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    2005 Les Paul Double Cut Faded restoration

    Not sure if this or Luthier's Corner is the right place to post this, but Luthier's Forum seems to be about building guitars, and this is a restoration, so here seems the most appropriate. I found this guitar in a local second hand shop. On examination it turned out to be a 2005 Les Paul...
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    The Red Lester - evolution of a 2015 LPM

    Bought this baby second-hand in 2016, and have been gradually modifying it to meet my preferences. I took the GForce tuners off, and replaced them with Grovers with tulip-shaped buttons - but not before the constant sawing back and forth had worn grooves in the zero fret of the brass nut. I...
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    NGD - Vintage V130 - but should the pickup be so noisy?

    I fancied a double-cut Les Paul Junior style guitar, so I bought a Vintage V130, which has the look and sound I was after. One problem though - the pickup is supposed to be a stacked humbucker, so I expected it to be much quieter than it is. There's a constant buzz that's about twice as loud as...
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    Switching - series vs parallel

    Aside from my two Les Pauls I also have a Strat, which I've modified by putting a Seymour Duncan Twangbanger in the bridge and wiring the bridge pickup to the middle position and the middle to the bridge position so I can have the bridge and neck pickups on together, to get a Telecaster-ish...
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    Wiring a strat to be more like a Gibson

    One of my guitars is a Fender Mexican strat. But I'm a Gibson player, and I like the way Gibsons have separate volume controls for each pickup, so I can add a bit of drive, clean up one pickup by rolling off the volume, and have a driven solo sound and a clean rhythm sound I can switch beween...
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    Replacement nut for 2015 LPM

    My number 2 guitar is a very pretty cherry red 2015 LPM. I've replaced the GForce tuners with Grovers, but the brass nut has started to make those "tink" noises when I bend strings near the nut. I understand Gibson supply a titanium replacement, but the problem is, I picked the guitar up in a...
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    Unremarked differences between Epi Dot and Gibson 335

    There's a fair amount of talk about how Epiphone can make the Dot for so much less than its daddy, the Gibson ES 335. People cite the quality of the materials and the cost of labour, but I've noticed it's actually built differently. Here's the specs for the Gibson. You'll notice the top, back...
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    Paint for Dot f-holes?

    I have a vintage sunburst Dot, which I've had a few modifications made to. The wiring has been pulled out of the lower f-hole so many times that some of the black paint has worn away. I'd like to touch it up. Any particular kind of paint I should use - or any I should avoid?
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    Hello forum!

    Hello everyone. New forum member here. I'm from Belfast in Northern Ireland, and I've recently put together a blues band. We've been rehearsing for a couple of months and will hopefully be ready to start looking for gigs before much longer. I play lead guitar on a 2015 LPM (cherry finish, maple...

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