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  1. Pal

    Class Action Park!

    I think this premieres on HBO streaming on Friday. I was never into amusement parks or carnivals, but Action Park was the greatest. I loved going up the chair lift to the alpine slide and watching fools eat it.
  2. Pal

    I just hit rock bottom

    3 entries in FanDuel's $333 PGA Monster contest and a $22 XFL contest
  3. Pal

    Do You Timeblock?

    I am almost at expert level. I have successfully time blocked in 15 minute increments so far in 2019.
  4. Pal

    Who Wants To Make $1000?

    If anyone out there can make a case for this not being the worst song written in the history of music I will send you $1000 via Paypal. A little about me, 1. I think critics are the lowest form of humans short of violent offenders, so it goes against the very fiber of my being to be critical...
  5. Pal

    Best Version Ever!!!! Ever!

  6. Pal

    When I Die...

    When I die and go to hell I am sure Christmas music will be on a never ending loop.
  7. Pal

    True To The Original Recording

    When it comes to performing a cover song with your band where do you stand? True to the original or you/your band's take on the song?
  8. Pal

    Why Can't We Stop The Robo-Calls?

    Honestly, what the fuck do I have to do to stop being harassed by robo-calls? Of course I am on the do not call list. Some days I get 30 calls. How is spoofing phone numbers legal? How is it legal to own a business and use a fake number for sales calls? Why isn't the company forced to make...
  9. Pal

    Just fantastic

    This woman is my hero.
  10. Pal

    Is The Economy Getting Better For You?

    I started a TV and film business in probably the easiest time in the history of our nation to start a business, 1995. By 1998 my company was doing very well and back then it seemed as though I didn't go a week without a headhunter calling to see if I would head somebody's marketing department...
  11. Pal

    Venue You Have To Play

    Does anyone else have the goal of playing on the stage of a specific venue? For me it is a bit of a reach, Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY. I like to put things out there, especially in writing.
  12. Pal

    Don't Millennial Me Bro!

    I am 48. I have tons of friends and I don't age discriminate. I have friends my age, half my age and even nearly double my age. We all know Millennials, even some of you reading this fall into this classification. When I ask someone who is 30 to 35 and older, "Hey are you coming to band...
  13. Pal

    Trade places with favorite guitarist?

    Would you trade places, essentially you would get their skill level, tone, riff/solo writing ability. My friend and I (we both play guitar) had an interesting thought the other night. He comes by for the end of my band rehearsal and out in the parking lot we light up and this conversation...
  14. Pal

    Share Your Knowledge- Cab

    I have always used 4x12, 2x12 or at home, small practice amps. I have been playing with a band and things have been progressing rapidly. I am too lazy to move a 4x12 to rehearsal and I have been using a small solid state. I was wondering if anyone knew of a 1x12 cab that is good enough for...
  15. Pal

    Not the best but fun nonetheless

    I am embarrassed to say I could only score a 230.
  16. Pal

    Phone Call Makes Me Poop

    If you are easily upset by bodily functions you shouldn't read this My friend Jay calls me almost daily. He is a little guy and has a little guy's voice. We've been friends for years but recently I have noticed that whenever I hear his voice over the phone I start farting and then have to...
  17. Pal

    Shorts In Court?

    I have a court date tomorrow for a traffic violation. I pled not guilty about two years ago and they will finally get to me tomorrow. Normally I would put on a suit but it is going to be hot as a mother tomorrow. Harrison Town Court is pretty stupid. I take that back Harrison Town Court is...
  18. Pal

    What Do You Think Happened To The Guitars?

    I have only been a member here for a few years. Since I have been here I have noticed this phenomena where some new members buy a bunch of new guitars, amps and pedals. They last about a year and then disappear never to be heard from again. Do you think that they just quit MLP or quit...
  19. Pal

    Me and My Dog

    Every morning my dog and I run a bunch of miles. Last night I couldn't sleep so we go out a little earlier than normal. We don't see too many people so for the first 15 to 20 minutes he is off leash. He is a good dog but sometimes will chase bicyclists and scare them. He comes across a...
  20. Pal

    Coral Reef Restoration

    Dr. David Vaughan from the Mote Marine Lab in the Florida Keys stumbled upon a way speed up growth of reef building corals. Large reef building corals naturally take 25-50 years before they become reproductive. What the Mote Lab has found is by breaking corals of the same parent into tiny...

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