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  1. thatmanphil

    Body replacement for MIM standard?

    Will my MIM neck fit on all 4 bolt fender bodies? What about the bridge? There are so many fender models out there that the only variable i see in the bodies is the number of screws in the bridge. Either 2 or 6. I love my neck (custom treated) and pickguard (also custom) but the body itself...
  2. thatmanphil

    Hybrid Strings on Floyd Rose

    Will the hybrid strings affect stability on a Floyd Rose? I've always thought strings are designed to each have the same tension (9-42) and (10-46). I dont have time to try it yet but I'd like to know if anyone has experience with this. Cheers
  3. thatmanphil

    10s Mainstream Rock Music?

    What defined mainstream rock in the 10s? 80s we all know, 90s was Grunge / Alternative... It's easy to pinpoint. 00s I have a good picture of.... What about the 10s? What are some bands that made it big and became prevalent in the 10s? What would be played on a radio stationed dedicated to...
  4. thatmanphil

    WTB: Seymour Duncan Custom 5 covered

    I'll take '59 neck too if you have it
  5. thatmanphil

    Delay Pedal Volume Drop

    I'm suddenly experiencing a huge volume drop when engaging the delay pedal.... But only when the pedal is in the effects loop. Worked fine until today. I've already checked the cables and power supply and changed the order of pedals and whatnot. It works fine in front of the amp too.
  6. thatmanphil

    Rocksmith? No, thank you

    I just tried Rocksmith on the Xbox One and it completely pissed me off. I'm always open to trying new things and figured I might be able to squeeze some things out of it. Has anyone tried it? First of all, the timing lag is horrendous. Hopefully I'm missing something because I'd hate to think...
  7. thatmanphil

    WTS : Edwards Potbelly
  8. thatmanphil

    WTS: Rare Edwards Potbelly

    Will trade for Charvel San Dimas with Floyd Rose Here's the Reverb link
  9. thatmanphil

    WTT Blue Edwards Potbelly for Charvell

    I'm looking for a Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas. Will trade a blue Edwards Potbelly rare guitar from Japan.
  10. thatmanphil

    "Beano" Tom Murphy Aged

    I'm staying at a holiday rental and wound up at the owner's house. He has a Beano Tom Murphy Aged Les Paul in a glass case hanging on his wall. When I asked if he plays he just said "no I just thought this one was nice". He also had a Taylor "Builder's Reserve" on display.
  11. thatmanphil

    Messed up my solo tonight

    I actually just finished it a few beats early and started the rhythm again before I should have. That is all. There I feel better
  12. thatmanphil

    Pickups similar to Seth Lovers but...?

    I'm looking to put some pickups into my Epiphone Les Paul MIJ (open book headstock ;-) ). Currently I have a Seth Lover in the bridge but it's just not doing it for me. I like the mid range and the response but the highs are just well, too high. The problem is I can't get a tone that works...
  13. thatmanphil

    Fender Powercaster

    Does anyone own one? I'm gassing hard for one.
  14. thatmanphil

    (Planning) A Star Spangled Banner Performance...Very Official.

    The US Air Force wants me to perform the National Anthem for my wife's change of command ceremony at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina. It'll be a very professional situation with about 450 troops standing and saluting at attention, with my wife accepting the US flag while I play the Star...
  15. thatmanphil

    Gibson Quick Connect or Emerson pre wired system for MIJ Epi?

    I have a MIJ Epiphone (with the proper open book headstock) but the pickups are pretty bad. I'd want to upgrade all the wiring but am considering a Gibson quick connect system from Ebay. Either that or an Emerson pre wired system. Would either have issues fitting into the Epiphone?
  16. thatmanphil

    BR-EG Bridge

    This came in an Epiphone made in Japan just bought. The saddle slots look too small and sharp for me to feel comfortable with. What do you think?
  17. thatmanphil

    One High Fret Help

    Rather, one fret has lifted up slightly, causing fet buzz. Any suggestions on push it back in? You can see in the picture that there is a tiny gap there under thr 12th fret. The same fret where the only inlay is located. I can stick an exacto knife under it. I've already tried pushing it...
  18. thatmanphil

    Gibson Goddess

    Saw this at pawn shop here in Japan. I've never seen anything like it before.
  19. thatmanphil

    Epiphone MIJ

    Just saw this at the store near my house in Japan. Has the proper Gibson open book headstock and says made in Japan on the back of it. Just wondering about the pickups if anyone knows anything about them. Im probably going to go pla it tomorrow when I have more time. Feels good and the Fret...

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