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  1. Papa

    Happy Holidays to All

    I know this thread doesn't belong here but... I just don't care. Although a member for a bit now, I started posting regularly about a year ago. I wish to express my gratitude and best wishes to all the wonderful and helpful members I have met here. Feel free to do the same! (This post is not...
  2. Papa

    Silly Stuff For Christmas

  3. Papa

    Volume Pot Taper Count Ups

    This represents "spare time" studio work. Originally, I did it for my own reference. After seeing what some of you put into this forum, I would like to share. (you folks are very cool) Hopefully, it may help some. Pots have two percentage numbers. Tolerance = accuracy with which they are built...
  4. Papa

    Another Silly Experiment from Papa

    Well, time to turn your volumes up. If you don't know what is going on here read this: Just want to see how many clips I can include in one post. This will tell me how many posts in one thread that I need in...
  5. Papa

    SoundCloud Experiment

    Just signed up on Soundcloud and trying to figure out how it works. So, if you have any info, feel free to put it up. All help appreciated. Anyone know how many clips you can include in one post? I'm thinking about putting up a thread of "count ups" using the 4 basic wiring schemes. (50's...

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