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    '14 / '15 TH comparisons

    :thumb: The Gibson ’59 True Historic Les Paul Comparison but... !s the strap-peg screw.... steel :hmm:
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    Spec!al books, may render D!fferent coverz

    well :thumb: the Fall Philly show certa!nly provided some treasures... GRETSCH :hmm: S0000... here's M!ne. A player'z player mid '59 Les Paul Spec!al, 2nd edition. Consequently as a re~fin, with no #... difficult to prove originality. Original frets w / n!bs intact. All...
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    Branded "52 Les Paul

    th!s one's local and I may have a chance to give !t a whirl :thumb: the tuner's hex-bushings are something new to me .... =====> 1952 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top
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    WhoTF ... ??

    how crazy are peeps these days ... :shock: Sarnia-area cat shot 17 times in the head with pellet gun
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    the original ¤¤ the thrill is gone ¤¤ B B K!ng Just sayin :cool:
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    My oldest Friend's "63

    Ladies and Gentlemen , as I don't make it on "this" forum very often , I thought I would share some ______________ :hmm: Gr:Dat=n:Dss Enjoy : a 1963 SG that's absolutely wonderful to play ___________ :dude: :wave:
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    ..... NGD R8 / smoke-burst

    I'm not the greatest at pics , but here is my '13 R8 I call it the "smoke-burst" as the dirty lemon hue , subtle flame , birds-eye and flecks all come together like an old-smokey jazz bar . Cheerz , and enjoy :wave:
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    newbie Gibby stickers --- on / off

    well ______________ "some-body's eventual" idear _________________ :laugh2:
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    Merry Christmas ... ;)

    To all of my "115" buds .... a Merry Christmas indeed ... :dude: or , for that matter ... to all of MLP ... :wave:
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    SOUNDGARDEN .... " wow "

    "Smoker" of an album ..... :dude: every song ...... ;) Please discuss ... :D
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    "dis-like" 'o' (button)

    a "dis-like" ..... "hit - me" ..... :thumb:
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    A ... Say ... In ... "this"

    City and Colour - The Grand Optimist - YouTube ...... What's 'da word on this ^^ .... Song .... :hmm: I l O V E ..... It ...::naughty:: Bros 'n Sis' ... Let her role .... :applause:
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    ..... is it FEZZ-day ?

    ............. :hmm: .:cool:
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    The two Custom Shops comparison Query

    Hello all. I have a great affinity for what at least seems as an attempt by both Gibson and Fender to re-create their golden era guitars. I feel they are getting closer by the progression of years. I have two excellent examples of guitars built by two original '50's employees of Fender and just...
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    "Horse-Hide Glue !!! ???

    On the "there is no other guitar I lust for" thread I Found this statement made at the 19 min. mark in the video clip ! Is this true ?
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    Honored opinions towards Historic values.

    Hello all. It seems everyone has an opinion on what non original Lesters are worth. As a newbie to the forum, I would like to ask which historics are, and will be the most collectible in the future. I have a 2003 MM stinger braz R7. On a colectible list, I would scale the guitars this way...

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