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  1. LP1865

    What did they do?

    I sent my Lester to the store for a pickup installation and a couple of push-pull mods. They called me and told me only coil split was possible (no out of phase and series/parallel for some reason, even with 4 conductor wiring and push pull pots.) I agreed, tho I was a little let down I still...
  2. LP1865

    Volume Boost with Push Pull Pot

    Is there a way to do this? Does it boost both pickups?
  3. LP1865

    Good Free Plugins

    I have a Behringer Uphoria UMC202HD on the way from Amazon, and I want to know if theres any good free plugins I can use for the casual jamming and simple recording when I don't have my amp (which is a lot of times surprisingly). I already have Garageband, but I'm sure there's a lot better out...
  4. LP1865

    Bourns Pots

    Well I’ve just ordered a set of Toneriders and I want to switch out my standard alpha pots and replace them with push pulls for coil split and some other stuff. Heres a bunch I found on eBay for a good price:- Now the listing states that Bourns pots have...
  5. LP1865

    Weird Noob Opinions

    I'll go first:- I thought maple tops were the open-book headstocks and they affected tone a lot.
  6. LP1865

    Anyone tried Tonerider Rocksongs?

    Has anyone got any experience with the Tonerider Rocksong? General opinion is good, but things my have changed.
  7. LP1865

    Butyrate Bobbins

    What are these? Do they affect tone? How are they different from normal plastic bobbins found in other pickups?
  8. LP1865

    Your trip to India

    Hi Guys! Any of you ever visited India? Share your experience!
  9. LP1865

    Zhangbucker Brownbucker

    Here's a link to he Zhangbucker Brownbucker for approx. $100 shipped. I was about to pick it up, but it seems to bright for my tastes. Has Zhang's 12 screw 'Sweet-Heat' option and 2 nickel covers.
  10. LP1865

    Your Roland Experience!

    Tell me about the Roland amps you've played and own. Post pics if you wish. I for one own the Roland Cube 10GX. Just got the AUX TO 6.3mm cable, and the amp models are really cool. The amp itself is small, light and extremely loud. P.S. I'll post pics later!
  11. LP1865

    Boutique Pickups for a beginner.

    Hey Guys! Well it's been a complete lockdown here in India, but its basically like a 24 hour-curfew. No going out unless necessary, the police roaming around on the roads and questioning you incessantly when you go to get guitar strings. I've been playing a lot now that school is over, and I...
  12. LP1865

    Boss ME-70

    Hey Guys! I ordered a used ME-70 earlier, but due to the current situation I don't think its reaching me before July. However, I wanted to know if anyone has had any personal experiences with this FX pedal live? Also, I will be using this with a Roland Cube 10GX, so I wanted to know if there was...
  13. LP1865

    SD JB in Neck position

    I'm thinking of swapping out my stock Epiphone pickups. I've decided to put the jb in the neck. There are positive reviews of this online. However should I get them wired in parallel or series? Or should I get other pickups?
  14. LP1865

    Wanting to replace Grovers

    Hi! I have kidney 18:1 grovers on my Epi. Wanting to replace them with Kluson style tuners. Anyone have any recommendations?
  15. LP1865

    Mystery Epi Elite Custom

    Came across this on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. Do Epi Elite's have this open book headstocks? Or is this a fake?
  16. LP1865

    Norlin Era MIJ Les Pauls

    Hey! Does anyone have any pictures and comparisons of Norlin Era MIJ Les Pauls compared to the later and current models? Photos would be nice!
  17. LP1865

    MIJ Epiphone Pickups

    I see several of theses on Yahoo Auctions. The seller says that these came stock with an MIJ Epiphone. Are they any good?
  18. LP1865

    MIJ Epiphone Pickups

    Yahoo Auctions has a lot of these. Are these comparable to Gibsons or are they just like stock Epis?
  19. LP1865

    DIY Bengal Burst

    Hi! Was randomly surfing Gibson's website and looking at guitars I can't afford and came up to the Les Paul Axcess Bengal Burst. Does anyone have a clue on how to recreate this?
  20. LP1865

    DIY Bengal Burst

    Hi! Was randomly surfing Gibson's website and looking at guitars I can't afford and came up to the Les Paul Axcess Bengal Burst. Does anyone have a clue on how to recreate this?

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