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  1. AllTheSound

    Cakewalk / Sonar may have a new lease on life..

    There may be a ray of hope after all. :applause:
  2. AllTheSound

    Axe FX III !!! :rock::headbanger::band::shock::thumbs:
  3. AllTheSound

    WTB: Eventide Harmonizer

    Got a Harmonizer ya wanna move let me know. Must be a DSP 4000 or better as i'm looking to do some Vsig programming. ideally i'd like a Orville. Let me know what ya have.
  4. AllTheSound

    PSA: Waves Diamond Bundle 90% off Retail $299.00

    Normally it's $2999.00. Not sure how long the $299 deal is good for but its a no brainer for the 65 plugins you get and you get free updates for 1 year to boot! Best buy i made all year :)
  5. AllTheSound

    NAD: Marshall JVM 215C

    Just picked this up on a trade last night. It wasn't on my radar but hell this thing sounds sweet so far! haven't really had a chance to really put it through its paces yet but so far i'm diggin it ,even low volume it sounds good. Anyone have any tips on setting up for Plexi 1959 and JCM800...
  6. AllTheSound

    The Official Line 6 Helix Thread

    With the ever growing Helix community thought it might be useful to have as much info for all things Helix in one thread as possible to help ease research for both new and long time users. Discussion for Helix Floor , Helix LT , Helix Rack & Helix Native welcome.
  7. AllTheSound

    Pretty Cool Simple Van Halen Helix Patch

    Saw this posted on FB. Thought some of you might find it useful. Patch can be downloaded here: Explanation of the patch and whats going on with it with some sound samples below Cheers.
  8. AllTheSound

    NAD: Laney Ironheart IRT Studio

    Picked up my first Laney it was not even on my radar but I got a deal i couldn't pass up. Came loaded with Ruby tubes i assume those were stock. I threw in a set of NOS Sylvania EL84's and some vintage USA 12AX7's then re-biased. This thing really sounds good! Nice cleans even though its geared...
  9. AllTheSound

    Line 6 Extends Helix Warranty to 2 Years for US Customers

    Great news for Helix owners in the US. I think this helps show Line 6's commitment to the Helix as a long term development platform. Bravo!
  10. AllTheSound

    NGD: 2015 Les Paul Studio Deluxe III Cherry Burst

    Not a planned purchase. I loaded up my car with a few things that weren't being used i wanted to clear out of my studio and headed off to GC to pickup a Orange Jim Root Terror #4 amp i had my eye on. While the guys were checking out my stuff and working numbers i saw this LP hanging on the top...
  11. AllTheSound

    Old Valco 5 Watt Amp Rescue

    Last weekend I was handed this amp after had been outside and rained on for 2 days. It was soaking wet. I brought it home and pulled the speaker from the cab and placed it face down on some newspaper the paper cone was soaked too :( It's been drying now for a week and it seems to have held...
  12. AllTheSound

    Premium membership question

    I picked up a premium membership yesterday with no side bar ads. I got a email today saying i can upgrade to no ads top or side but don't see where i do that in account upgrades. Also the premium member banner under my avatar was there last night but disappeared today. Is there something i need...
  13. AllTheSound

    Back in the hardware modeling world again.

    After selling my Axe FX to a friend in need. I was messing around with software modelers for a few months and as fun as it was i really wanted a dedicated hardware modeler again. I figured i'd try something a lil different this time and picked up a Helix yesterday. I haven't spent enough time...
  14. AllTheSound

    Good News For Zoom MS-50G Owners

    Just released V3.0 firmware adds 72 new amp, reverb, delay, overdrive, filter, and modulation effects models. :applause:
  15. AllTheSound

    NGD: Suhr Reactive load box.

    Just got this in yesterday. I was one the fence between this and the Two Notes live. Since i already have a good IR loader on my iPad and its the hub for my effects i figured this made more sense. I went the attenuation route but everyone i tried squashed the highs,dynamics & feel of the amp...
  16. AllTheSound

    A different approach

    I have been working really hard on this for acouple weeks but just finished my new modeling rig, can be used stand alone or as a hybrid. It took me a while to figure out how to make it all gel together but the pay off was totally worth it. The first thing was reverbs. The verbs in the Axe FX...
  17. AllTheSound

    Anyone have experience with the Two Notes Torpedo Live?

    I'm in the process of rethinking my rig and was wondering how this unit is in terms of sound quality and ease of use as well as bang for the buck. Is there a better option for loadbox/IR loader?
  18. AllTheSound

    Black Widow MPG-1A Modeling Preamp Looks interesting but...

    ...does it really qualify as a universally accepted modeler? All tube and analog signal path. I'm assuming their is no DSP involved in the VEnuMTM Modeling Technology (not much info on whats at its heart.) Seems to me its more of a advanced and sophisticated take on something like the Tweaker...
  19. AllTheSound

    My first gear purchase for 2017

    It's going in this empty slot . Anyone care to take a guess? :D
  20. AllTheSound

    Happy New Year!

    May the new year bring you health, wealth and feature packed firmware updates! :thumb:

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