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  1. RufusTelestrat

    Gibson LP Real or Fake?????

    Well using a wood chipper on that would be an insult to wood chippers.
  2. RufusTelestrat

    63 50th anniversary ES 335 price?

    I am so sorry to hear that you guys get the shaft in that deal.
  3. RufusTelestrat

    63 50th anniversary ES 335 price?

    Your information is not correct. Gibson USA warranty is lifetime for manufacture defects. A faulty truss rod should certainly fall under that. This warranty is for the first owner, original purchaser from a Gibson dealer. Gibson warranty page
  4. RufusTelestrat

    63 50th anniversary ES 335 price?

    If it needs a truss rod it should be warranted by gibson, as that is a manufacture defect.
  5. RufusTelestrat

    It's time to "Pop Your Cherry!" (Cherry and Wine Red thread)

    I see your SG and raise you .
  6. RufusTelestrat

    Has anyone seen a Les Paul finish like this?

    Riff and flat sawn boards have more pronounced grain than say quartersawn
  7. RufusTelestrat

    Gibson's "The Collection: Joe Bonamassa Nerdville East"

    There is a point when you are watching this, at least for me, where I went ok Joe, I get it you have a lot of great gear and use it, but when you say this is not even your good collectable stuff that just rubs salt in the wound.
  8. RufusTelestrat

    1960 Les Paul Jr. and Fair Pricing (Updated Pics)

    My sarcasm is sarcasm my comment is valid. At the end of the day he has a nice old guitar and well...
  9. RufusTelestrat

    1960 Les Paul Jr. and Fair Pricing (Updated Pics)

    @RandR not sure where you saw one for 150 but I will take 10. The true value can be ruined by following your recommendation of any sort of reconditioning. Like old barn finds, and original Ferrari GTO's the more untouched they are no matter how ratty they are the more desirable. Paint or...
  10. RufusTelestrat

    1960 Les Paul Jr. and Fair Pricing (Updated Pics)

    On the clean and polish, no. NO, NO> NO. NO Get a micro fiber cloth. Very soft, Gently dust and clear off the loose stuff otherwise leave it alone. IT is 60 years to get that patina and you can unintentionally remove or alter this. Others here can better advise but I think it is beautiful...
  11. RufusTelestrat

    2003 R6 Brazilian or not ?

    holy 5 year old dinosaur thread.
  12. RufusTelestrat

    335 Refinish?

    As previously mentioned the neck is mahogany the body is maple poplar plys and the finish is nitro if a 63. At this age if the color had not changed I would be suspect that it was not original finish. The yellowing is a feature of these old finishes. The only way is if it was left in a closet...
  13. RufusTelestrat

    Show Your Telecasters!!!

  14. RufusTelestrat

    2018 Firebird still nine-ply construction?

    Just dawned on me you could pull the pickups and see for yourself after you get it.
  15. RufusTelestrat

    2018 Firebird still nine-ply construction?

    In a quick review of the 18s and the year before and after I would guess the construction was still neck through with the multiple plys. Gibson Customer service should be able to confirm this, but you are correct the archive is intentionally vague and annoying.
  16. RufusTelestrat

    2018 Firebird still nine-ply construction?

    Depends on the model. Check the Gibson website for the specification of the one you are considering.
  17. RufusTelestrat

    Is this really a 1993 Stratocaster? Please help.

    Many better guitars available for similar amounts of money to be paying that much for a 93. Unless you are set on a specific year. Birth, wedding, divorce, special murder you want to commemorate, then I would say pass. The case is not original, it is a swimming pool rout, the pickups were...
  18. RufusTelestrat

    An authentic Abilene, 59 custom shop

    Run far away and then set it on fire.
  19. RufusTelestrat

    ES-335 Custom Shop Silverburst Value?

    It is worth what you paid, and trade value is what you get. These numbers are not generally in the same family. That said nice looking guitar. Here is a comparable one on Reverb: Having had many beautiful guitars, I never...

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