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  1. Tanqueray

    Post your historic goldtops!

    My 2006 R7.
  2. Tanqueray

    new headstock of 2019 Gibson Flying V

    100% agree. I would love to get an Explorer or Flying V with a 50s style neck. Sadly Gibson hasn't made any in decades so used is my only option.
  3. Tanqueray

    NGD - Finally!

    Sweet looking Lester! HNGD!
  4. Tanqueray

    real LP or best fake ever?

    That's why I said "was likely stolen" instead of just "was stolen." Based on what we've discussed in this thread, I believe that it probably was a stolen guitar, and the thief (or thieves) sanded off the serial number and put a new one on to hide his crime when he sold it. Maybe that's not what...
  5. Tanqueray

    real LP or best fake ever?

    Ain't that a B. As sad as it is that this guitar was likely stolen, that doesn't make it any less yours. You bought it in good faith, and it's likely that the previous owner did as well. Who knows how many times this guitar has changed hands over the last 10 years with no one being the wiser...
  6. Tanqueray

    WTB Gibson DG-335

    Thanks! Awesome guitar you've got there.
  7. Tanqueray

    WTB Gibson DG-335

    Prefer one in pelham blue, but I'd be okay with the gold one as well. Hit me up if you are looking to sell one, or if you know of someone else who is.
  8. Tanqueray

    2015 Gibson Midtown Standard-Pelham Blue-Near Mint

    What's the neck profile like on this? And how does it compare size-wise to say, a 335?
  9. Tanqueray

    Last ever NGD .....

    You're missing a double P90 SG. Go get yourself a used SG Classic to complete your set. =)
  10. Tanqueray

    Is Gibson deliberately playing with us?

    Meh. They'll be fine. And even if they're not, I only buy second hand unless a dealer is blowing out old stock at absurdly low prices that might as well count as used.
  11. Tanqueray

    Thinning Out the Herd

    Yeah it’s got a nice chunky neck.
  12. Tanqueray

    Thinning Out the Herd

    Les Paul Sold!
  13. Tanqueray

    If is was MIC instead of Nashville how much would you pay?

    Didn't read through the entire thread, but I'll answer the original question. If the guitar is made with the same specs, same materials, and same quality as the guitars being made in Nashville, and the price was reasonable (adjusted down to account for lower materials and labor costs), I would...
  14. Tanqueray

    Thinning Out the Herd

    No worries. Here are some shots of the SG Classic.
  15. Tanqueray

    I can't really tell.

    I can't really tell.
  16. Tanqueray

    Thinning Out the Herd

    I'm looking to downsize my collection of guitars. Crazy, I know. Here's what I've got up for sale right now. 1999 Gibson SG Standard Color: Cherry Neck: Rounded SG Pickups: Gibson 490r/498t Electronics: CTS 500k audio taper volume/tone pots, orange drop caps, switchcraft toggle and output jack...
  17. Tanqueray

    2018 Limited Edition SG Standard Custom Bohemian

    I would say they're stupid for charging $4k for these, but the reality is that plenty of idiots will actually buy these and then try to flip them for $6k when they're sold out.
  18. Tanqueray

    NGD: 1977 Explorer, White

    Damn that's sexy. I need to find me a 70s Explorer.
  19. Tanqueray

    ode to my SG Classic

    Much love for the SG Classic. Here's mine with it's cousin.
  20. Tanqueray

    Gibson SG experts -- question about a 2012 SG

    2012 was one of the years that they used baked maple or laminated rosewood fretboards. I’m not certain if the 61RI was part of that, but it’s worth noting since there’s a good amount of people who consider that to be a big deal, which could affect resale value.

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