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  1. Sustainium

    Sorry your gal lost. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Sorry your gal lost. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  2. Sustainium

    les paul custom headstock conversion

    Yup and you can’t mention the president of the United States either but a thread on the leader of North Korea is OK. THAT REALLY SAYS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW.
  3. Sustainium

    Tyler Mahoney : HOT

    Not fat, so I’d say above average.
  4. Sustainium

    1st NGD in a long time - 2019 Classic

    Love the color, I’d be proud to own it!
  5. Sustainium

    2020 Gibson LP 50’s Goldtop order placed

    Congrats on the new standard. I wish they had a new standard in black as I would also be waiting on a new arrival. I see the black classic but Ive always wanted a standard in black.
  6. Sustainium

    Coronavirus RENT situation..

    No problems paying mort. Retired out in the country with home almost paid for, one of the benefits of getting older.
  7. Sustainium

    Lost WWII film and story. VERY cool!

    Back when men were men.
  8. Sustainium

    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    You first?
  9. Sustainium

    Guitar has greasy film all over it??

    Go with a polish from music store.
  10. Sustainium

    Black Beauty 3 pickup obsessive modding idea

    I say go for the heavy mods and enjoy yourself, YOLO!
  11. Sustainium

    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    Wasn’t she on Wayne’s World?
  12. Sustainium

    Whats the loudest amp you own?

    Simple 20W makes all the noise I want to pay for.
  13. Sustainium

    It's NOT the DARK SIDE!!!1

    “Talentless Old Whore”
  14. Sustainium

    Phil X - Highway Star

    I’ve been to a ton of rock and metal concerts, festivals, X is what I’d expect from a professional rock guitarist.
  15. Sustainium

    NAD - (2020) SOLDANO SLO-100 MKII

    “Tone Monster”
  16. Sustainium

    How Do You Treat Your Les Pauls?

    I don’t baby them but do maintenance regularly, just like everything else I own.
  17. Sustainium

    Return to .009's - Wonderful :)

    I string all my guitar with 10’s but this thread has pushed me to 9’s on my studio for bend practice to give my fingers a brake. After I get these bends down I’ll likely go back to 10s.
  18. Sustainium

    Happily a Les Paul owner - finally.

    Did I miss the pics or did this just not happen??

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