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  1. Tanqueray

    WTB Gibson DG-335

    Prefer one in pelham blue, but I'd be okay with the gold one as well. Hit me up if you are looking to sell one, or if you know of someone else who is.
  2. Tanqueray

    Thinning Out the Herd

    I'm looking to downsize my collection of guitars. Crazy, I know. Here's what I've got up for sale right now. 1999 Gibson SG Standard Color: Cherry Neck: Rounded SG Pickups: Gibson 490r/498t Electronics: CTS 500k audio taper volume/tone pots, orange drop caps, switchcraft toggle and output jack...
  3. Tanqueray

    NGD - 2008 LP Traditional

    Snagged this one from reverb over the Thanksgiving break as a little present to myself. I love black guitars, and this one is super nice. All stock, 9.5 lbs, neck is nowhere near as fat as my 2013 (which has the fattest neck I have ever seen), but it's definitely not a slim one either. There are...
  4. Tanqueray

    NGD - Gibson Explorer

    Nabbed myself an Gibson '76 Reissue Explorer today. I almost pulled the trigger on an Epiphone Korina Explorer over the weekend, but now I'm really glad I didn't because I probably would have missed out on this one. I have to say, this guitar is really nice. Very comfortable to play, and it...
  5. Tanqueray

    WTB Gibson Explorer

    Looking for a '76 Reissue Explorer in the natural finish.
  6. Tanqueray

    NGD 1999 Gibson SG Standard

    Picked this up from a local shop over the weekend. In excellent condition, as it apparently spent the last decade in a closet.
  7. Tanqueray

    NGD or is it OGD? - 2013 Traditional

    Almost three years ago to the day I sold my 2013 Traditional to finance some home repairs. Since then I've regretted selling it, so imagine my surprise when I saw it on a local CL ad. I recognized the top immediately, and since I still had the original invoice, it was only a small matter of...
  8. Tanqueray

    Elitist with no logo

    So I found an Elitist, a faded SG model, that looks legit in every way except it doesn't have the flower decal on the back of the headstock that I've seen on every other Elitist I've handled. Any idea on what's up with that? Did some not come with the decal? It's a 2005 model iirc.
  9. Tanqueray

    NGD - 1997 SG Special

    Sold my Strat and bought an equally old SG Special. I'm digging the ebony fretboard on this baby. The only ish is the guitar came to me in this condition: Quite the messy packaging. The foam lining the case had pretty much disintegrated into powder and it had gotten all over the...
  10. Tanqueray

    Price Check: SG Special

    I was at a local consignment shop and I found this guy. It says Gibson SG Pro on the tag (and the truss rod cover says PRO), but it looks more like a 2003 SG Special with an ebony fretboard. To my knowledge the Pro was a totally different model they made back in the 70s, so...
  11. Tanqueray

    Need Tuners for SG Classic

    The previous owner of my SG Classic replaced the original tuners with a set of grovers. While they work fine, they add a lot of weight to the headstock. So I'm looking for a set of replacement tuners. Ideally I'd love to get a set of the original Gibson tuners, or at least ones that look...
  12. Tanqueray

    NGD 2016 SG Standard T

    I picked up a 2016 SG Standard T from Sweetwater back in March. It was a demo model, but the photos didn't really show just how beaten up it was. It looked like someone took a tool to the top of the guitar body for some crazy reason, and there was a finish crack in the neck joint. It was too...
  13. Tanqueray

    Cleaning a Case

    This is probably an odd question, but I recently received a guitar case that had some adhesive residue on the outside; probably from stickers the old owner removed. The case was also packed in a box full of styrofoam packing peanuts. Naturally, a whole bunch of these stuck themselves to the case...
  14. Tanqueray

    NGD 2008 SG Classic

    My SG Standard and I weren't getting along as well as I had hoped so I sold it and bought a used SG Classic instead. :laugh2: This guitar is amazing. It's extremely well made and it sounds killer. Nice sized neck - not too fat, not too thin, unlike some others I've tried. No neck dive at all...
  15. Tanqueray

    NGD 2012 Traditional

    Picked up this little number on a whim yesterday. Big fat neck, nice and heavy, almost zero fretwear. Might take a little time getting used to playing her standing up since I've only been playing an SG recently. Sounds great through my Marshall SL5. I'm guessing this thing has 57 classics in it...
  16. Tanqueray

    NGD - 2011 LP Special?

    I picked this beauty up at a local shop, but I'm not entirely certain as to what the model is. It looks like an LP Special, but it's got binding on the neck and the headstock text says "Les Paul Model" instead of "Les Paul Special" like the other specials that I've seen. It plays and sounds...
  17. Tanqueray


    Someone is interested in trading their ES-333 for my LP Traditional that I've got for sale. Unfortunately I don't know very much about the 333s other than they're like a more affordable version of the 335 (and apparently they have a cover on the back for the electronics cavity). What else can...
  18. Tanqueray

    FS - 2002 Epiphone Elite VSB plaintop

    Not really getting along with the thin neck on this gal so I'm putting her on the selling block. The guitar's got the original pickups and wiring, a neck that's on the slim side of things (too much so for my truckasaurus hands), and a few scratches and dings from a life of being played. Said...
  19. Tanqueray

    New Guitar Day

    Picked this gal up on craigslist tonight. Fully stock, with the case and all the case candy. Has a couple of dings, but it's about what you'd expect from a 12 year old guitar. And to make the thread official, here are a couple of pics.
  20. Tanqueray

    What can you tell me about this?

    I found a 1999 Gibson SG Standard on consignment in a local music shop and I figured I'd come here and get some more information about it. 1. I want to make sure it's not a counterfeit guitar. I've attached some photos of it. Let me know if you need more. 2. What pickups and pots come...

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