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  1. mecsw500

    Intro from Martin

    Hi, I'm Martin from Draper, Utah, USA. I'm a bit of an amateur guitar tech. I service, repair and setup guitars for school kids in my spare time. I'm retired, but go into schools as a substitute teacher. I like blues. My guitar hero is Rory Gallagher (RIP). My guitar "collection" includes...
  2. mecsw500

    Not quite sure what I got, or what mods it has, LP Classic

    Ok, So I have a 2000 LP Classic. I paid $900 for it last year. Everything seems right. Serial # is 0067xx. Under neck pickup it has a mark TA and what looks like TA initials scrawled. Under bridge pickup it has LPCS on the body. Truss rod cover says Classic. Pickguard says 1960. Binding is...

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