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  1. nick1962


    My 'new' 1980 335-s; all original with Dirty Fingers pickups. Wide flat neck, very versatile, comfortable on the strap. In virtually mint condition! I have owned one previously but it had been messed around with. I will gig this beauty!
  2. nick1962

    looking for that Thin Lizzy twin guitar sound...

    I bought a Mooer Pitch Box the other week in the hope of nailing that Lizzy sound but to no avail ! Can anyone recommend the pedal for the job?!
  3. nick1962

    FT PRS Vela for Les Paul Custom Lite

    80s model preferred.......
  4. nick1962

    FT: 1980 Gibson 335-s for Gibson LP Custom Lite

    Norlin-era guitar in good condition. Pickups non-original - now Seymour Duncans.
  5. nick1962

    Let's see your pedalboards!

    I love my board; tinkering with it, modifying it, buying new pedals. How about you?
  6. nick1962

    Your first electric guitar!

    As a fledgeling player with no money in the mid 70s, this was as good as it got for me.....A Jedson 'tele' with a whammy bar that kept falling off! Let's see yours.....
  7. nick1962

    Just picked up an '81 Flying V

    Bit of a steal-picked up at a small guitar shop in a suburb of Birmingham. Never seen this finish on a Norlin V before.
  8. nick1962

    WTB 1980s GIbson Les Paul Custom Lite

    Good condition, 80s model only please! Have a 1980 Gibson 335s Professional if you are into trade/cash deals...
  9. nick1962

    Where do all the used Les Pauls go?!

    I'm thinking about buying a second hand Les Paul, but other than ebay/gumtree there don't seem to be many shops in the UK advertising them. Where do they all go?!
  10. nick1962

    Musikmesse 2015; where was Fender?

    It's the biggest show outside the USA, but Fender weren't represented. Does anybody know why this might be?
  11. nick1962

    This amp could be a real game-changer

    Weighs next to nothing, voiced like a JCM 800, capable of pumping out up to 400 watts via a 1x12 cab which also weighs next to nothing! Ladies and gents - the Matrix VB800! What's not to like?!
  12. nick1962

    Daughter plays at the Royal Albert Hall

    Last week my 16 year old daughter played the harp on the historic stage of the RAH; it was quite an emotional moment for me, to say the least! She has been playing since the age of 10 and has her eye on a career in music. I haven't mastered 6 strings yet but she seems to cope with 47...
  13. nick1962

    NAD: Bad Cat Classic Deluxe

    Just acquired one of these from Coda Music (England). I had bought the 40watt Bad Cat Stella but the weight of the damn thing was insane, so I took it back. The guys at Coda couldn't do enough to ensure I got the most suitable amp, bringing out several for me to try in an amp room stuffed with...
  14. nick1962

    NAD Fuchs Train 45 with Master Volume

    Scored this beauty today! Was attracted by the aftermarket MV; without it this particular amp is insanely loud! And it's very light - always a bonus when lugging it up pub staircases......
  15. nick1962

    New Amp(s) Day

    Fancied a Lil 15 for a while - looking to use it for pub gigs. Bought the Fuchs on a whim, from a Spanish shop called Estudio54. I used to have a Blackjack 21 so I know they are a quality amp. Reviews seem to indicate that it's loud, so wondering whether to try gigging it? Any...
  16. nick1962

    WTB Fuchs Lucky 7 head (mark 1)

    Give me a shout if you have one or know someone who's selling!
  17. nick1962

    A quality 20watt head

    Not every gig requires a 50w JCM800; I already have a 2 x 12 cab (v30s) and I want a head for it. I quite like the look of the new Mesa Rectoverb 25, but I'm also intrigued by the Fuchs Blackjack 21 MK2 and the Bad Cat Judah. I do use pedals but I rarely stray into high-gain territory - any...
  18. nick1962

    Ngd '74 sg

    This beauty arrived yesterday, courtesy of Rock N Roll Vintage in Chicago; a set of straplocks and it's good to gig! I do have a dilemma though - I'm a 'one in, one out' buyer (lack of space at home) and I already have an SG Firebrand....Which one would you save?!
  19. nick1962

    Beware of Mr Baker

    This 'rockumentary' (if you will) about Ginger Baker is well worth watching. He is possibly the most curmugeonly b*stard in music but the film is always entertaining!
  20. nick1962

    Anyone own a GSG stG44 22 rifle?

    I am rather taken with the look of these; my UK gun magazine was pretty favourable about them (with the exception of the magazine). Opinions welcomed!

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