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  1. tspoon5150

    2018 Murphy Lava Burst

    This one just came in. One of Five special Run from the HOG. Thanks Curt. I call it the Lava Burst because of watching the latest Volcano eruption in Hawaii, the unique flame and Murphy Burst sets it off. The box says Washed Cherry. Nice burst color Tom. Murphy did not sign the COA, but has his...
  2. tspoon5150

    2015 True Historic Greeney

    Has anyone checked these out? Has anyone done business with this person. what do you think?
  3. tspoon5150

    FS: 2015 Gibson CC 24A Nicky L.P.

    CC 24A Nicky Like New, All Original, Stock, Mint Condition. The only thing I have done is add Fret Doctor, Removed the V.O.S. Junk, Changed the Strings a couple of times. Not much play time and Played only at the house. One of the best tops, vintage or new I have ever seen, A trophy top for...
  4. tspoon5150

    New Nicky Day, CC 24

    2015 CC 24 Nicky. Thanks to Michael for Test Driving and Checking it out for me. Curt did good on this one. 8lbs, 2oz of pure joy. Cat 5 Top, sounds great thru my Bogner 50 watt Helios half stack. #135. Thanks to Charlie for the Original lent to Edwin to work his magic. Nice job on this...
  5. tspoon5150

    NGD : 2015 True Historic '59 Cherry Bomb

    2015 just in from Daves. 8lb, 6oz. Say what you will, but Gibson nailed this one with tone, playability, everything. It exceeded my expectations. Beauty is only skin deep and also wanted to share pictures of details so everyone can see the latest updates.
  6. tspoon5150

    F/S 2015 R9 Historic LP Lemon Burst Beast

    For Sale: 2014 R9 Lemon Of The Beast Killer Top from our buddy Brett. Made in 2015. Just Like Brand New 9.9 condition. Played maybe two hours. All original, mint, bone stock, virgin. Very Dark Solid Brown Fretboard. 8lb, 8oz. Flame is very thick and about a mile deep with lots of movement. The...
  7. tspoon5150

    NGD:2014 R9 Sunrise Tea Burst

    This one landed Friday from the HOG. 2014 R9 in Sunrise Tea Burst, Gloss, 8lb, 7oz. Neck CustomBucker 7.84 ohm, Bridge CustomBucker 8.22 ohm. Neck seems a tad thicker compared to the 2013. Pup covers are slightly changed, but hard to tell. Real dark fretboard Very sweet sounding and well...
  8. tspoon5150

    NGD : CC 9A Vic DaPra "The Believer Burst"

    Special thanks to Vic for allowing Gibson to pick his special Burst for the Collectors Choice #9 based off 9 0850 original. Finally arrived after a two day delay from the Christmas rush. Weighs 8lbs, 3oz. Beautiful dark brown, almost black fret board. Perfect neck and rolled shoulders...
  9. tspoon5150

    Most expensive Damn Book I ever bought !!!!

    Hmmmm, at least it came with a case. Surprise on Christmas Eve.
  10. tspoon5150

    NGD, GY 1959 Replica

    First Replica, it is a NOS GY. Hot Lanta color, vintage old wood, Brazilian fretboard certified reclaimed. Beautiful chocolate brown board. All other spec's per late '59. Real dark Cherry on the back. Waited 1-1/2 years for this baby. Black Stinger on back of head stock. Nice .815 at first...
  11. tspoon5150

    FS: 2013 Murphy Burst 20th Anniversary

    FS: Like new Murphy Burst Les Paul R9, 8lb 1oz, thick flame, perfect condition. Less than a month old. Hate to let this one go, but a new Gil Replica just arrived, so this one must move to a lucky new owner. All paper work and yes, the gloves are included. Here is the link with pictures...
  12. tspoon5150

    2013 Murphy Burst 20th Anniversary

    Received this yesterday. I would describe the color as Ice Tea with a hint of Cherry. Weighs in at 8lb, 1oz. There has been a buzz about this limited run, both positive and negative. Ordered it and took a chance without seeing it, it turned out really nice and got to choose between the last...
  13. tspoon5150

    F/S: Early PAF's pickups

    For Sale: early PAF's pick ups. Follow the thread from where I bought them. Decided to keep my new guitars stock and never used these. Asking $1900 plus shipping and fees. The original ad.
  14. tspoon5150

    NGD: CC 08A "The Beast"

    Picked this up Wednesday from the HOG. Michael was there when I called and was checking it out. Been bugging Curt about this run run and a very nice one came in. Very vintage looking top that is just stunning in person. Weighs in at 9lb, 1 oz. very comfortable neck that seems like a version 2...
  15. tspoon5150

    FS : CC 02 Gloss Goldie

    FS : Goldie in Gloss finish. Like new, 9.9 condition 8lb, 7oz., All stock, nice chocolate brown fret board, back and neck is just like the other Goldie's, faded down to a brownish color. This has been around the forum. 50 of these were made at the end of 2011, this one is in the middle of the...
  16. tspoon5150

    NGD : Perry Burst VOS

    Just arrived from the HOG. Joe Perry 1959 LP VOS. 7lb, 15 oz. I would like to thank Curt and forum brother Michael for picking this one out of the two the HOG received on Monday. I pm'd Michael and he went over and test drove the two that arrived and they picked this beauty. I have not played...
  17. tspoon5150

    FS 1969 Gibson LP Custom Vintage

    FS 1969 LP Custom Restoration project. Needs re finishing, 9lb, 10oz with Grover tuners, they add about 6 oz. Serial #845309. One piece body, No USA Stamp, 3 piece neck, 3 piece top. Pots # 1376933 date to 33rd week 1969, built aprox. Mid Oct. 1969. Short neck tenon. Neck has been sanded and...
  18. tspoon5150


    Duplicate thread. Sorry.
  19. tspoon5150

    F/S Gibson '98 Big Top R9 Historic

    F/S 1998 Big Top R9 Historic Mint, 9lbs even, OTPG pick ups, RetroSpec parts, original parts included. Original black case. Sounds better than it looks, 500k pots and BB caps. $9500 plus shipping. Lower 48 US only, no trades PM for info
  20. tspoon5150

    2010 Burst Brothers R9 N.O.S.-NGD

    Went in to visit my buddy at the shop and just about every time something follows me home. Seems they always find me or just lucky I suppose. This is a brand new Burst Brothers R9 from the second run in 2010. My guy told me he had something in the back that had been on lay a way for a...

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