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  1. Phildog

    Epiphone Black Beauty 3 Wiring Question

    Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I've posted. Real quick, I want to say hi to my buddies that I haven't spoken to in years! Anyway, I have a Black Beauty 3. Great guitar with great tones. However, I've upgraded the pickups, but I've come to a stumbling block. On my other LP's, I've...
  2. Phildog

    Hughes & Kettner Tubeman (1st Gen)

    So, I really don't use this pedal at all anymore. Taking best offers, but I'd like to get $125 for it. The AC adapter is not the original (damaged at a gig).
  3. Phildog

    FS: Arc Effects Klon Klone V1

    Up for sale is my Klon Klone. It's a version 1. Great pedal, it is. But it's just not for me. So, it's up for adoption. Guys, it's in mint condition. Asking $160 shipped and Paypal.
  4. Phildog

    Question for 56GT Owners

    Hey guys. Hope everyone is well. I have a question for those who own 56GT's...or any heavy Epi Les Paul. My MIK 56GT weighs in close to 10lbs. No complaints, but it is definitely the heaviest LP I've owned...even heavier than my BB3. Is that normal? Do any of yours weigh in on the heavy side?
  5. Phildog

    FS: Celestion Vintage 30 4 ohm

    I thought I'd post this here as well as eBay. In case any of you need a really nice speaker, I have this 4 ohm Vintage 30. It's only blemish is the tear on the label. But it's all original, including it's cone. And it's made in Ipswich, so it's the real deal. Members here can buy it here for...
  6. Phildog

    NGD: Gold Fever!

    Got this in a trade. I always wanted a '56 Goldie w/ P-90's. Now, I have match made in heaven. God I love P-90's.
  7. Phildog

    Epiphone Emperor Tailpiece Question

    Hey guys. I haven't posted in a while, so I hope you guys are all well. So, for the past few weeks, I've found myself grabbing this guitar moreso than the others. And the more I play her, the more I don't like the tailpiece. Have any of you replaced the tailpiece on a Jazz box from metal to...
  8. Phildog

    NGD My Latest Epi!!!

    So, I stumbled across an ad in my local Craigslist. I contacted the seller, and we quickly worked out a deal. I was to give the seller my really nice Classical...that I haven't played in over a year. I felt kind of sad about it because she is a beauty and plays and sounds terrific. But I just...
  9. Phildog

    Tokai Owners Needed...

    I'm really thinking about this Tokai.But something about the script on the headstock looks kinda...strange. All of the ones I've seen had "Tokai" lining up a certain way on the headstock. This one has the name further right.Are there counterfeit Tokais? Take a look and let me know if this is...
  10. Phildog

    Possible NPD (New Project Day) Need Help

    What's up guys? Hope you're all well. It's been a while since my last post. But I've come across a nice summer project, and I need my bros' help. It's being advertised as a 1984 Cort. No model is included in the ad. That's ok, but I don't know much about the body on this guitar. From the pics...
  11. Phildog

    NAD Univox 1225

    I actually got this a while back, but have been too busy to post it. It's a "B" Class tube amp from '71. I just need to get it re-capped, then I'll be able to hear what it really has to offer. Has old Mullard preamp tubes, which seem to be stock. The output tubes are black plate RCA's.
  12. Phildog

    Need HelpTo ID This LP

    Any of you guys ever seen, played, or have any information on this one? Google hasn't yielded me any informative results. I'm really thinking about getting it. Any help would be great. Thanks!!!
  13. Phildog

    For Sale: 1960 Jensen P10R

    This speaker is in great working order. The cone is ORIGINAL with no defects, scratches, cuts, etc. It tested at 6.5 ohms on my Fluke 87 multimeter. This would be a perfect match to that vintage Princeton. Price: $125 + shipping in the Continental US ONLY! Now guys, I'm sorry for...
  14. Phildog

    NGD: Interesting Squier Strat

    So, I was browsing my local Craigslist this afternoon and came across an ad. An hour later, I walked away with a pretty nice Squier Strat in immaculate condition...for the exception of 2 dings. No issues with the neck or anything. So, after the exchange, (I gave him the $20 he was asking), I...
  15. Phildog

    Vintage Alnico Speaker ID Help

    Hey guys. Recently, I came into a lot of Alnico speakers. I got the majority of them identified, but this last one stumps me. Can any of you guys recognize it? I searched hi and low looking for anything besides the ink-stamped "2153 or B" that's on the rim of the basket. And it looks to be all...
  16. Phildog

    Data Request: Sundown Artist 100

    Hey guys, its been a while since I've posted. Feels good to be back. I have a request. Long story short, I'm pretty close to acquiring said amp. There doesn't seem to be plentiful information on these amps. So, I'm assuming there's a number of you who have played this amp. Or, at least heard it...
  17. Phildog

    Gibson GA60RV info please???

    Ok, so I may have a chance to get one of these amps. I must admit that the looks alone are very seducing. I've been on Youtube, and Google seekingvideo demos or Iinformation. It'sp re try scarce. So, if any of you out there have one, or played one, please chime in and share your thoughts and...
  18. Phildog

    Pardon me while I vomit!!!

    One of a kind--Epiphone Les Paul Custom w/gig bag NO AFFILIATION!!!!! I REPEAT...NO AFFILIATION!!!
  19. Phildog

    NPD: BBE Soul Vibe

    I picked up this one yesterday. Looking forward to getting to know it better.
  20. Phildog

    NPD: BBE Mind Bender

    I just picked up this pedal an hour ago. Haven't had time to plug it in yet, but the Youtube vids sound promising. And it seems to have favorable reviews. That's all well and good, but I'd like some real-time opinions and thoughts on it. Anyone have anything to add...pros and/or cons. Thanks

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