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  1. Guitar Rod

    NGD - 2016 Fender 59 American Vintage Strat (plus an unexpected Strat journey)

    I haven't posted to MLP very much for awhile, so this will be a belated 3 NGD including the latest new acquisition. Even though my first and only guitar for 30 years was a Strat, I've always been more of a Les Paul into a Marshall kind of guy, and that has been my focus. Never connected with...
  2. Guitar Rod

    NAD - Laney Cub 15 head

    I'm now a Laney artist! Well, I now own a Laney, anyways. Sold my Blackstar HT-5RH and bought this for the same price. Even Steven. And even though I loved the HT-5, I love this wayyyyyyyyyy more. It suits me so well. It's a classic rock monster through a 4x12. I've always loved that grainy...
  3. Guitar Rod

    Do you clean/sanatize used pedals?

    I'm a bit of a germaphobe, but not overly so. But when it comes to feet, especially some other dude's feet, germaphobia increases exponentially. As soon as I get a used pedal home, if it's dirty, I wipe it with a damp cloth and then wipe that sucker down with Lysol wipes 2 or 3 times over. If...
  4. Guitar Rod

    Are all Custom Buckers potted?

    It's been announced that the 2019 reissues will have unpotted Custom Buckers. Were any unpotted before? I ask because my 2012 CBs seem unpotted up until I heard that. Get nice feedback compared to my other humbuckers, maybe too easy. I've visually inspected the pickups before and can't find...
  5. Guitar Rod

    Getting notification of a keyword in a forum

    Does anyone know how to get a notification when a new post with a keyword in it gets posted? I've been looking for something specific in the members selling thread that is fairly rare, but whenever one comes up it is scooped up fast before I get a look.
  6. Guitar Rod

    John Mayer fanboys will go to any lengths to play the same equipment he uses

    Burglars Find Singer John Mayer’s House Is A Wonderland After Taking $100-200,000 Worth Of Property WEST LA (CBSLA) –– A burglar, or burglars found that singer John Mayer’s West LA home is a wonderland. Apparently stolen — music equipment and personal property including Mayer’s watch...
  7. Guitar Rod

    Finally cleared something up about my R9 thanks to Gibson CS

    When I originally bought my 2012 R9 and started a NGD thread, I mis-titled the thread as a 2013 because I had Custom Buckers on the brain. The original owner insisted it had Custom Buckers. "Make sure you let people know it has Custom Buckers." As a 2012, I thought he must be mistaken, so went...
  8. Guitar Rod

    PSA: Do NOT play a piece of equipment you are planning on selling

    I've been wanting a Plexi-style amp for some time, so I decided to sell a couple of amps to help fund it. A Marshall CODE 25 and my Blackstar HT-5RH. Haven't played the Blackstar in ages and it gets little use since the DSL40C and AC15C1 came along. So to make sure everything is still working...
  9. Guitar Rod

    Demo of the new Origin heads

    From Andertons.
  10. Guitar Rod

    Pawn shop find - $50 Marshall CODE 25

    When the Code first came out, I contemplated either a 50 or 25, leaning towards the 50. A few people recommended the 25, but after some negative reviews here, I passed. Today, perusing the classifieds, a pawn shop had a Marshall amp for 50 bucks US (65 CAN). No description. Expected a roached...
  11. Guitar Rod

    NPD - Bad Monkey and a question about buffered pedal placement

    I've been wanting a Tube Screamer clone, and the Bad Monkey was one at the top of the list. Missed out on a well used one and never saw one again locally until today. Picked up a basically new one for 40 bucks. Looks almost like it was never used. The rubber on the pad and back has nary a scuff...
  12. Guitar Rod

    2 amps you've been searching for available? Buy BOTH! Marshall Lead 12 NAD!

    I've been wanting a Vox amp for a long time, and have been actively searching for a Marshall Lead 12 as well. In a matter of days, both came available at the same time. Since the Vox was at a great price and something I wanted forever, I jumped on it (and of course, start a NAD thread here). The...
  13. Guitar Rod

    Congratulate me boys! I gots me a Vox AC15C1!

    I've been wanting a Vox forever. Beatles. Tom Petty. Brian Adams. Brian May. Crowded House. Such a unique sound that informed my musical tastes. Well one came up at a decent price in great condition and I jumped. And it's worth it. That chime. That distinct breakup. Nothing until you experience...
  14. Guitar Rod

    Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart make a new fan

    Language warning for the video
  15. Guitar Rod

    Polishing/shining a rosewood fretboard

    I have previously scraped the rosewood fretboards on my guitars and they feel smooth and look great, but they have a matte finish. I really love the almost glossy look that a lot of vintage LP fretboards have attained through years of playing and conditioning. What's the best way to get that...
  16. Guitar Rod

    Does the Orange Micro Terror get the Orange sound?

    There is a Micro Terror for sale locally for a great price and I'm tempted. I already have a DSL40C and a Blackstar HT-5RH that cover my crunchy rock needs well. But if the Micro Terror got reasonably close to the classic Orange sound, it might be worth adding to the arsenal. As cheap as an...
  17. Guitar Rod

    Polishing Up a VOS Finish

    The back of my R9's neck can get gritty/sticky a bit and I heard that polishing it will get rid of that. I had cleaned it and used some polish, but it always came back and still had that soft, waxy feel to it. Well I got me some Gibson Luthier's Choice Hi-Gloss Polish in a bundle on sale, so I...
  18. Guitar Rod

    New mini amp day - BOSS Katana Mini!

    Just picked up one of these puppies today. Wanted a little portable mini amp to take around the house and outside, and to practice quietly with. I was originally going to get a Blackstar Fly 3, but luckily YouTube recommended a video about this. Once I saw the video reviews, I was sold. Posting...
  19. Guitar Rod

    Do Butyrate Bobbins Really Smell?

    Okay, rookie question. I've never had a pickup with butyrate bobbins, but have heard people here describe how bad it can smell. I do remember as a kid opening my dad's ancient toolbox looking for something and a waft came up like somebody dropped their guts in it. It was unbearable. I thought...
  20. Guitar Rod

    NSD! Marshall DSL40C + G12M Greenback = Classic Rock BLISS!

    My DSL40C originally came with a Vintage 30 which I thought sounded great. Later I got a 1960a cab with G12T-75s in it and after adjusting to it I actually liked it better because the V30 was a bit too rough, bassy, spikey, and the distortion wasn't what I was looking for. Too modern. But the...

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