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  1. kakerlak

    1985 Tokai LS-65

    These are one of my favorite headstocks.
  2. kakerlak

    solid top or veneer

    Yeah, this. Doesn't look like there's a seam there at all. Could be a 3+ piece top.
  3. kakerlak

    What would you pay? 52/56 Les Paul Standard w/refin

    Yeah, photos would help. Ask isn't necessarily too far out of line, but it kind of depends what sort of overall shape it's in. Is the fretboard nice or full of divots? Are the edges of the headstock nice and crisp? Has anything been sanded out of round/square in it's two refins? Was the stop...
  4. kakerlak

    I love it when people ask for info on MIJ guitars.

    I was a hound on the used/vintage market in my teens, back in the late nineties. I know a ton of shit, but there's also a ton of shit I don't know, including things that just flat out didn't exist as knowledge to be had at the time -- models (and so many entirely new brands) from this century...
  5. kakerlak

    The MIJ Classifieds: please read the rules before posting...

    I can't believe this has hung around so long. Maybe it's the shipping situation, but if I had the money, I'd just pay you and wait it out until things change. Somebody will be happy with this one!
  6. kakerlak

    Help me with installing nut

    Looks like you've got a substantial amount of material to sand off the bottom of that nut, anyway, just from how high the strings look to be sitting. I'd see how close you can get to matching the slot while you do. If the slots seems to have gotten wallowed out so that there's not a level/even...
  7. kakerlak

    M2M Limits?

    Hmm, looks like they went mahogany for the neck.
  8. kakerlak

    1969 Tele Thinline build

    Running an unbound contrast wood back and a matching thickness+species wood binding on the top is really clever and elegant idea!
  9. kakerlak

    M2M Limits?

    Man, I thought they did a Norlin LPC reissue in recent years. Reason I think that is b/c I have a distinct memory of thinking they were pricier new than actual clean vintage examples. But, if that's true, then it's perhaps a template/spec that's in the historic shop repertoire.
  10. kakerlak

    Greco EGC 600 black beauty custom SOLD

    Sure seems like a good deal, Roxy!
  11. kakerlak

    Fake 58 Shrunken Tuners

    Man, those always look so cool/convincing!
  12. kakerlak

    COVID 19 Tele Paul Build

    Really nice work. Those pickup bezels are a great touch!
  13. kakerlak

    Need Advise : Orville by Gibson ES-335

    Label aside, what's going on inside that f-hole? It's awfully dirty looking in there. What's all the weird staining, etc? I'd be apprehensive of water damage -- that thing looks like it's been growing mold or something in there.
  14. kakerlak

    Lightweight tailpieces on MIJ?

    I've got one on my wife's SG and one on my Argus Live Road. If nothing else, it shaves a little weight off the guitar, which is always nice in my book.
  15. kakerlak

    Chambering A Les Paul, A Different Approach

    If you were brave enough and had some sort of horizontal brace, I wonder how much you could clear away with a long forstner or flat wood bit.
  16. kakerlak

    Pick the color of the LP Studio I'm going to refinish.

    I'd go with one of the blues.
  17. kakerlak

    Trade for a 2012 R8?

    I think, at this price point/trade value, it'd be okay to get to the point of shaking hands on the deal with the understanding that it's contingent upon checking the fretboard. That nut should come off with a simple (light-but-direct) tap with a rubber mallet or hammer and block of wood. Would...
  18. kakerlak

    Were the lower rated pots responsible for people thinking Norlins were flat sounding?

    Does pot value affect tone at all with the controls dimed, or is it only in the range of adjustment that the value comes into play? I've always assumed that, with everything on 10, the pickups are nominally direct to the jack (realizing there's likely some inherent slight resistance coming from...
  19. kakerlak

    Need some help with LP Identification

    So is this a Traditional or a Classic? Did classics say "Classic" or "Model" on the headstock in 2014? IIRC, they started out "Model" and switched to "Classic;" did they switch back at some point? The CS claims are screwy -- AFAIK, Gibson is not available to do post-purchase mods to customer...
  20. kakerlak

    Anyone grab the 1952 gibson LP husk on Reverb $11,000 ?

    The best thing that Roy might have going for is is the fretboard. This is some exceptionally tight/smooth/pore-free rosewood: The rest of it is so weirded-up, I think I'd rather have a no-issues '68 reissue.

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