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  1. kakerlak

    Greenburst Byrdland

    Anybody else see this monstrosity pop up? Only $9750 I just... There aren't words for how bizarre this looks.
  2. kakerlak

    Has anyone here been brave enough to mount wall hangers to drywall?

    Thinking about getting some wall hangers for the living room and some of the spots I'm considering are almost certainly between stud. The little Hank Hill in my brain tells me never to trust drywall to hold something, but I've been looking around and there are some pretty slick wall anchors...
  3. kakerlak

    Tell me about C4 Corvettes

    I've been noticing how absolutely cheap C4 Corvettes are getting. Seems like $4k will get you a cosmetically clean-ish L98 and $6k, an LT1. I'm talking things in the low 100k miles range, decent paint and interior, in reasonable mechanical condition, not pristine, but a decent, presentable...
  4. kakerlak

    What's the right tailpiece?

    One of the ears is about to fail on my Argus' stoptail. I'd like to find a nickel plated aluminum replacement, but am wondering how much variation there is in MIJ stuff from the era. I'm assuming the studs are metric, as spare US posts I had lying around bind if you try to thread them in. The...
  5. kakerlak

    What's in the Argus? Can anybody ID these unmarked pickups?

    Probably a longshot, but does anybody have a guess at what these are? IIRC these have black plastic insulated leads inside the braided shielding.
  6. kakerlak


  7. kakerlak

    Is anybody making vintage-accurate pearloid guards?

    I have fond memories of the way my old '64 Musicmaster pickguard looked and think it'd be a killer look for my fiesta red '60 Strat reissue. It was softer, duller, more opaque and the pearloid pieces seemed smaller/squarer than most of the new aftermarket ones I see. Seems like the new ones...
  8. kakerlak

    Got a Nintendo Switch for xmas. What's good?

    My wife and I (no kids -- in our mid/late 30s) got a Switch for christmas. It's our first console since PS3/XBox 360 and our first Nintendo console since the Wii, so we're a little out of the loop on current series, etc. We're both pretty big JRPG dorks, both enjoy arcadey sports games, and...
  9. kakerlak

    What's the earliest documented example of somebody playing uncovered humbuckers?

    Was thinking about this as I was going to sleep last night. It's not like Fender bridge covers that are in the way of playing and pop right off -- these things are soldered on. There must've been a point where nobody knew what the hell was underneath them and, as such, it seems like a screwy...
  10. kakerlak

    How consistent have LP Classic neck profiles been over the years?

    Haven't had my hands on one in several years, but the ones I remember checking out in music stores back in the mid/late '90s (with the '1960' pickguards) all had extremely thin/flat necks. Has that stayed pretty much true of the entire run? They always seem like such good bang for the buck...
  11. kakerlak

    Birthdate guitars

    Can we sticky this? Let's start a list here, for those interested, of S/Ns that'd represent guitars built on the date and year you were born, since I think lots of us here are in the "Norlin Era" ourselves, lol. I know people look for birth-year guitars from time to time and I figure it might...
  12. kakerlak

    How consistent are Traditional necks -- is there a certain year(s) that's bigger/smaller?

    I've kind of been keeping an eye on Traditionals for sale for a while now and don't often see actual measurements posted. Those of you who've had several or who have measurements on hand, what can somebody expect, guitar-to-guitar, year-to-year? Was there a year or span of years that ran...
  13. kakerlak

    Tips/tricks/warnings for drilling a ground wire hole?

    So, I picked up a delightfully crude 1966 Kay-made Truetone electic (Western Auto house brand!) and have it in pieces to clean. I notice that there's no ground to the strings whatsoever. All the controls are pickguard-mounted and there's a good 3-4 inches inches of body b/w the tailpiece and...
  14. kakerlak

    Anybody got drain-clearing tips?

    So all the drains in our little house are within probably 15 feet of each other -- kitchen and bathroom sink on either side of common wall, tub and toilet within 3-4' and washer probably 10' away. Both sinks drain fine and will not back up, no matter how long they're run, but will occasionally...
  15. kakerlak

    What's the deal with tri-burst '68 RIs?

    Were there any actual 1968 LPCs with anything close to this finish (or any Gibson, for that matter?) I just can't get into them and they've always got such pretty tops, too.
  16. kakerlak

    Trade feeler: 2011 Fender CS 1960 relic Strat (Fiesta w/ matching headstock)

    I don't really want to get rid of this guitar -- in complete honesty, it's the best Strat I've ever laid hands on. It plays really nicely and has a ridiculously long sustain for a Fender, plus the CS 1960 pickups in it are outstanding, bright, clear and glassy. That having been said, I'm...
  17. kakerlak

    Random thought -- besides manufacturing complexity, why not have an oval fretboard?

    Wouldn't something that's flatter towards the middle and curved towards the edges give the best of both worlds? Seems like it'd allow a comfortable, curved feel while keeping the fretboard from choking out the high E on bends. Probably hard to achieve this with precision by hand, but I bet it'd...
  18. kakerlak

    Help me ID these mystery humbuckers!

    So, I've had this pair of pickups in a one-off hollowbody since the late '90s and I've never been able to identify them. They sound fantastic -- super articulate and touch-sensitive. They were in a beat up Norlin LPC that a local Fort Worth guitar store was selling somewhere around '98-99...
  19. kakerlak

    Cats and guitars!

    I love cats even more than guitars and my wife and I have more of each than is socially acceptable, lol. Our cats are always sneaking into our guitar pics and our guitars tend to sneak into our cat pics from time to time, too, lol... Let's see everybody's guitar cats!
  20. kakerlak

    "On Vehicle for Delivery Today" - new Rosser TV DC Jr. incoming!

    First by-truck NGD I've had in over a decade and I'm trying to stay cool waiting on it to be delivered to the office. It's a '59-style Junior in TV yellow that I had Michael build with an ebony fretboard. Here's a couple pics Michael put on his Rosser Guitars FB page: Now, with a...

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