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  1. barchiola

    Stop bar position

    Was playing my '07 Classic without an amp last night before going to sleep and noticed I set the stop bar too low and the strings were leaning against the edge of the bridge. Had to leave for a trip this morning but was wondering if the strings leaning against the edge of the bridge would kill...
  2. barchiola

    Correct for '05 Classic?

    Does this look correct for an '05 Classic Gold Top?
  3. barchiola

    Correct for '05 Classic?

    Does this look correct for an '05 Classic Gold Top?
  4. barchiola

    Why do amps have two sides to them?

    Was just reading through posts and didn't understand a few amp references so I've got to ask, why do a lot of amps have the one set of controls and inputs plus another set in the same amp? My old Music Man has it's more complicated set on the right with Master Volume, gain, reverb, etc. but...
  5. barchiola

    The Who, Who's Next, Wednesday night, AXS Channel

    Should be lot's of savory Les Paul footage, 9 PM Eastern Premiere Wed, Sep 13th, 9:00 PM ET Classic Albums: The Who: Who's Next Who's Next is viewed by many as the greatest testament to the songwriting talent of Pete Townshend and the musical power of The Who. The story of how The Who came to...
  6. barchiola

    Case handle popped loose

    Is there a quick way to repair a broken handle on a Gibson hard shell case? One rivet on one side of the handle pulled through so the bracket bent and the handle is flopping around. Just wondering if there is a standard repair for this. Thanks, Bart
  7. barchiola

    Spray can nitro?

    How well would spray can nitro work as a top coat on an old finish assuming it will be polished after it's given time to set? Are there any brands of spray nitro that are much better than what they carry at Lowe's? Thanks, Bart
  8. barchiola

    2007 Gibson Les Paul Classic Gold Top, Seymour Duncans, OHSC

    Hi all, Just bought a '93 Studio and rather than let a bunch of cash hang on the wall I figured I'd sell the Gold Top. It's in excellent condition and the pickups are brand new Seymour Duncans (Custom 5 bridge, Jazz neck). I also did the 50's wiring mod when I put in the pickups. It has the...
  9. barchiola

    How to clean smoke stained lacquer?

    Hi everyone, I brought home a wine red 1993 LP Studio this afternoon but the front is very dark, probably from smoke. Is there a way to clean it to lighten up the color and maybe restore some of the polish to the finish? It's got a lot of "character" which I like but I'd just like to lighten...
  10. barchiola

    Another guitar-a-thon in September at GC?

    Was wondering, I thought I heard that September is the big month for promotions at Guitar Center....anyone? Thanks Bart
  11. barchiola

    LP Studio with 60's style neck?

    Would anyone happen to know where I could find a list of specs to see which years the Studio LP's had the thinner 60's style neck? I've been looking for a Studio but want it to be similar in how it plays to the '07 Classic that I have. Thanks, Bart
  12. barchiola

    Which are the better MIJ Les Pauls?

    Hi everyone, I've been looking for a test case to play with stereo outputs and thought a MIJ Les Paul would be fun. But which are the better brands of all of the older 70's vintage MIJ Les Pauls? Ibanez? Tokai? Penco? Cort? Univox? Or some other one? Thanks, Bart
  13. barchiola

    Stereo output, independent pickups?

    Was looking at my amp the other day with its two separate sets of inputs/controls and thought why are the pickups made to work together when they could be run independent of each other into the two sides of the amp with tone set separately at the amp? or through two different amps? Separate...
  14. barchiola

    Which 2005 model?

    Hi everyone Which Les Paul in 2005 would have a blank truss rod cover, single body and neck binding, and covered humbuckers? Thanks Bart
  15. barchiola

    91 Standard in natural?

    Was wondering if this would be a factory finish option for a '91 Standard. Any suggestions that it might be a fake are certainly welcome but I'm more wondering if it's original. Thanks!
  16. barchiola

    Modded to fit tuning heads?

    Was wondering if this guitar would have needed to have the holes for the tuning heads drilled out to fit these non-original tuning heads? If the holes were drilled can original style tuning heads still be put back on or would I be stuck with what's there? The guitar is a '72, would it be a...
  17. barchiola

    1993 SG Special

    Was just surfing Craigslist and there's a '93 SG that looks like a Special but the seller is making it sound like a '93 Special is all that a more modern Standard is. Is that right? Was there no Standard in '93 or is he just trying to make his Special sound like a little bit of a better deal...
  18. barchiola

    What do you guys like for less expensive hangers?

    Was just surfing Amazon for guitar hangers. I've got one Hercules here but they're made in China and at $24 a pop I'm going to move on to something less expensive. Any suggestions please? Maybe these...
  19. barchiola

    "Likes" vs. Posts

    As a former forum owner I thought I'd point something out. Forums live and die based on how much content is being generated. Content is new threads and the replies that we all make to them. Membership that is increasing every month and members that visit the site regularly are also important...
  20. barchiola

    Guitar Center financing excludes Gibson.....why?

    If you've been keeping an eye on Guitar Center lately you may have noticed that Gibson products haven't been eligible for their 24 or 36 month financing specials. Maybe this is something new, maybe not, I haven't noticed until recently so I'm just wondering why? I called GC and they said they...

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