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  1. thatmanphil

    Body replacement for MIM standard?

    And this is why i love MLP. I lucked out and found exactly what I was looking for on Reverb. I've been on and off searching for about a year and finally, FINALLY found what i needed
  2. thatmanphil

    Body replacement for MIM standard?

    Will my MIM neck fit on all 4 bolt fender bodies? What about the bridge? There are so many fender models out there that the only variable i see in the bodies is the number of screws in the bridge. Either 2 or 6. I love my neck (custom treated) and pickguard (also custom) but the body itself...
  3. thatmanphil

    Hybrid Strings on Floyd Rose

    That's what I was hoping for. Thank you
  4. thatmanphil

    Hybrid Strings on Floyd Rose

    Yeah, I've changed from 9's to 10's and 1/2 step up and down and everything plenty of times. But I've never used hybrids before. Just wondering if the bridge will return to pitch consistently since the top three are from a lighter gauge than the bottom three.
  5. thatmanphil

    Hybrid Strings on Floyd Rose

    Will the hybrid strings affect stability on a Floyd Rose? I've always thought strings are designed to each have the same tension (9-42) and (10-46). I dont have time to try it yet but I'd like to know if anyone has experience with this. Cheers
  6. thatmanphil

    10s Mainstream Rock Music?

    Yes, good answer. I love those bands. I listen to xm radio and was wondering what they'd play on a 2010-2020 station.
  7. thatmanphil

    10s Mainstream Rock Music?

    What defined mainstream rock in the 10s? 80s we all know, 90s was Grunge / Alternative... It's easy to pinpoint. 00s I have a good picture of.... What about the 10s? What are some bands that made it big and became prevalent in the 10s? What would be played on a radio stationed dedicated to...
  8. thatmanphil

    Edwards Guitars—The Whole Story, and More

    I visited an ESP custom shop in Sendai Japan last year. Edwards parts are made in China, but finished and assembled in Japan. That's all I got
  9. thatmanphil

    Removed my pick guard today and what did I find?

    Wow thanks for sharing.
  10. thatmanphil

    WTB: Seymour Duncan Custom 5 covered

    I'll take '59 neck too if you have it
  11. thatmanphil

    Delay Pedal Volume Drop

    Upon closer examination I do notice a tiny drop in volume when the pedal is through the front of the amp... Maybe it's exaggerated when in the effects loop. I'll open it up tomorrow to look for a battery but it's plugged in anyway.
  12. thatmanphil

    Delay Pedal Volume Drop

    It's a new Marshall Dsl40 and the pedal in question is a new Animals Relaxing Walrus Delay. I just swapped it out for my old Delay and it works great. Something fishy about the new one
  13. thatmanphil

    Delay Pedal Volume Drop

    I'm suddenly experiencing a huge volume drop when engaging the delay pedal.... But only when the pedal is in the effects loop. Worked fine until today. I've already checked the cables and power supply and changed the order of pedals and whatnot. It works fine in front of the amp too.
  14. thatmanphil

    Beers that suck...

    That's a very popular beer in Paris. I didn't care for it
  15. thatmanphil

    Rocksmith? No, thank you

    Thanks, how do I set it up correctly then? I'd like to like it if it works out
  16. thatmanphil

    Rocksmith? No, thank you

    I just tried Rocksmith on the Xbox One and it completely pissed me off. I'm always open to trying new things and figured I might be able to squeeze some things out of it. Has anyone tried it? First of all, the timing lag is horrendous. Hopefully I'm missing something because I'd hate to think...
  17. thatmanphil

    WTS : Edwards Potbelly
  18. thatmanphil

    WTS: Rare Edwards Potbelly

    Will trade for Charvel San Dimas with Floyd Rose Here's the Reverb link
  19. thatmanphil

    Echo Park Guitars Building Gibson’s Now

    Actually Joe only commented on Echopark's post. Echopark deleted it

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