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  1. Bassman75

    Best year for Tributes

    2016 60s, Honeyburst, 2018 Honeyburst. both great guitars for what i gave for them. Pulled the 490,498 combo and electronics from the 2016 and loaded a 50s wiring harness with some Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pups. Sounds like what a Les Paul should without the hundreds of dollars extra...
  2. Bassman75

    NGD: New 2015 Les Paul CM as Modded

    The local Sam Ash here has them for $499 and plenty in stock...enough to make a front of the store display and two rows worth...hmm not that I need any more guitars or a reason o buy one...will see after the holidays what they might be willing to do to move at least one.
  3. Bassman75

    NGD 1991 Gibson Les Paul Classic

    WOW she's a looker. Here comes the GAS...Ahhh...oops excuse me lol
  4. Bassman75

    5w Champ kits

    Most will usually provide a layout and schematic and some a detailed step by step but as there are a number of different ways and components that people use as well as adding their own mods I figure there are enough forums and other sites that have complete instructions if you search for them
  5. Bassman75

    5w Champ kits

    Boothill amps has a good Champ kit and is reasonably priced. Though you will need to google a step by step assembly if needed. Dave is very helpful also with details and has assembly videos for his kits. 5F1, 5E3, Bassman etc.
  6. Bassman75

    My Dog Loves To Chase Squirrels

    Our Yorkie Pepper loves treeing squirrels. He makes the rounds always watching ever since he caught one on his porch. Every now and again I have to get out there and give the squirrel a chance to hightail it to another tree. Its fun to watch and listen as they chatter back and forth.
  7. Bassman75

    Your #1 (Player!)

    You were referring to the guitar not the cat right...LOL JK sweet axe and yes simple gets the job done easier than all the switches and gimmicks in the world.
  8. Bassman75

    NGD: 2008 Gibson Custom Shop "Inspired by Slash" Les Paul Standard VOS

    Awesome guitar there...OOPS pardon my GAS! lol
  9. Bassman75

    Your #1 (Player!)

    Best sounding and feeling aren't always the prettiest ones in the family but that's what makes them endearing. My 49 "Snakehead" body Tele with modern neck is the most comfortable to just grab and wail with. Simple vol and tone controls. A basic workhorse in most extreme sense of the phrase. I...
  10. Bassman75

    NGD: A guy walks into GC...

    OP Great looking Lester. That blue is killer.
  11. Bassman75

    NGD: A guy walks into GC...

    Lol have a GC at one place and about a half mile down same road a Sam Ash so I feel ya there. Gotta hit both or it feels like a wasted trip..
  12. Bassman75

    I visited Les

    Well done. A very moving expirience I'm sure and inspiration for generations to come. He is missed by all that choose to follow the calling of music.
  13. Bassman75

    Is the Gibson LesPaul Classic a lesser les Paul?

    Thinner bodies on those are nice. The tribute series are also just about 1/16 thinner than a regular size Les Paul just enough that you may feel a difference some may not.
  14. Bassman75

    Show your Les Paul Studio, Tribute, Special, ...

    Another couple Tribute Les Pauls. A 2016 50,s tribute with Seth Lover PAFs and 8 gauge strings..and 2018 with SD 59s.
  15. Bassman75

    Is the Gibson LesPaul Classic a lesser les Paul?

    The Les Paul Less plus is a lesser Les paul...even says it in the name. Lol but then has to still add plus to it for even more confusion...
  16. Bassman75

    toggle switch and pots lenght for Tribute

    I replace the wiring in a 50s tribute from 2016 and did a complete wiring setup on a 2018. The pot shafts are the long shaft and the toggle switch is indeed the short shaft. And they do sound awesome once you get them completed so good luck
  17. Bassman75

    Show your Les Paul Studio, Tribute, Special, ...

    1995 Studio Ebony with black and cream with gold knobs.
  18. Bassman75

    Closet Specials. The Treasures That We Bought and Were Unforgettable.

    Oops yea forgot the ya go. I tried a couple things before settling on the all black and gold.
  19. Bassman75

    Closet Specials. The Treasures That We Bought and Were Unforgettable.

    First Gibson, a ebony 1995 Les Paul Studio in a pawn shop. Asking $350 figured Id at least try and haggle and got it for $300.
  20. Bassman75

    2018 SG Junior

    Awesome axe. Still searching for the right one for me. Returned a 99 SG Standard to GC recently. Was great but just not great for me. Perhaps the one pickup route would better suit me. Minimalistic approach.

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