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  1. J

    Ace Frehley rocking a Reissue

    But good for them. Bring the talent level down as far as humanly possible and sell a trillion records. Who wouldn't envy that.
  2. J

    Ace Frehley rocking a Reissue

    Kiss sucked and so does he. In his prime his live playing was horrid. The day they painted those stupid ass faces on rock and roll died a little. And it has died ever since. It's alright to not have ability or not give a ****. It's not alright to get rich doin it.
  3. J

    NGD Les Paul Custom '71

    No. But it doesn't matter. Awesome axe bro.
  4. J

    R.I.P. Ralph Stanley

    Respect boys.
  5. J

    "Clean, untouched" 1960 'Burst at Capsule Music, Toronto

    How is it that these **** sticks who pass these off never get outed????????????????????
  6. J

    What year is this Custom?

    By the last 3 inlays definitely after 71 as goldtop said
  7. J

    What year is this Custom?

    Looks later than that to me.
  8. J

    NGD! 2014 Lemonburst R8

    They can keep anything 2015. Ill take one of these for 300 Alex.
  9. J

    '71 Custom - Deal?

    Prog is dead on. I guess 73 at the earliest. No 71 or 2 for sure.
  10. J

    CC 24 at Wildwood

    Is it me or has the new 2015s moved the tailpiece back to a non 50s placement?
  11. J

    CC 24 at Wildwood

    They lost me when they started doing CC guitars that have never made a recording never toured a tour never been owned by a master of the craft. I thought the whole premise would be paying tribute to the guy that played it. Not the guitar itself. Guitars are awesome but they are pretty quite on...
  12. J


    Are custom buckets potted? I think potting is a huge tone suck. I would take any unpooted set over a potted set. I use ox4 but there are many great winders. I also play a stack plexi so I like a little harmonic feedback. Potted pickups just kill all those cool little harmonic things to me.
  13. J

    Ticked off one from the bucket list - Clapton Gig

    Behind Koss my second favorite player ever. I listen to the live cut of lawdy mama from late 66 i think w cream at least 4 times daily. His breaks in that cut are rock guitar to me. I wish he mixed minor and major scales the way he did w mayell and cream. But he's still the man. I hate how...
  14. J

    Volutes, why the hate?

    I don't think it helps with headstock breaks in the least. I think it's comfortable when playing at the nut though. I grew up playing 30s Gibson mastertones and 30s Martin herringbones. So I always associated volutes as a good thing not a detraction.
  15. J

    Volutes, why the hate?

    When I started this thread I ask what the volute does that makes it a bad feature? Why do people trash that feature. 10 pages and not a soul has given a good reason. Other than the era of guitars it's commonly associated with. That ain't enough.
  16. J

    2015 Gibson True Historic Les Paul Pics Thread

    Yes in 60 the last inlay got smaller. But the 2 before are the same size. The last three on the th get progressively smaller. Wrong! Period. Tuners. Wrong. Tr cover is crazy wrong. If its a copy of a 50s custom it should have 3 pickups like 99% of them did. Nothing truly historic about that...
  17. J

    2015 Gibson True Historic Les Paul Pics Thread

    It's not accurate to any les custom ever made of any era.
  18. J

    2015 Gibson True Historic Les Paul Pics Thread

    There is all kinds of **** wrong with the th custom. Why the hell they can't make the last 3 inlays correct is beyond me. The truss rod cover is freaking laughable.

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