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    Pre-wired harness options

    Toneman makes great harnesses. I've bought 4. 1 was customer made for a 2 humbucker tele that he did not have a configuration listed on his site I provided measurements and Gary hooked me up. He's very customer friendly.
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    NGD - 2016 Standard T

    Nice guitar. I also have a 2016 honeyburst but more flame. Can't upload a pic as the file is too large. I pulled my pups and put in Dimarzio 36 anniv. Also yanked the board and put in Toneman 50's wiring harness. A very good guitar became a great guitar. Enjoy and don't put a pick guard on the...
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    2016 Les Paul Standard NGD... a week late

    I have a 16 honeyburst which is an awesome guitar. I tore out the board and replaced with a 50's wiring harness. Also replaced the pups with Dimarzio 36's. Instant blanket removal on the tone. It wasn't bad before but is great now. File is too large to upload a pic.
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    How do you store your LP

    I have a dozen wall hangers in my basement studio with a few stands and keep out about 6 guitars at a time. 1 or 2 are tuned down 1/2 step. I play them for a few months and case them and rotate. I keep my more expensive LP's in there cases. I keep a strat in my living room and a tele in my...
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    NGD: '16 Traditional honeyburst

    Funny, I also have a 19 Blueberry and 16 Honeyburst. I cant upload the pics as there to large.
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    NGD- My first Flying V!

    Got the exact guitar myself. Mine has JB/59 pups. It's a killer guitar. Only thing I don't like is the volume pots. I will eventually replace with CTS or Bournes pots.
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    NGD’s....3x is the “Charm”??!!!?!

    Hope this one pans out for you. I had a Large GC gift card 2 years ago from my wife. I found a mint 2016 used Honeyburst Std 15' up and bought it. I did replace all electronic and pups. My wife bought me a used 2017 Blueberry burst that shipped off the west coast. Shows up with no case wrapped...
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    What LP do you most regret selling (or trading)?

    '71 Black Custom. I bought used in '82 for $425 and sold in '84. Sadly no pics, just memories of a great guitar. Played through a '68 Marshall which was sold off shortly after for $525. I often think of present day value on these things then I throw up in my mouth.
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    Guitar auction

    I read through the release process...seems like a thanks. I would not trust UPS to pack out anything I own. I have visions of opening the case at home and finding the headstock sheared off.
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    Guitar auction

    I looked at most of the LP's and a few stand out. Beware on #46. It has a headstock break with no mention of it that I could see.
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    NGD: 2000 Classic Plus

    Very nice score. On the hunt for an older classic. The store let you pull the pickups?
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    Kind of a NGD...the "one that got away" but came back - 95 Studio Wine Red

    I have the same guitar but made in 1991. I've had a few different pups in it. Currently have 490's in it. Your guitar is much better condition than mine. I green scotch brite the back of my neck periodically to keep it smooth. The ebony fret board is awesome. Mine weighs in at 10.4#. Other than...
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    Identification guide for Tim Shaw PAF reissues,

    About 6 years ago on CL I bought a set of pups taken out of a 1987 LP. The guy thought they were 490's and did not like them. I took them apart and confirmed they were Shaw's by the white spacer, mag, etc. A great find for $60. I have them in my double neck on the 12 string side however rarely...
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    NGD 2017 Traditional Honey Burst

    2016 Honeyburst Std. I removed the PC board and bought a toneman harness and put it 36 anniversary pups. It's my favorite.
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    NGD: 2019 Blueberry Burst Standard

    Also a Blueberry Burst owner here. (2019 traditional) Mine plays killer and also passes the eye candy test.
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    NGD - 2019 Les Paul Standard Blueberry Burst

    Wife bought me this 2019 BB Traditional for my birthday. I initially bought a '17 traditional used from GC and returned it as it was junk. Under white light the purple burst comes alive. I find girls like this finish better than observation. It smells like vanilla as I keep it in its case.
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    Loving My Traditional

    Lower frets take a bit to get used to. No problem with the 50's it. BB 1/2's sounded good through a JCM 800.
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    Prewired Wiring harness advice for Les Paul Standard PP

    I have bought 3 harnesses from Toneman and are excellent. Many like Jonesy as well. He does post on some forums and has some you tube vids on his work.
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    Loving My Traditional

    2019 traditional in blueberry burst. Wife bought for my birthday. She came out of the box pretty much set up. She bought a 2017 BB used from GC but was returned as it was a POS. Advertised in excellent condition which it was not.
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    Who has the Blues: Post em

    2019 traditional blueberry burst

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