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  1. Bassman75

    NGD 2013 Gibson Les Paul Signature T.

    Greetings everyone hope you all had a great Memorial Day. Fellow Veterans Thank you for your service. Well I was browsing online one day, as I usually do during the work day, between moving cars at the auto auction I work for and came across an Ebay auction for this lovely instrument. A well...
  2. Bassman75

    2018 Les Paul Tribute build completed.

    Just got the body Thursday and after assembly and working out some bugs and finding a wrench to do truss adjust I put a matching Seymour Duncan 59 SH1 neck pickup in and man does she sound sweet. I thought I would post a couple of pics and show you the completed project. Aside from a small...
  3. Bassman75

    Anyone built a Les Paul with a body from STRATosphere ?

    New member here and after buying my first Gibson, a Ebony 1995 Les Paul, I picked up a used 1999 SG Standard as I quickly came to appreciate the sound I have been seeking since beginning my guitar journey yrs ago. I learned to build, repair, and modify guitars and basses and have built many...

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