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    It's time to "Pop Your Cherry!" (Cherry and Wine Red thread)

    Lots of nice red Lesters. Here's mine. Started life as a 2015 LPM, and has been significantly modified. Nice plain top that pops in the right light.
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    2005 Les Paul Double Cut Faded restoration

    Honeyburst finish is coming along nicely! I think it needs a little more yellow to smooth out the transition, maybe a little more amber around the edge, and it's nearly ready for an oil finish.
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    2005 Les Paul Double Cut Faded restoration

    Been experimenting with colour. Thought about a spray finish, but I don't have a spray booth or access to anything I can use as one, so I've been looking at alternatives. I do have a bottle of yellow Crimson Guitars Stunning Stains, bought some time ago and not used, so I applied it to the back...
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    What do you like about Gibson?

    I could say the tone, the feel, the look, and I'm sure that's all part of it. But Gibson and Gibson-style guitars just suit me and make me want to play them. I'd been an acoustic player for years, and maybe ten years ago I felt the urge to get an electric. On the advice of friends, who knew...
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    61r/t vs BB1/2 swap... Does anyone like that bridge pup?

    I have a 2015 LPM with 61s, and a 2016 Standard with Burstbucker Pros, and I definitely prefer the 61s in both positions. They're brighter and smoother, take overdrive better, and the coil taps sound better (I upgraded the LPM's circuit board to allow coil taps and a phase switch). If you don't...
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    Which Gibson Features or Designs You Wish Were Different?

    I don't like Kluson tuners. I don't like the boxy look of the backs or the green plastic buttons, and that metal stalk the buttons are stuck to just seems too flimsy for my tastes. Prefer die-cast tuners any day. Bindng on the neck. I have a couple of down-the-line Les Pauls without neck...
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    2005 Les Paul Double Cut Faded restoration

    Latest update: my new pickguard has arrived! Now just need to decide on a colour for the body.
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    2015 Les Paul Less+

    It was brass. I emailed Gibson and they (very kindly, because I'd bought it second hand and didn't have a warranty) sent be a replacement made of a grey metal - I assume it's not titanium, as the titanium ones I've seen on the internet are shinier, and it started wearing grooves as well.
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    2015 Les Paul Less+

    I don't like zero frets. The ZFAN nut on my 2015 LPM, and the Zero Glide I replaced it with for a while, both gave me the same problem - the strings wore grooves in the zero fret, causing tuning issues when the strings got stuck in the grooves, and pings when I bent strings. I now have the...
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    Great music you found on YouTube!

    A band I discovered via Youtube: Lake Street Dive. Singer Rachael Price has an amazing voice (and is gorgeous), and the driving force of the band is Bridget Kearney on the upright bass. A bit guitar-light for this forum perhaps, but I like 'em.
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    BurstBucker Pro vs 61R set for SG?

    I have BB Pros in my Les Paul Standard, and 61s in my LPM. I definitely prefer the 61s. They have slightly less output, but they feel hotter. They're definitely brighter and smoother, especially in the neck. The neck BB Pro is a bit harsh and subdued for my tastes, but the neck 61 is lovely and...
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    Thoughts on string gauge—

    I've tried 9s, but I always break the top E. 10s are the lightest that will withstand my ham fists. So yeah, try stuff out and play what suits you. If you have a light touch, light strings might be just what suits you best.
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    Guitar cables, straight or angled jack??

    Angled into the guitar. Straight jacks put too much sideways stress on the jack plate. I broke a plastic jack plate before I figured that out.
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    2005 Les Paul Double Cut Faded restoration

    I think it already is ;)
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    Promote Your Band!

    My band, The Proposition
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    Special Love?

    I have a 2005 DC Faded, which is a Special in all but name, that I found inexpertly refinished and modified in a second hand shop, and am in the process of restoring. In progress:
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    Gibson Collections - Show them off!

    Here's mine: Left to right: 2001 Les Paul Double Cut Standard; 2015 Les Paul LPM with modifications; 2016 Les Paul Standard T with modifications.
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    2005 Les Paul Double Cut Faded restoration

    Not sure if this or Luthier's Corner is the right place to post this, but Luthier's Forum seems to be about building guitars, and this is a restoration, so here seems the most appropriate. I found this guitar in a local second hand shop. On examination it turned out to be a 2005 Les Paul...
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    Plain tops need love too

    My 2015 LPM.
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    I wish my Les Paul wasn't so perfect...

    I know what you mean. I have two Les Pauls, a down-the-line LPM I bought second hand, and a Standard I bought new with an inheritance. I generally gig with the LPM, because it was cheaper, is less pretty and has a maple neck, so I'm less scared of getting it damaged. And for the same reason I've...

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