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  1. Pete M

    Explain this Gibson logo on a 59 jr???

    I can't seem to find others where the i in Gibson is angled like this. Weird.
  2. Pete M

    Possible fake 1960 Les Paul Special for sale in the UK I use the word possible to be diplomatic...This one looks dodgy as. There are many things that are just plain wrong. I'm thinking it's a Historic, but were the P90 routes ever that...
  3. Pete M

    Fixing up a 1964 Firebird III

    Back in February I picked up this awesome 1964 Firebird III that had seen a lot of action over it's lifetime but was all original and hadn't been messed with too much. This was one of the last of the Brazilians as Gibson ditched BRW by 1965. I knew it had a few things I'd like to put right so...
  4. Pete M

    I caught a wild bird! - 1964 Firebird

    I'm unfamiliar with the migratory habits of this rare species, but's said to have flown all the way down to Australia from the UK a long time ago. One things for sure you don't see many of them around these parts. I couldn't get this one out of my head since I first saw it on sale, so I took the...
  5. Pete M

    Unexpected NAD! :D - How'd I do??

    So I'm always keeping my eye on the local Gumtree classifieds for Marshall amps, but there really is not a lot to go around in Brisbane. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a Marshall 1960AHW for sale (a dream cab of mine for so long) , and it was only about US$420 and had been gigged a ton...
  6. Pete M

    NGD - Martin D-28 Reimagined

    Hey guys, I just ticked owning a fantastic Martin acoustic off my bucket list. I've played a lot of acoustic guitars over the years and for me Martin is the one where you just go "WOW!" The first time you pick up a good one and play it. The build, the materials, everything is just perfect. It's...
  7. Pete M

    Was this ever factory aging? Not that I like it. I'm just curious. My spidey-sense says this has been hacked up, but the headstock looks like Murphy aging. Perhaps a Murphy that was "added-to". I remember a few ultra-aged things over the...
  8. Pete M

    Is it Brazilian rosewood?

    I stumbled across this cool site. I don't know if it's been posted before but just look for the wood you want and click on it to get tons of examples. What I find interesting is all the other words that look like BRW or Honduran mahogany :thumb...
  9. Pete M

    Anyone know about Fender paint?

    I think I'm going to spray my partscaster Strat body white. Though I don't want to use lacquer that will have that yellow hue. I've read that the 60's white one's mostly have no clear coat. So my question is this. What's a good type of aerosol paint to use, if I want that look and don't want to...
  10. Pete M

    Playstation or X-Box?

    I'm way out of the loop on consoles. Which one do I choose today and why? Which version of each is best? They seem so similar that it doesn't seem to make much difference on the face of it. ...and damn the games are expensive, but I've got to wait to save up for my dream gaming PC.
  11. Pete M

    If you're completely alone on your birthday,

    What would you do with yourself?
  12. Pete M

    So I open up the skimmer box today and...

    It was ALIVE! Scared the crap outta me. I thought it was a snake for a minute.
  13. Pete M


    I'm getting divorced after 6 years of marriage. We've been together 15 years in total. Almost half my life. If I'm honest I'm glad it's happening as we weren't happy for a long time, even though I am taking it harder than I could've imagined and feel like a little lost kid. I'm now in a new city...
  14. Pete M

    Rosie O'Donnell goes on vacation...

  15. Pete M

    I has a disappoint.

    "How Johnny Depp spent $880 million 2. GUITARS … LOTS OF GUITARS Johnny Depp’s love of music has been well-documented throughout his career. He collaborated with Oasis, members of The Pogues, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Sex Pistols before joining The Hollywood Vampires in 2015 — and along...
  16. Pete M

    Camel Burger?

    Would you eat it? Have you? There's a place near me, and I saw it on the menu. I don't know if I'm intrigued or just grossed out. Hmm. Should I try it in the name of science? What does it even taste like?
  17. Pete M

    Teaching someone to play guitar. Help?!

    So...I've never had a formal guitar lesson in my life. I learnt to play from tabs and books. But I'm sure most of us have been approached to teach someone else at some stage, and that happens to me lots too, but this time it looks like it's actually going to happen. So my question is - what the...
  18. Pete M

    Just Another 1959 Replica Build Thread

    So you know how these things go. I was just there minding my own business when all of a sudden I see these one piece Honduran mahogany body blanks for sale. One of the main reasons I stopped scratch building was that the right woods are basically unobtainium here in Australia. I can't just let...
  19. Pete M

    1954 Goldtop Measurements

    I don't know if this was posted before, but I stumbled across it and thought it was pretty cool. Not so sure about what happened to the Greco ; / but some useful information on the 54 for sure! Click the pic below for a massive version...
  20. Pete M

    Does anyone use sanding sealer?

    I've always just sprayed nitro. Anyone use this stuff on vintage style finishes? Or are there alternatives? I honestly don't even know what it does or what the advantages are to using it?

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