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  1. Pete M

    Vintage - Reissue blind listening test

    A sounds better.
  2. Pete M

    1960 Les Paul Jr. and Fair Pricing (Updated Pics)

    My advice would be to immediately take it to someone who knows what they're doing.
  3. Pete M

    Double Cut Special with Crown Headstock?

    I've seen a few. They seem to be very late in production, just before they changed to the SG body shape.
  4. Pete M

    Why are skinny necks considered "faster"

    Thin necks are easier to play. :dunno: Skinny nuts are weird though.
  5. Pete M

    Best shop for refin/wood work for vintage guitars

    Then why would you need to send a guitar to HM and then complain about their work? Your argument makes no sense. Anyway I'm outta here. I've seen you fail at basic discussion so many times. I'm not interested at playing the internet tough guy game. Sad really.
  6. Pete M

    Best shop for refin/wood work for vintage guitars

    You're not replicating 50 years of anything in a day if you use fresh lacquer. You're approximating it. So by your own description you go for as close as you can get to the real deal in that instance.
  7. Pete M

    Best shop for refin/wood work for vintage guitars

    Cool score. I would say lacquer checking is probably the most overrated thing here on the forum. Everyone wants the lacquer to check a specific way, but if you refinish guitars you'll know there are no guarantees. There are also different scenarios in which lacquer will crack. Usually just a...
  8. Pete M

    Best shop for refin/wood work for vintage guitars

    I think it would be helpful to be specific about what is wrong or right. Either way I think it's better to just accept that 50 years worth of gassing off and aging can't be replicated. You'll end up having to go with "close enough".
  9. Pete M

    Firebird questions — thinking about getting one

    Yep. Headstock was broken off long ago, and I recently did a thread on re-repairing it. and touching up the paintwork. ...and it came with a solid ABS case as well as the deceased/diseased original one.
  10. Pete M

    Explain this Gibson logo on a 59 jr???

    I can't seem to find others where the i in Gibson is angled like this. Weird.
  11. Pete M

    Please help date my custom

    Easiest way to tell would be the pot codes. I can't see much on your tiny pics, but it's the 2 digits after 137. Looks like a 7. So my guess would be 1970-72.
  12. Pete M

    Buying vintage guitars to strip parts - Bad mojo, right?

    I don't think it works as well as most people think. You need guaranteed buyers, and it's a buyers market right now for sure. People will always want burst parts and P90s but not necessarily for ridiculous prices. There is a lot of junk parts that come off other models that nobody could ever...
  13. Pete M

    Buying vintage guitars to strip parts - Bad mojo, right?

    There are certain people on Ebay and the like who make a business out of it. But I would say it's generally frowned upon especially if there is nothing wrong with the guitar as it is. The only valid reason I see is something like a 60's SG that has been broken so many times it's hardly worth...
  14. Pete M

    Anyone grab the 1952 gibson LP husk on Reverb $11,000 ?

    This 53 popped up locally in Australia. Sadly at $12500 or so US it seems he's dreaming.
  15. Pete M

    Help with '59 Junior P-90

    With specials, the "58" style sharper edged bodies sometimes have 4 digit serial numbers and other times have full 5 digit 59 numbers. I think these were a first run or prototype set of double cuts that then got mixed in with the general output as they were finished off. Mostly in red, with the...
  16. Pete M

    54-55? Found on Facebook....

    It looks legit, and fixable from here. Although I'm not a huge fan of massive seam issues in the top. It looks like it was kept somewhere VERY damp for a LONG time.
  17. Pete M

    1960 Les Paul Standard at Emerald City Guitars.

    If tuning stability, playability, and intonation are deciding factors then you should probably stay away from vintage guitars in general :laugh2:
  18. Pete M

    FAKE 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitars and the factory ledgers. A Wall Street Journal story 7-10-2020

    "So, like..., we lost some old book 50 odd years ago, and now like you guys better give it back! Because it's wortha lotta goddamn money! Sonofabitch! PLAY AUTHENTIC!"

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