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  1. dcooper830

    Strat Family pic

    Just for the fun of it. ... Been really getting into my Strats lately and felt like sharing :) My Spiderman guitar is a Dimarzio body and neck with a Kahler tremolo system on it. It used to have Fender Lace Sensors in it but I recently installed Fender Fat 50s pickups in it and...
  2. dcooper830

    Ever wondered what a stock Epi LP sounds like through a Splawn Quickrod?

    Well... it sounds pretty damn good!! :cool: Splawn Quickrod Epi Les Paul Marshall 1960AV Cabinet - YouTube
  3. dcooper830

    Video of me playing my R8

    Was having fun playing my R8 the other night .. and someone took a video of me playing Black Magic Woman... I'm pretty boring to watch lol ... but my solo at the end is kinda cool :) Black magic woman Gibson 1958 Re-Issue V.O.S. Les Paul - YouTube
  4. dcooper830

    Epiphone DOT into a Marshall!!!

    I was playing my Natural finish Epi DOT at a gig the other night and someone just posted a video of it. I was playing through my Marshall DSL 100 into my Lopoline 2x12 cab with Celestion Vintage 30s. I love the tone I was getting. I was rusty on the song I haven't played it for a...
  5. dcooper830

    Got my 60th Anniversary Tele yesterday : )

    I've had it on layaway for a while and I finally picked it up yesterday. Very sweet! Quick clip of it: Fender 60th Anniversary Telecaster - YouTube aaaaaaaaaaaannnd........ pics:
  6. dcooper830

    3 new guitars this week! 2 Fender Strats - 1 Fender Tele

    I got a really nice deal on TWO American Special Strats - $1400 out the door with hardshell cases. :cool: Both have really low action, comfortable neck, and crystal clear airy glassy tone that fattens up nicely by rolling the tone knob back a little and cranking the amp...
  7. dcooper830

    Video clip of pointless but fun noodling on my R8 : )

    R8 > Hardwire CM-2 Overdrive > RV-7 Reverb > Fender Champ It's a little long winded (6 or 7 minutes) and it's a lot of random noodling so I don't blame y'all if you don't watch the whole thing. But I love the tone I'm getting. :D Gibson R8 VOS Historic Les Paul - Fender Champ - YouTube
  8. dcooper830

    Cool clip I did with a Hardwire CM-2

    I've been spamming my clip of me playing a real 1954 Gibson Les Paul around the forums ..... so sorry if you've seen this already.... But in this clip I'm using the Hardwire CM-2 and I LOVE the tone I was getting!! Just a dash of reverb from the Hardwire RV-7. Fender Champ. 1954...
  9. dcooper830

    I played a real 1954 Gibson Les Paul today.

    I should probably post this in the Vintage section... but there's a lot more people over here usually. :D A good friend of mine has a 1954 Gibson Les Paul. I played it about 15 years ago briefly... but I never thought anything of it cause I didn't like Les Pauls back then and it was just...
  10. dcooper830

    Brand New LP Studio day!

    Got my brand new Wine Red Les Paul Studio in today from Musicians Friend. Total Home Run! Looks beautiful!!! I love the wine red and gold! And the top has some flame to it! Guitar is light... I think it might be chambered. I had to lower the action quite a bit but there's no fret...
  11. dcooper830

    REO Speedwagon's Dave Amato playing my R8!! (video clip)

    Long story.... but last Friday (5-27-11) I warmed up for REO Speedwagon. After our warm up set we hauled our gear to a local bar to play another show..... and REO Speedwagon showed up there later and played a couple songs on our equipment. So here's a clip of the great Dave Amato...
  12. dcooper830

    Pics of my rig.... just for the hell of it...

    I'm pretty happy with this. JCM 800 2203X, 1960AV cab, TC G Major 2, Lexicon MPX 550, FCB1010, Gibson..... I love it!!
  13. dcooper830

    Awesome new amp day!!

    Got the Peavey Classic 30 head in yesterday. It sounds absolutely amazing through my Marshall 1960AV cab. It sounds very rich harmonically, with deep lows, growling mids, and crisp non-harsh highs. I had my Lexicon MPX 550 rack reverb unit in the effects loop of it last night and I was...
  14. dcooper830

    My first Historic.. R8! Very nice!

    Wow I'm really enjoying this!!! Just came in today. I bought new off Sweetwater. I dealt with them over the phone and talked 'em down quite a bit on price. Weighs 9 pounds. Baseball bat neck that feels like a million bucks! Low action with very little fret buzz. Wonderful finish smell! Almost...
  15. dcooper830

    Made a video demo of my pedalboard. Check it out : )

    Probably not very exiting but I'm posting for the Hell of it....... cause I can!! :D Mostly Boss pedals. MXR Phase 90. Dunlop DC Brick. Behringer PB1000. Epiphone G400. Marshall MG100HDFX halfstack with Warehouse Veteran 30 speakers. Amp is set completely clean. YouTube - Boss...
  16. dcooper830

    Just put together a pedalboard - pics

    So I have like 100 pedals. And a couple Dunlop DC Bricks, and a 1-Spot, a 100 little patch cables, and a Behringer PB1000 pedalboard. I've been wanting to put together a pedalboard. At first I had the PB1000 filled up with Behringer pedals: But that setup was way too noisy. I'm not sure if...
  17. dcooper830

    He sold his Gibson and got an Epiphone...

    And still sounds excellent! :thu:
  18. dcooper830

    So I bought a brand new Epiphone Black Beauty 3

    I know. Probably the stupidest way to blow $800. I could have gotten a Gibson LP Studio for this amount. Or for only a little more gotten a Gibson Standard something or other or Elitist Tokai Burny Greco Edwards LTD something-or-other. But ya know what...... I'm EXTREMELY happy with this...
  19. dcooper830

    Pics of all my Boss pedals

    Yeah I love Boss pedals :D Look at all the pretty colors!! These are all the ones with boxes: And these are all my Hardwire pedals:
  20. dcooper830

    Check out my pedalboard for my acoustic gigs!!

    I just made a demo of my pedalboard I use on my acoustic gigs. Some sloppy playing, but I really enjoy the sounds so I thought I'd share: YouTube - Acoustic Pedalboard: Digitech Jamman, Zoom A2.1u, Boss FV-500L

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