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  1. Guitarhack

    Gibson Guitars & Mark Agnesi

    It was fun to watch Mark Agnesi talk about Gibson's line of guitars. It gives me hope for the future of Gibson Guitars.
  2. Guitarhack

    Albert Finney RIP

    Albert Finney has passed at the age of 82. His performances in "Tom Jones" and in "The Dresser" are favorites of mine. Rest in Peace
  3. Guitarhack

    James Calvin Wilsey - Rest In Peace

    Very sad news - he was a fantastic guitarist and (IMHO) an integral part of Chris Isaak's early music. The details are a little sketchy but it appears James Calvin Wilsey has passed away...
  4. Guitarhack

    Soyuz Aborted Launch - both astronauts OK

    Just saw this on the news. I guess there was a booster problem with the second stage booster. They aborted the launch and made it back safe. Sounds like around 4:30 into the flight they aborted. The Russian Commander was as cool as can be.
  5. Guitarhack

    Burt Reynolds Rest In Peace

    Sad news - growing up in the 60's and 70's, I came to love a lot of his films. Rest In Peace
  6. Guitarhack

    Masters of the Telecaster (band)

    OK, I know this is a Les Paul Forum but I just found out about these guys playing together and there's some pretty great playing. Thought I'd share. G. E. Smith and Jim Weider are the core players along with a variety of other players joining them.
  7. Guitarhack

    Kittens - Live streaming on Youtube

    I know there a few cat lovers on here. Its a channel run by Tiny Kittens from Canada. They are an organization that catches, spays/neuters, and either sets up for adoption or releases the fixed kitty back into the feral colony (only if they are so feral that they can not be adopted) that they...
  8. Guitarhack

    Pat DiNizio - Smithereens - Rest In Peace

    More sad news. I was a big fan of their music. Hard driving rock from the 80's. Rest in Peace
  9. Guitarhack

    Deputy Sheriff Killed in the Line of Duty

    I know there's a lot of negative press regarding law enforcement (some of it earned) but this kind of stuff happens all too frequently and it gets very little attention from the news or the public. He had 21 years on the force and was shot and killed by a dirt bag being investigated as part...
  10. Guitarhack

    Don Mare 2017 Mid July Pickup Sale

    Just an FYI for anyone thinking about some single coil pickups. Don Mare is having a "Mid July" pickup sale on his pickups. Send him an e-mail or call him for a quote. Super nice guy, very knowledgeable and makes fantastic pickups. I just ordered a set of Hot Bakelites to go into my...
  11. Guitarhack

    Roger Moore - Rest In Peace I loved the Saint shows and he was a darn good Bond Rest in Peace
  12. Guitarhack

    Powers Boothe Rest in Peace

    Another one gone. One of my favorite character actors. Always liked this HBO film.
  13. Guitarhack

    Jonathan Demme Rest in Peace

    A prolific director. Gone at 73. One of my favorite thrillers.
  14. Guitarhack

    Juliet Jade Valduriez

    Her skills and playing have come up before (there's a thread in the Les Paul section) but has been pretty quiet for the last 4 years. She just came out with a new digital album and its on something called bandcamp. She can play the hell...
  15. Guitarhack

    Waddy Wachtel - Interview - Rig Rundown

    So I posted this in the cellar but its more than just a normal rig rundown. He's got some great stories that accompany his gear that I found really interesting (Leslie West and his Les Paul Junior).
  16. Guitarhack

    Major League Baseball 2017!

    First day of pitchers and catchers. I know there are plenty of MLPers who could give a rats az but I'm excited. Nothing like the smell of cut grass, a warm day, a hot dog and some baseball. Go Giants.
  17. Guitarhack

    John Hurt - Rest In Peace

    More sad news in the entertainment world. He was a fantastic actor.
  18. Guitarhack

    Talent uncovered/discovered

    Wasn't really sure what the hell to call this thread. Anyway, I was on another forum talking about outro solos and the guitar work for Linda Ronstad's version of "Your No Good" came up. It reminded me of when I discovered what a fantastic musician Andrew Gold was. I never knew how good...
  19. Guitarhack

    Echopark Guitars - Anyone have any experience with them?

    So I wondered upon this builder and I'm very interested in his stuff. Single man operation, a little expensive but from what I can see his guitars look and sound great. Kind of a mesh of traditional styling with some quirks. I'm smitten by his take on the Jr./Special (TV 59 Delux)...
  20. Guitarhack

    Steve Miller Thinning Out the Herd - Music Zoo

    I just got an e-mail from the Music Zoo with a list of over 20 of the guitars that Steve Miller is selling. Some nice Gibsons and Fenders. Nothing vintage but some custom shop stuff (Pearli, Beano, Double Neck, etc.). Kinda cool but a little pricey...

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