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  1. buckwild

    A shot of Bourbon for your weekend...2020 R9

    Just got this from Mark's Guitar Loft! It's such an incredible guitar in every way. Playability is off the charts from Mark's setup as well as the tone! Clear and articulate but still has muscle and body to the tone. Oh it's also pretty nice to look at. Special mention to the fretboard on this...
  2. buckwild

    FS: 2005 Korina Hamer Standard

    Vintage Korina Finish, White African Mahogany Body and Neck, Seymour Duncan '59 and JB Pickups Rosewood Fingerboard with Dot Inlays. Guitar is absolutely clean as can be, virtually no play wear. Certificate and OHSC included. NO TRADES. I'm trying to fund a diff guitar. $3300 shipped and...
  3. buckwild

    FS: Set of Lollar Imperials

    Nickel covers, some slight aging. Full length 2 conductor leads $250 shipped
  4. buckwild

    FS: Vaschenko Singlecut Replica

    Still trying to fund another guitar so offering up this one. Vaschenko Singlecut for sale. Wolfetone Legends, 8lb 6oz. KILLER top. Braz board. $4700 shipped and paypal'd
  5. buckwild

    FS: Kauer Super Chief - Lucille style!

    I'm selling a few guitars to try and grab something that recently became available. If I miss that I'll pull this listing. This one is KILLER and if it doesn't sell I'd be happy to keep it in my stable I call it the Lucille Super Chief for obvious reasons. To quote Doug "This is a Super Chief...
  6. buckwild

    FS: Historic Makeovers Deluxe Package R9 - big big top

    Trying to grab another guitar right now so moving a few pieces. SOLD Selling a 2012 Gibson 59 Reissue given the Historic Makeovers full Deluxe Package including Brazilian fretboard. This has one of the best tops I've ever seen on a HM. 8lb 7oz WIZZ PAF clone pickups CTS 500K pots with Vitamin...
  7. buckwild

    CCRs John Fogerty Rockin a Vaschenko singlecut

    This is a pretty cool video! It sounds really clear and defined, it’s what I’ve also experienced with Valerys builds...Tele on steroids thing.
  8. buckwild

    New Vaschenko in Da House

    Been following this one change hands a few times and I could not pass it's KILLER Anyone know who ended up relicing it? It's a pretty cool job and I was just curious. Maybe a former owner knows? Cheers
  9. buckwild

    NGD...2013 R0, the Catalog guitar

    It's a bit slow here these days and since many of us are on Shelter orders how about some porn!? This was the Gibson CS Catalog guitar in 2013 and then they used it again in 2016 to announce the Standard Series
  10. buckwild

    Dr. Vintage aka Rick Norman contact info?

    Does anyone have Rick's email? I want to contact him about repairing a vintage harness.
  11. buckwild

    WTB: Marshall Astoria Custom Combo

    Looking to try out the Marshall Astoria Custom Combo. Red or Black works. SF Bay Area located? even better.
  12. buckwild

    NGD: 9 91959 She's a Looker! 60th Anniversary

    Got this from Curt at HOG. Really a killer 60th Anniversary R9. Has a slightly fatter neck, story Curt heard was that a few guitars were gonna be for Lee Roy Parnell Series but then didn't make it into that run. So this has all the standard R9 Anniversary features but has the fat neck. Also...
  13. buckwild

    Swart STR Tweed with Night Light Jr. and Studio Slips

    $1200 shipped and Paypal'd
  14. buckwild

    FS: Dave Johnson Makeover Les Paul with Brazilian Board

    I'm making some room in my house and moving a few guitars. I've listed this one before, but then pulled it in haste. Dave is not doing much work anymore so it's getting harder to find his guitars for sale. This guitar features a complete makeover done exclusively for Mark’s Guitar Loft...
  15. buckwild

    Flame Top Friday: 90's Edition, reintroducing Tangela

    I'm now the custodian of Tangela an absolutely screaming 1996 R9. Thanks much to Mark Bishop of Mark's Guitar Loft for setting her up and giving her a polish before selling to me. Also thanks to Frank Pine for relinquishing this beast! I
  16. buckwild

    FS: Bartlett Korina Explorer

    KILLER KILLER Barlett masterpiece. Bartlett '58 Explorer. One-piece Korina body and neck with a super dark Brazilian board. Nice full neck profile. Set up with perfect action Currently has WCR Godwood pickups. I'd consider selling with a set of Gibson Custombuckers or without pickups. Asking...
  17. buckwild

    2019 Brazilian ...the Tiger Burst!

  18. buckwild

    FS Vintage Gibson Patent # T-Top Humbucker Set

    Selling a set of Gibson Patent Number T Top humbuckers from the late 60’s. I’m not sure of the origin of the covers but I think they are aged repro. They have pretty sharp corners so not entirely sure. Bridge pickup has 11.5” of lead and measures at 7.5 resistance. The neck pickup has 13.5”...
  19. buckwild

    Supro Westbury - Ocean Blue Metallic

    Selling a used Westbury with a few upgrades. I added CTS pots and a new Cap. It's a lot more clear sounding now. I also added Gibson style black reflectors. Really a clean example but a bit of the gold foil came off on the rhythm pickup. They call this Ocean Blue MEtallic but it's basically...
  20. buckwild

    Valery Vaschenko 59 Singlecut SOLD

    I'm selling my Vaschenko Singlecut built in 2018. This guitar was painted by Historic Makeovers, because I like a super thin and hard nitro finish. Has some mild relicing checking etc. It's a phenomenal guitar. 8lbs 15oz SOLD shipped and paypal'd. It currently has a set of double cream...

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