. I whipped out the 6000a. I read the instructions and everything. I plugged in the tube and pressed test...
  11. fett

    Free Shipping!!!!!! Hot Wheels

    I already have a set. I live near Seattle. What about the rest of the country? :run: :run: :run: :run:
  12. fett

    Anybody do anything with Offer-Up?

    I search it for guitars and such. I also look for camera stuff. I responded to an ad and I am awaiting a call to go pick up the item. I'll let you know how it works out it this covid world. Should I wear my dress mask? :dude:
  13. fett

    When the parts are worth more than the whole. What a shame.

    I posted about the Charvel Model 4 I have. I bought this guitar many years ago and I don't remember if it had a very important feature. The guitar came stock with an active mid-boost circuit. Mine does not. That will have an impact on the value of an otherwise complete guitar. Maybe $175...
  14. fett

    A guitar story.

    I was at my local supermarket today chatting with the other butcher lady. Her husband is into guitars and she shares his interest. We talk guitars quite often. I was telling her about how I was starting to get some guitars ready to sell. I pointed out that I will have to figure out a way to...
  15. fett

    Moving some gits around, a '86 Charvel Model 4

    I'm moving some of my guitars from my Summer Home to my regular home. They are in cases and I have no idea what's in them. I found one of these. This is a web pic. Mine is red. :dude:
  16. fett

    She's a hero at age 19 for Senior Citizen care.

    I am so proud to tell you about my grand daughter. She decided to get her degrees and such in geriatrics after graduating from high school last year. She got a job at a Senior care facility 6 or 7 months ago. She lives near me in Snohomish Co. in WA state. The last few months have tested...
  17. fett

    It's " National Medal of Honor Day"

    I know we all agree to show our appreciation and respect. :dude:
  18. fett

    JB coming to Seattle in March

    I've seen him on TV. He's playing the Paramount Theater with a 3000 capacity. That's a small venue where the Cheap Seats may not be too far away. I may consider going.
  19. fett

    Double Eagles SG copies

    I bought these many years ago from a seller in Nam. The guitar with the larger eagle I bought with a winning bid of 99 cents. The shipping was $149. The other one was a bit more. That's all inlay!!!
  20. fett

    What not to discuss at X-Mas dinner. Car Talk

    My son's family had me over for Thanksgiving dinner. He had finished rebuilding my engine a week earlier. He didn't ask how the van was running. I knew why. I finally asked him to ask me. I told him it wasn't timed correctly. He came and fixed it. I am going over there for X-Mas dinner. The 4bbl...

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