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  1. Lkdog

    NGD- 2001 R8 and a few questions for experts here

    I just picked this up and am pretty impressed overall. Have had several historics (R9/R8/R7/R0/G0) and this one sounds and plays as well as any I have had. Nice weight (9 lbs even) in very good condition and ridiculous vintage looking butterscoth top. Fretboard is nice dark streaky rosewood...
  2. Lkdog

    SOLD 2013 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop R7 VOS $2675 shipped

    Selling a really nice 2013 VOS R7 here in excellent condition. All stock with zero issues. Has all of the 2013 and later upgrades. Comes with COA and some case candy. OHSC. Nice Weight at a hair under 9 lbs. Custombucker Pickups Neck 7.87 Bridge 7.90 Neck is very moderate. .910 1st fret...
  3. Lkdog

    SOLD: MESA Mark V 90 watt head $1525

    Am selling my MESA Mark V 90 watt head which is still the mother of all MESA amps in my opinion. Am mostly using an AXE III right now and it is not getting used so am passing it along. This is the fourth one I have had. I always end up getting another one when I want a real tube amp, and will no...
  4. Lkdog

    SOLD. 2013 Gibson Les Paul R8 Aged - $2775 or $2500

    Have a really interesting piece for sale here. Picked this up several months ago from a fellow MLP member who had gotten it from a previous owner who had done a pretty rough relic and aging job on it. It is a low serial number 2013 production per the packlist. The guitar is a great player so I...
  5. Lkdog

    SOLD: 2004 Fender American Standard Stratocaster - $750 shipped

    Am moving some gear and am selling this 2004 Fender American Standard Stratocaster. These were called the American Series Stratocaster for a few years (2000-2007) , and are the same longtime American Standard model line. All stock. Great Candy Apple Red color, in excellent condition except for...
  6. Lkdog

    SOLD - 2016 Fender American Elite HSS Stratocaster- Mint- $1125 shipped

    This is a 2016 Fender American Elite HSS Stratocaster in Mystic Black. I bought from original owner who got it in September 2017 and played it very little. He is a drummer and a Les Paul guy. Condition is about as Mint as a used guitar can be and is loaded with features as the higher end Fender...
  7. Lkdog

    SOLD Fender 2014 60th Anniversary American Deluxe Stratocaster - Now $850 shipped

    Picked up this nice Strat in a trade deal and offering it up here for sale priced to move. Its a 2014 American Deluxe Stratocaster in classic sunburst finish. Overall condition is conservatively rated as good to very good. Some very slight clearcoat finish wear on bottom bout and back side edge...
  8. Lkdog

    Charity Raffle for Jeff Beck Artist Stratocaster - Tickets only $10 - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    The nonprofit child welfare agency The Center for Youth and Family Solutions that I help manage is having a Charity Raffle for a mint 2017 Jeff Beck Artist Fender Stratocaster Tickets are only $10 each. Raffle runs until 5:00 pm CST May 1st. Need not be present at drawing to win. Will...
  9. Lkdog

    POLL: Refinish or Leave It As Is?? - 2013 R8

    I picked up this 2013 R8 from a fellow MLP member at a very fair price below normal used market value for a 2013 year on up historic. It was reliced by a previous owner. Kind of a funky look which is not for everybody, but not bad. The guitar weighs a little over 9 lbs which I am fine with. It...
  10. Lkdog

    SOLD: David Allen Alleycats lower wind PAF humbuckers

    These came in a Les Paul R8 historic I just picked up. These are hand wound lower wind PAF type pickups. A2 magnets. Nicely aged and are four conductor. 5 1/2 inches lead on bridge and 10 1/2 inches on neck. Bridge measures out at 8.1 and the neck at 6.9. I don't know what color the bobbins are...
  11. Lkdog

    WTB: Historic Cavity backplate cover (2009 year on up)

    Let me know if you have extra of any of these you want to get rid of. I do have historic pickup rings I can trade as part of a deal.
  12. Lkdog

    Dumb Q. Are historic spec truss rod covers different?

    Replacing some plastics on a beat up R8 that I picked up. Does it matter if I get the regular blank truss rod cover, or does it need to be the historic spec one?
  13. Lkdog

    FOUND : Gibson Custombuckers humbucker set - prefer VOS or uncovered

    Looking for a set someone wants to part with at good price. Want VOS, but will consider set without covers. I guess could even get a set with shiny nickel covers and remove them if price was right. Color of bobbins does not matter. The lower the OHM DC resistance the better. Thanks.
  14. Lkdog

    PSA: Decent deal on 2008 Gibson Les Paul G0 with Wizz pickups $2600. He will ship if you cover cost. No affiliation.
  15. Lkdog

    What is price range for a nice 1993 LP Standard?

    Kind of looking at trying a standard. This one caught my eye. Looks to be in VG condition, has upgraded 50's wiring and SD 59 pickups. I do know it is before chambering and I probably prefer the idea of swiss cheese weight relief. I don't mind a 9 pound guitar. Not sure what typical price is...
  16. Lkdog

    FSOT: 2016/17 Factory Aged Gibson Les Paul Historic R8 AAA Bourbon Burst- SOLD

    This one is going to hurt but need to recoup from Xmas and some other recent gear purchases. This is a 2016/17 Gibson Factory Aged R8 Historic in BB with a AAA flamed top that rivals many R9's. Serial number is 2016, and the pre-pack checklist is 5/15/17. Really strong flame throughout with no...
  17. Lkdog

    SOLD - Mesa Mark V 90 Watt $1475 shipped

    Am selling the beast of all Mesa amps. Easily the best amp I have had and really an extraordinary engineering and tone achievement. Pretty much does it all from Fender cleans and crunch, to the sounds of classic and modern rock. Really nine different amps in one with tons of variation in each...
  18. Lkdog

    FS: AXE FX II XL - Excellent condition - SOLD

    Moving this unit. Latest FW 10.01. Works perfect, no scratches, dings or cosmetic issues. Will ship in factory box. Have some commercial presets if you would like them to add in. $1260 shipped using PayPal gift.
  19. Lkdog

    WTB: Aged Gibson Les Paul historic knobs

    Anybody have a spare set they want to part with? Am open to reflector, gold bell, amber bell. Or if you know a good retail reasonable price source or Ebay dealer- that would be good too. Thx.

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