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  1. CreamTone

    Aleksandar from Wizz and Lonnie from CreamTone traded T-shirts! How do they look?

    Thanks to these two, Wizz sets are in stock, ready to ship from the USA for fast delivery!
  2. CreamTone

    CreamTone Pickup Rings for Gibson USA Les Pauls

    While there are several vendors who offer good replicas of the original M69 rings, no one has offered something more affordable for Gibson USA Les Pauls. Until now! Cheers...
  3. CreamTone

    CreamTone aged and rolled truss rod covers available now!

    Nearly a year in the works! CreamTone is thrilled to release our brand-new aged and rolled truss rod covers from the Absolute Vintage Collection! MLP members save 10%! Use the code MLP10 at checkout...
  4. CreamTone

    Introducing the CreamTone Classic Collection for Gibson USA guitars!

    Vintage-style parts are expensive. That’s because much of the work is done by hand and time is money. While our Absolute Vintage Collection of parts are second to none in terms of accuracy, we understand that not all players are concerned with getting every little detail perfect. I can tell you...
  5. CreamTone

    New and pre-owned parts available at CreamTone!

    Check out our page of new parts now available. You’ll also find several pre-owned sets of pickups priced to move, including a rare set of Seymour Duncan SH17 Bonamassa signatures! Free domestic shipping on all orders over $99, and MLP members get an additional 10% off. Enter the code MLP10 at...
  6. CreamTone

    CreamTone plastic upgrades are on sale!

    We’ve got some new stuff for you! Truss rod covers, switch rings, tenon covers, and they’re all on sale, along with our pickguards and other plastic parts. Now through Labor Day, save 20% on this entire collection! Click the link below and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout...
  7. CreamTone

    New CreamTone Switch Rings!

    We been working on these for nearly a year, and I’m thrilled with the results! Our new switch rings are handcrafted right here in our shop, with the correct font for each year from 1952-1960. Available in cream or black for only $29! You’ll also find a few original vintage pieces from the late...
  8. CreamTone

    NGD: My 1963 Burst!

    Hello! It’s been a long time since I posted about one of my own guitars, but this is huge for me and I wanted to share with my friends here. Forgive me, because I’m going to ramble on a bit. ;) I was born in 1963, and I’ve always wanted a guitar from that year. Now, we all know that the Burst...
  9. CreamTone

    '59 Authentic Pickguard and Ring Set for USA Les Pauls!

    Gibson has never made a Historic replacement pickguard that fits USA Les Pauls. And no one has ever gone this far in offering a set for these guitars that is this close to the guard and rings found on an original '59 Burst. Until now! If you own a Traditional, Standard, or Classic and want to...
  10. CreamTone

    CreamTone Harnesses Available Now!

    Check out the CreamTone collection of wiring harnesses for your Gibson Les Paul or SG! Each features authentic, vintage bumblebee or black beauty caps, not reissues. We pay attention to the details and build these like Gibson did in their prime. Our caps are in the vintage-correct position and...
  11. CreamTone

    Dave Johnson pickguards available now!

    The only exact replica Burst guard available today. Handcrafted by Dave Johnson. Available only at CreamTone and Mark's Guitar Loft. CreamTone Mark's Guitar Loft
  12. CreamTone

    Creamsicle High-Gain Overdrive On Sale!

    Time to move some Creamsicles! Buy now and save $100 off the pedal that Elwood Francis says has, "No compromise. It does what other pedals wish they could do. I love it!" Free first-class shipping worldwide! Order today and enter the code CREAMSICLE10 at checkout for an additional 10%...
  13. CreamTone

    CreamTone Vintage Design Gibson Les Paul 2016 Standard T

    CreamTone Vintage Design brings the tone, look and feel of the great vintage guitars from the late 1950s back to modern Gibson USA Les Pauls. Our latest is ready and waiting for you! Gibson Les Paul 2016 Standard T
  14. CreamTone

    It's CreamFriday!

    Now through Monday, save 10% off all CreamTone parts and get free First-Class shipping WORLDWIDE on all orders over $100 at! Enter the code CREAMFRIDAY at checkout. CreamTone Vintage Design
  15. CreamTone

    CreamTone Upgrade Set for USA Les Pauls

    CreamTone Vintage Design parts give a modern USA Les Paul the vibe of a Historic or vintage instrument. Our upgrade set for USA Les Pauls is available at a special price! USA LP Set See our full line for USA Les Pauls on our website at CreamTone Upgrades for USA Forum members...
  16. CreamTone goes live today!

    Our brand-new website is live! Now you can purchase CreamTone parts directly from us and save! Every price on our site is less than the eBay price because we're passing the money we save on fees on to you! In addition, now through Monday celebrate the 4th of July with us and save an...
  17. CreamTone

    CreamTone Vintage Design Les Paul

    The first CreamTone Vintage Design Les Paul is now available in our eBay store! Forum members save 15% when you buy direct with a check, money order or PayPal gift.
  18. CreamTone

    It's CreamFriday till Monday
  19. CreamTone

    CreamTone contact info update!

    Hi friends, Due to spam, we're closing down the email address, That's what I get for posting it too many times on the web. This will become effective by the end of the week. But we're still here and ready to serve you. Please visit our eBay store at...
  20. CreamTone

    Labor Day Sale!

    Now through Monday, save 20% and get free US shipping at our eBay store!

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