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  1. efstop

    Have you sanded your knobs lately?

    I have a cheap Gretsch with a long name: G2210 Streamliner Junior Jet™ Club And it came with clear knobs with black paint on the bottom and into the splines. So, naturally, the knobs appear black. Yeesh. I saw a photo of a vintage clear acrylic '52 Gretsch knob and decided I wanted those. It...
  2. efstop

    NMMD - 'Nother Melody Maker Day

    2007 Melody Maker reissue I had to wait until the price came up on the Long & McQuade site at 2:00 PM today, and then nailed the Buy Now button. Paid a deposit, and then drove out and picked it up within 30 min. Satin finish, well looked after, and a real wrap tail and not a lightning bar...
  3. efstop

    How many amps can I daisy chain via Line Out to Line In?

    Hypothetically, of course. I have several with one or the other. This is just something to chew on as a Friday topic. I also have two cheap 5W amps with dual inputs, so there's a possibility of chaining those two to a third, right?
  4. efstop

    New Cheap Amp Day

    It took 6 1/2 months, but my Joyo JTA-05 finally got here from China. They went out of production and became special order with an 8-12 wk delivery. Then the world got shut down. For $250 CAN or ~$190 US, I wasn't expecting more than MDF with a black tweed covering stretched over it. The...
  5. efstop

    NGD Vintera '50s Telecaster

    I had other things taking my time since yesterday when it arrived, but here it is, in all its Sonic Blue goodness. I love that fat U neck. I've tuned it up, played it through my 1W Supro. It has twang for sure, but the Supro is a bit dark, so no ice pick. I'll try it into one my other amps...
  6. efstop

    Pending NGD

    I'm giving up two Marshall amps (DSL15H, Mini Jubilee combo) for a Vintera '50s Telecaster. The DSL is gone and once the Tele is transferred here, bye bye MJ. The Vintera is a '50s repro without the reissue price, MIM. 21 fret, 7 1/4" radius, 5 hole guard, three barrel (brass) saddles and repro...
  7. efstop

    Never mind a new Tele, I'll actually use this.

    My 30 year old, gifted to me zoom lens, a 28-105mm died of bent pins on the zoom. I could have went with the 24-105mm 3.5-5.6, but decided to pay 50% more for the f/4.0, as it has a huge light advantage at 105mm. But holy shit, it's a heavy mofo. I just bought it about 40 min ago, and rushed...
  8. efstop

    New (first) Gretsch Day

    My First Gretsch guitar, third piece of Gretsch gear after an amp and a sound hole pickup. Gretsch G2210 Streamliner Jet Junior Club in Golddust, Indonesia-built Broad'Tron pickups Bolt on nato neck Nato body I have it paired here with the Gretsch Electromatic, a pawn shop find. I've only...
  9. efstop

    Is this a decent piece of mahogany for a neck through guitar?

    I've had this chunk of wood for many years, thinking I might do something that is guitar related with it. It's 44 1/2" x 3 5/8" x 2 1/16" I want a Steinberger Spirit copy but with P-90s and a wraptail, and either banjo tuners or Steinberger tuners behind the bridge (installed upside down...
  10. efstop

    Wiggle Wang Whammy

    A few years ago or so I decided I wanted at least one guitar with a vibrato setup. I bought a Squier VM Mustang. It was not the Jedi Wobble Master I was looking for. I traded it for a Squier VM Jazzmaster: Then, this year I wanted to replace my long gone Hohner G3T Steinberger copy with the...
  11. efstop

    New half-guitar day

    I had a Korean Hohner G3T in the '80s. It was an HSS. This is a genuine Chinese original :rolleyes: built in an Epiphone plant, most likely. I preferred the switching on the Hohner, one mini toggle for each pickup. The Hohner had EMGs, I believe these are the same.This one is wired thusly: 1 -...
  12. efstop

    Fender Jazz-Strat? I want one!

    I can't afford one at the moment, but I'd love one of these. Jazz-Strat at Sweetwater
  13. efstop

    Free or nearly free stuff (software)

    Lots of synths, plugins, DAWs etc. If you're gonna be settin' on yer ass, might as well set yer ass in front of a console, wot? Load up!
  14. efstop

    Nothin' but dirt

    My collection of OD/Dirt pedals. I posted it in the not thread thread in the backstage, but it may as well be here with all the other pedals, wot? Click it bigger, i you wish.
  15. efstop

    Ultra wide weirdness

    I used my Tamron 10-24mm. It has a full frame mount, but only enough glass for for a crop sensor. On a crop sensor camera, it's effectively 16-38mm, but on a full frame camera, it won't go wider than about 14mm without vignetting (as seen where I zoomed out a bit too far.) Still pretty wide...
  16. efstop

    Marshall PSA for Canadians

    The SV20C is on sale at Long & McQuade, Steve's Music and Acclaim-Music for $1299 CAD, of course. I wish I had some money right now to add one to my collection.
  17. efstop

    Used Marshall Cab Day (1974CX)

    Traded in the EVH 5150 III 112. I brought this home and took a few pics :) All of my amps will plug into it, but I have to reach into two of the combos and unplug the built ins. If I took the back of this cab off and took out the speaker, the Class 5 would slide right into it :D
  18. efstop

    24 Throbbing Watts of Power

    OK, "throbbing" is stretching it some. Blackstar, DSL and Supro 1W Greta 2W Vox 4W Class 5, Gretsch and H&K 5W
  19. efstop

    My First Supro is here!

    It's here!. The store sent the Supro box inside a Fender Acoustasonic box; that gave me a bit of a start. Sure, it's Chinese, but it seem to be very well constructed, with a birch cab, and the power cord is permanently attached. Also, one can unplug the speaker and use the amp as a head. (My...
  20. efstop

    Which 112 cab would you keep?

    I might keep one, or I might keep them all. Leaning toward the VOX as a keeper because it can be a closed back with little trouble, and have feet added on one end to use vertically. All are 16 ohm.

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