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  1. monty john

    Finally sunshine in Oregon

  2. monty john

    NGD: 13 R9 Queen of the Forest

    Just scored this players guitar....used to belong to Derek St. Holmes...kinda like it without the pickguard...great player...has a weirdo spot on the flametop towards the butt of the guitar= irregular . I have seen other 13's that have this wild flame in that spot. Dunno why the pics turn on...
  3. monty john

    NGD: R9 Bourbon burst Ronn David guitar

    Howdy just scored this player R9....was told it was bought from Ronn David....she was a mess when I got her but buffed her out and now it looks pretty good!! A face shot...humble flametop
  4. monty john

    NGD R0 content Wildwood burst

    Just scored this Wildwood burst r0.....what ya'll think? she is 8lbs 2 oz featherweight nice and bright sounding.....kinda dig it subtle flametop
  5. monty john

    Hello from Oregon

    Just became a member hello guys...Also just scored a r0 need to post pics somewhere?? any ideas? thanks Monty
  6. monty john

    Marshall Jubilee

    Hello folks, I am selling a Marshall Jubilee in MINTY condition, a couple scratches on the side of the amp but a very very clean example of this beautiful amp.....It is a 2550 25/50 watt no issues no repairs works as it should Svetlana power tubes Ei preamp tubes. Serial number is after 8,000 so...
  7. monty john

    OT: Zebra pickup q?

    This may seem like a stupid question but I am thinking of dropping zebra humbuckers in my 2006 standard. The question is this: will the color of the creme in the pickup match the color of my plastic on the guitar pickguard pickup rings etc etc? Thinking either SD or Dimarzio 36ths....Thanks in...
  8. monty john

    FS: Brotech Fatpipe Pro

    Hardly used Brotech Fatpipe dist boost pedal..the boost is independent and dist has plenty gain on tap....priced to move....paypal only....$95 I can be reached at thanks
  9. monty john

    DOD Overdrive Preamp/250 anyone?

    ANYONE TRY ONE OF THESE?????? Picked one up at a yard sale -- its from the 80's minty....$20....went home the switch was TERRIBLY dodgy and noisy jacks, prob why the guy only wanted $20....took out the switch, applied contact cleaner in the weep hole several times, rolled up sandpaper cleaned...
  10. monty john


    I am sure this type of subject matter has been posted before but I am a newbie so .... Had band pratice Sat night and realized that my new Les Paul 2006 Standard Honey is rather dark sounding. Didn't really get the tone pots below 8 or so....strange my last Les Paul which had Lindy Fralin PAF's...
  11. monty john

    My new purchase 2006 honey

    Hi guys, I am new here....Just acquired this 2006 Stanard + in Honeyburst......I like it so far, has the most beautiful cathedral back I have seen on a Lester, the front is ok, pretty glossy bookmatched symetrical 3-D, somewhere between ribbon curl and tiger striped. She is medium weight all...

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