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  1. crowemag82

    Pre-wired harness options

    So I have grown tired of one of my Les Paul's with EMG pickups and want to go back to good old passive. What is the general though on pre-made harness kits? Is Emerson really all that great? Better options? I am into the modern wiring not 50's. Help a brother out!
  2. crowemag82

    Mojo overdose. My battered 92

    I need to know the story of the white neck!
  3. crowemag82

    NGD! 2007 R8 Ebony

    Oh my!
  4. crowemag82

    2017 Tokai LS122 Pelham Blue

    She would be super sweet with black pickup rings, uncovered pickups and no guard. Hmmmmmmmm
  5. crowemag82

    Gibson Nitro reaction , help!!!

    Embrace it or buy a guitar you feel comfortable getting a little "love" at shows.
  6. crowemag82

    Question about my (currently shipped) Zakk Wylde LP

    Seems legit to me. Have no worries.
  7. crowemag82

    1979 Standard (natural)

    I did not go through with it.
  8. crowemag82

    1979 Standard (natural)

    Actually now that you say that I think my 1992 natural Standard had an ebony board.
  9. crowemag82

    1979 Standard (natural)

    Yeah my 1988 Studio has an amazing ebony board. I just did not think the Natural finish models were considered special run. Does this change the value of the guitar at all?
  10. crowemag82

    1979 Standard (natural)

    It appears so but I do not think they were putting ebony on Standards.
  11. crowemag82

    Wondering What the Story is here? Worth the price?

  12. crowemag82

    1979 Standard (natural)

    Thanks for all of your input! I have decided to walk away from this trade opportunity. The owner values his guitar way too much at $3000 and I do not wish to insult him.
  13. crowemag82

    1979 Standard (natural)

    You think it has been refinished as a natural? Also.....$3,000 seems a bit high of an asking price. Am I wrong?
  14. crowemag82

    1979 Standard (natural)

    I have the opportunity to make a trade for this guitar. What can you guys tell me about a 1979 Notion era standard. Good, bad, ugly. This one is in fantastic shape. 1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard in EC
  15. crowemag82

    Gibson 60th Anniversary 1959 QC Issue

    It my be "normal" but is it acceptable?
  16. crowemag82

    Gibson 60th Anniversary 1959 QC Issue

    Oh my that is a stinker. Glad you returned that with the quickness.
  17. crowemag82


  18. crowemag82

    Why are skinny necks considered "faster"

    "Don't Shred On Me"
  19. crowemag82

    What has happened to The Used Guitar Market Pricing?

    SUPPL/DEMAND Plus some people are out of work and are trying to squeeze whatever they can out of what they have....then this becomes the norm as others looking to sell similar items think " oh this guy is listing for X amount so I should too. It becomes a vicious cycle should one of those...

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