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  1. Gn'R Junkie

    Historic Makeovers is REALLY Smoking Some Tobacco!!!

    Hats Off and a HUGE THANKS to Historic Makeovers!!! :dude: Kim and the Crew Just Finished up an "RDS" Package Makeover on my 50th Anniversary R9 Gold Certificate Tobacco Burst and IMO, she turned out FAR BETTER than I ever imagined and she weighs in at an Awesome 8.8 LBS!!! I HIGHLY recommend...
  2. Gn'R Junkie

    Burst Buckers or ThroBak's for R9 at Historic Makeovers

    I currently am having my 50th Anniversary 2009 DarkBurst R9 being treated to the RDS package with Kim at Historic Makeovers and I must say...Kim is a great person to work with. I been thinking about having Kim upgrade me from the stock Burst Buckers to the PAF Throbak's SLE 101's which will cost...
  3. Gn'R Junkie

    Strap Width for your Les Paul????

    Hey Guys.......What strap width do you prefer for your Les Pauls. I'm thinking right around 3" is a good all round compromise.
  4. Gn'R Junkie

    Authentic Snakeskin Straps...Very Cool or Maybe Not

    My wife spends Big $$$$ on Cool Snakeskin Coach purses, Boots etc.....But Can Cool and Snakeskin even be mentioned in the same sentence these days in the Les Paul World??? Seriously, Has Anybody dealt with these guys?? AF Designs Guitar Straps Genuine Snakeskin I'm considering a...
  5. Gn'R Junkie

    FS: Slash "Appetite For Destruction" VOS...Beautiful Top!!!!

    I have decided to sell my Slash Appetite for Destruction VOS Les paul. As a few of you know I searched long and hard passing on many VOS AFD's to find a premiere top. I wanted one that seriously reminded me of Slash's original "Derrig". With the help of a couple MLP forum members, I was able to...
  6. Gn'R Junkie

    NGD!!!! Slash "Appetite for Destruction" VOS

    I'm Finally getting around to posting NGD!!! Special Thanks to a fellow member...... I purchased this Slash "Appetite for Destruction" Custom VOS a few weeks ago. It has been set up by Andy Brauer in L.A. Weight is 8.4 lbs. The set up is lightning fast......and this thing is one...
  7. Gn'R Junkie

    FS: 08 "Slash" SVOS w/ Leather Jacket

    After long debate, I have decided to sell my 08 "Slash" SVOS Les Paul Custom. This SVOS is an excellent player!!!! It includes the original case candy, tags, Gibson Shipping box etc..... this guitar is "VERY" Lightly played and is as close to "Mint" condition as you will find. It also...
  8. Gn'R Junkie

    How to post photos that are not Thumbnails?

    How do I post photos that show up as regular size and not a thumbnail???
  9. Gn'R Junkie

    WTB: Slash "AFD" Custom Shop VOS

    Want to buy a Slash "AFD" Custom with a killer top which closely resembles the original "Derrig" will even consider an Aged/Signed AFD if the price is right. Please email Thanks.
  10. Gn'R Junkie

    Restoring VOS Finish

    This may be one of the stupidest questions ever so please forgive the FNG. I have some questions on the Gibson VOS Finish. I hear it is just some kinda "Gunk" possibly "pine tar" that Gibson rubs on the finish to create a hazing effect over the gloss to give a little more of a vintage look...
  11. Gn'R Junkie

    AFD USA vs AFD VOS vs 2008 Slash VOS

    First of all i wanted to say I'm brand new to this AWESOME site and Thanks for having me. I have Been trying to find an AFD VOS and have been really picky about the Tops (trying to find one with a close look to the Derrig guitar). Yesterday I located a USA model with a Killer top that looks...
  12. Gn'R Junkie

    Slash Signature Murphy Aged Les Paul -Questions??

    Hello to all, I am brand new to this awesome site. I know little to nothing about guitars and to be totally honest, I do not even know how to play yet. My father and my younger brother played all their lives. My brother idolized Slash and loved Les Paul guitars but could never afford to buy...

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