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  1. eric ernest

    Joe Bonamassa's Nerdville EAST vintage guitar repository, visit, guitar sign collection, and photos of the "Johnny B" Burst.

    Had a visit with Joe at the Nerdville East (Nashville) location and took a few signs for the collection. He pulled out the Johnny B Burst for a spin. As usual, Joe was as gracious a host as you could expect. Challenging to shoot at night....but an incredible sight to see. Same idea, but...
  2. eric ernest

    Anybody here from Kilgore Texas?

    I find Kilgore Texas a fascinating's on my short list for relocation. Curious if any members are from there.
  3. eric ernest

    Peter Green "Greenie" tribute. Kirk Hammett of Metallica. It's Alive Exhibit! A most bizarre guitarist & guitar experience. March 20|20

    I've been sitting on this story and series of photos since March, waiting on an accompanying "Greenie" magazine story we contributed some photos to. The pandemic hit the next WEEK, and if the mag even came out, it went under the radar. So, since we lost Peter Green this week, I thought it...
  4. eric ernest

    FAKE 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitars and the factory ledgers. A Wall Street Journal story 7-10-2020

    Did any of you guys read this? Pretty interesting that Gibson is getting on this horse. Maybe the mystery will finally be solved.
  5. eric ernest

    Joe Bonamassa Nerdville West guitar collection visit and photos with the infamous Burst "Snakebite" & JJ Blair.

    It started with a clandestine flight to LA to pick up a vintage Martin Guitars sign and ended with a trip to San Fran, Nerdville West, and JJ Blairs Studio. Started with 1200 photos and have whittled it down to about 150. Here are the ones that would be of most interest here. Nerdville West is...
  6. eric ernest

    Dave Gilmour's '55 Les Paul nets $447,000 at Christie's guitar auction

    Christie's quote: Gilmour's 1955 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop sold for $447,000, setting a new world auction record for a Les Paul, Gilmour used it on The Wall tour for “Happiest Days of Our Lives,” “One of My Turns” and “Last Few Bricks.” David Gilmour's 1955 Gibson Les Paul guitar.
  7. eric ernest

    1962 Gibson EMS-1235 Double Mandolin Double Neck guitar. Custom one off one-of-a-kind.

    Check out this unique one-of-a-kind vintage Gibson double neck guitar. Enjoy! 1962 Gibson EMS-1235 Double Mandolin Double Neck guitar. Custom one off one-of-a-kind. 1962 Gibson EMS-1235 Double Mandolin Double Neck guitar. Custom one off one-of-a-kind. 1962 Gibson EMS-1235 Double Mandolin...
  8. eric ernest

    1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop guitar factory converted in 1960 to "Burst." Photo intense!!!

    Here's a cool guitar I came across this past weekend. It's a one owner, 1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop that was sent back to the Kalamazoo factory in 1960 and converted to current specs. (Minus the PAFs.) It was re-necked with a 100% true-to-form 1960 neck and clownbursted. The new 1960...
  9. eric ernest

    1956 Gibson Les Paul Standard. 1959 Conversion. Continuing the discussion about modified Goldtops.

    Since there has been a fair amount of discussion about modified Goldtops, I thought I would post some photos of this unique guitar. While the center seam is not down-the-middle, it does run through the G string....pretty close. The guitar has been modified and had conversion work done on it...
  10. eric ernest

    Vintage 1979 Dean Z Standard guitar. Hot Hero Sandwich? Remember?

    This was a post of mine on Instagram: 1979 Dean Z Standard guitar. It was 1978 and Disco was king....then a few things started to happened....Van Halen erupted onto the scene. AC/DC, Ted Nugent, Rush, Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy and some others were setting the stage for what was to come....the...
  11. eric ernest

    1954 Gibson Les Paul Standard Model Guitar. WELL loved and worn road warrior.

    If there ever was a vintage Goldtop that could run with the Memphis Mojo Burst in terms of gigged-to-death vibe, it would be this guitar! Sorry for the disparity in photo quality, but mother nature was not cooperating while I was trying to shoot this bad boy!!! :facepalm: 1954 Gibson Les Paul...
  12. eric ernest

    The Sexy Hexy Burst: 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar owned by Alex Conti of Lake, Atlantis +

    This is the beloved Burst that Alex Conti used at the height of his career with Lake, Atlantis, and Rudolf Rock & die Schocker. It made numerous appearances on records and videos. (Do any of you guys in Germany have any photos of it???) The guitar was first refinished sometime prior to...
  13. eric ernest

    Veleno Traveler guitar made of aluminum and 100% unobtainium!

    You be hard pressed to find one of these guitars....even a photo of one is difficult! One of roughly 10 made. Enjoy! Veleno Traveler guitar Veleno Traveler guitar Veleno Traveler guitar Veleno Traveler guitar
  14. eric ernest

    Goodbye Gordon Dow. You were the man.

    It is with a heavy heart that I have to make this post. My bud who was a long time vintage guitar guru and my adopted (by me) big brother, Gordon Dow, passed away from the insidious effects of chemotherapy on Super Bowl Sunday. I guess there’s really no way you can prepare yourself for...
  15. eric ernest

    1957 Gibson Les Paul model guitar from under the bed NEAR MINT!

    You guys will probably like these photos and story. Here's a one owner, never left the house, pristine Goldtop that I purchased.....are you ready for this....from within walking distance of my house. Probably the all time craziest guitar deal I have ever done. Of note: The orange PAF tag is...
  16. eric ernest

    1947 Ampeg Michael-Hull Bassamp Bass Guitar Amplifier. The worlds rarest amp!

    The 1947 Ampeg model 770 with MOTS covering was though not to exist. The only known photo of one was in a Michael-Hull flyer from 1947...until today. Introduced in 1946, the Ampeg Bassamp was the first commercially available bass amp sold. The original had a mahogany cabinet. Michael-Hull...
  17. eric ernest

    The first Sunburst Les Paul? 1958 surfaces

    Oh my...
  18. eric ernest

    Craig Chaquico's quest to get his stolen '59 Gibson Sunburst Les Paul guitar back

    This has been going on behind the scenes for a couple of years....I actually forgot about it. The guy from Vermont? He's a friend and a member on the other forum. Great news. Paul Liberatore’s Lib at Large: Jefferson Starship’s Craig Chaquico’s quest to get back beloved...
  19. eric ernest

    Jimmy Page gets his 1960 Gibson Les Paul Custom back.

    This has been an "underground" news story for a few months...and it finally broke. Congrats to Mr. Page. Assuredly, a tip-of-the-hat to Perry Margouleff is in order as he was name checked (on Facebook) for this happening in the first place. Good going. :thumb: See story: Jimmy Page reunited...
  20. eric ernest

    2015 Christmas Card Thread

    Sometimes you can't choose just one. :naughty: Thanks to many of you guys, we did some cool stuff, went some cool places, and had a lot of fun in the process! Here's to 2016! :thumb: 2015 Abalone Vintage White Christmas Card Christmas Card Rockets before Reindeer.

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