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  1. Chakalawaka

    Bare Knuckle: Aged Nickel vs Aged Raw Nickel humbucker cover

    Hey everyone, I'm about to order some Bare Knuckle pickups and can't seem to decide between Aged Nickel and Aged Raw Nickel, so I was wondering if any of you lovely people have either of those finishes and share some piccies to help decide? They will go in this beauty: Cheers!
  2. Chakalawaka

    Tokai Love Rock NGD

    Hey guys! I'm soon going to be the happy owner of this Tokai Love Rock model LS113S CS Cherry Sunburst. Has anyone seen any like this before or has any information? The craftsmanship on this guitar is bloody amazing! I love the p90s, the neck is well chunky, which is exactly what I was...
  3. Chakalawaka

    2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard faded info

    Hello to all of y'all, I am calling out to any owners or anyone who knows anything about the 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard faded. I may have the chance to purchase one, and I need some info on the beast! I will have to get it shipped as it is located quite far away from me. The one I'm after...
  4. Chakalawaka

    '59 PAF Talk

    Alright peeps, To all of you guardians of the knowledge, I was wondering something... And by the way, this is purely hypothetical: Are the humbuckers on a 1959 ES-335 the same paf as the ones on a 1959 Les Paul Standard? Or are they wound differently? And if you had a well made R9 and throw a...
  5. Chakalawaka

    Your favourite Les Paul Custom?

    I am soon going to be the happy owner of this wonderful Pearl Les Paul Custom (photos are from the seller, I will do another thread with proper studio pics): The thing is, I'm not entirely sure I'm digging the whole chrome situation, so it got me thinking, What's your favourite Les Paul...
  6. Chakalawaka

    Hey guys...

    Check out this 1970s Gibson on Gumtree (uk)... Absolutely legit, right?? :D
  7. Chakalawaka

    Humbucker sized P-90??

    My dudes, I have discovered the existence of the Seymour Duncan SPH90-1B otherwise known as the PHAT CAT. Lovely name for a lovely sound, but has anyone here tried it by any chance? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :D Here's a demo for those who doesn't know the beast On another...
  8. Chakalawaka

    Pickup Rings

    Hi everyone! So I recently had the chance to have my les paul refinished and reliced by master Tony Berrington.. And to complete the look, I would like to replace the original pickup rings for taller ones, just like on a '59, so I bought historically accurate pickup rings, only to realise...
  9. Chakalawaka

    Headstock refinish need help

    Hello everybody ! Right, I have this project in the back of my head for a while now: I want to refinish the headstock of my Les Paul copy. Don't know much about which type of lacquer it is, all I know is that it's a satin finish and it's well ugly. See on the image, on the left is what it...

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